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Myth about Naga
Naga is also intertwined with the history of Buddha, as seen in various legends where they play crucial roles in protecting and assisting the enlightened one. The story of Phaya Moot-cha-lin, the great Naga who provides shelