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PROMO246 : Make Merit: Donation to Support Temple **Get 1 Amulet Gift (Wat Homsil, Samut Prakan Province )
with Katha: LPWeera_WatHomsil
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Make Merit: Donation to Support Temple **Get 1 Amulet Gift

Today till gifts run out.

From: Wat Homsil, Samut Prakan Province

Origin: Thailand

It is a good chance for you to be part of developing temple Wat Homsil. Your donations will be used for temple's affairs and necessary fundamentals.

**Donor Gets 1 Exclusive Amulet Gift from Wat Homsil. **

May this delightful merit will bring donor happiness, good luck and good things in life.

You can make merit for yourself and also dedicate this merit to your deceased persons and spirit amulets if you would like by mention their names at special command when doing transaction on website .

Referring to the sutra, Mindfulness, Buddha's teaching, it is mentioned that making statues, temples and places for Sangha, with bedding and other needs, makes one's life go to happiness. All the future lives will be always in happiness, going from virtue to virtue, always positive; not just being born human and having ordinary pleasures, not just that-virtue to virtue means having a virtuous life. Even for 1000 ten million eons the virtue collected by having provided these things will never get lost; so you see, it is unbelievable merit.

Brief history of Wat Homsil :

Wat Homsil is a civil temple located at 10 Village No. 4, Ban Khlong Hom Sin, Bang Phli Noi Subdistrict, Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan Province. Under the Maha Nikaya Sangha has asked to raise an abandoned temple to be a temple with monks The Ministry of Education announced a notice of raising this abandoned temple as a temple with monks using the former name "Wat Homsil" on September 30, 1982, and received a new Wisung Kham Sima on April 3, 1987. The entrance to the Hom Sis temple next to Bangna-Trad Road) with a temple area of ??13 rai The south is adjacent to Khlong Chuad Langka, and the east borders the Homsil canal. West next to Khlong Chuad Langka.

This temple was originally an abandoned temple. It was an empty place with nothing to use. There are only the remains of the old ubosot left as evidence, just to know that this place is an abandoned temple because there is a Buddha image which is the principal Buddha image in the ubosot. a stucco statue of Buddha Currently still preserved by building a temple Re-up at the old church It is enshrined "Luang Por Khao" (the principal Buddha image of the old chapel) about 200 years old.

Later, the people invited monks from Bang Nang Temple, Bang Nang Subdistrict, Panthong District, Chon Buri Province, namely Luang Por Samruay, Khamphirathammo as the first abbot. Later it was bestowed as "Phra Kru Phisan Woravet", an amulet at Wat Bang Nang, came to live in the Buddhist Lent. At first, he planted a small pavilion with shingle wood as his residence. At that time, it was still very deserted. And is the habitat of various kinds of animals such as cobras, etc., must find geese to raise them in that area. because gossip is hot Snakes are rarely disturbed. In the afternoon, snakes will often be seen basking in the sun. get the villagers in that area to help spread the grass for Tian and help to renovate the area to improve continuously until the grass trees are good with the persistence of former abbot.

and the new abbot is "Phra Kru Sukonkitjanuyut" or LP Weera has continued to develop.

(**Note to Donor: Making merit with the temple / religious place (PROMO) Billionmore is a benefactor or a bridge between temples / religious places. A portion of your merit will be deducted as a fee by Paypal / Bank / Gateway as usual. And the remaining money after fees, we have delivered to all temples / places of worship. However, we do not have any financial benefits (In addition to receiving merit as a benefactor). For your kind acknowledgement and may power of 3 Buddhist Gems and All Sacred Things bring you good luck, happiness, prosperity and good health.)

“This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted. When having an order, can buy a Holy Gift at special price. Click on the link:

List of Donors in 2024.

1. Mr.Phalanseng Philavong [1]
2. Alyssa Mari Gray [1]
3. Amy Allyson Sumner [1]
4. John Anthony Elt [1]
5. Anong Elt [1]
6. Arnont Elt [1]
7. Rebecca Elt [1]
8. Sarah Elt [1]
9. Choop saijun [1]
10. Thongyu Saimung [1]
11. Suchad Saijun [1]
12. Thongchai Saijun [1]
13. Winai Saijun [1]
14. Aree Saichan [1]
15. Somchai Saijun [1]
16. Dedicate the merit to AJ Best, Por Sala Tan, 5 Nang, Mae Nang Ngung, Prai Piya, Mae Thamla, Fang Dee, Fang Den, all sentient beings. [1]
17. Dedicate this merit to Mr.NAVESH A/L RAVI's scorpion(LP Sutat) & Centipede amulet(AJ Macia). [1]
18. Mr.Wee Liang Wei dedicate to my family, my late sister Janis Wee Chuan Nuo and all my Prai amulets. [5]
19. Mr.Fabian chia [1]
20. Mr.Alexander J Chiew [1]
22. Dedicate to Goh Ah Beng (deceased) [1]
23. Tong Hock Lai [2,000 THB]
24. Mr.sebas koh Ah Chuan [1]
25. [10]
James Bartholomew Cresswell-FATHER-DECEASED
Wong Chiang Lew- WIFE - DECEASEO
Nancy Cresswell - AUNTY- DECEASED
Alexander Cresswell - SON
Caroline Cresswell - DAUGHTER
Bryan Cresswell
Arthur Cresswell
26. Cat lokok Energy [1]
27. Wee Moh Fatt [1]
28. Yeap Siew Choo [1]
29. Janis Wee Chuan Nuo [1]
30. Dedicate to all Mr.Wee Liang Wei's spiritual and Prai amulets. [1]
31. Dedicate to all Mr.Wee Liang Wei's family members. [1]
32. Low Boon Yit [1]
33. Ethan Wu Shunwen [1]
34. Ms.CHANEL Jewel VANN dedicated to Sgt. Dosanjo, who passed away last year, and to all the holy spirits and the spirits of the amulet I invited to my home; Phra Somdej Knee Krut, Phra Somdej with energy, mercury and Leklai, all the Devas of my Leklai, Lord Ganesha, Small Takrut Lokkathat, Tao Wet Su Wan, Brahma God, Phra Khun Paen Thep Ranjuan with Guman thong, Ai Kai , Guman Thong Kwak, Guman Thong Kord Sarp, my Guman Thong Sarp Chamreoun, Guman Thong Sarp Samboon, Takien Beckoning Guman Thong, Phra Khun Paen Prai Guman, Khun Paen Sai Waen, Khun Paen 9 Nang Lorm, Khun Phaen 5 Nang Prai, Khun Paen Saneha Naga Thong, Phra Khun Paen Mae Ploy with Brass Takrut, Khun Paen Prai Maneechan, Tiger amulet, 9 Tails Fox, Nang Takian, Nang Pim, Mae Hong Prai, See Pueng Chang Pasom Khong, See Phueng Namta Haeng, See Pueng Salika Jan Pen, See Phueng and KB Khampeng, Nang Prai Pom Kaew, Phra Winyan Prai Nang Nong with 5 Nang Prai Oil of Por Naan Sala tan, Hong Prai Krasip Chok, Takrut Narai Long Mon, Namman Riak Jit, and to all sentient beings. May they be liberated from all suffering, may all their wish instantly fulfill, and together be born in the land of ultimate bliss. [1]
35. Mr.JARRY Raphaël dedicate the merit to all the statues and amulets hoon phayon and prai spirit [1]
36. Steve and families [1]
37. Simon chua and families [1]
38. chia tian sin and families [1]
39. May Chan Kam Hung's ancestors, dead family dependents, enemies and karmic creditors transit to pure lands or three higher realms, and finally attaining Buddhahood. [1]
40. May Keung Sau Mui's ancestors, dead family dependents, enemies and karmic creditors transit to pure lands or three higher realms, and finally attaining Buddhahood. [1]
41. May Chan Sik Ka's ancestors, dead family dependents, enemies and karmic creditors transit to pure lands or three higher realms, and finally attaining Buddhahood. [1]
42. May Lee Kai-yin (Moses Lee)'s ancestors, dead family dependents, enemies and karmic creditors transit to pure lands or three higher realms, and finally attaining Buddhahood. [1]
43. May Pun Luen Pan's ancestors, dead family dependents, enemies and karmic creditors transit to pure lands or three higher realms, and finally attaining Buddhahood. [1]
44. Sor Ting Hui [1]
45. Robin Hari Kusuma [1]

Amulets by Wat Homsil, Samut Prakan Province

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Make Merit: Donation to Support Temple **Get 1 Amulet Gift
with Katha LPWeera_WatHomsil

Wat Homsil, Samut Prakan Province

Total 1 Record : 1 Page : 1

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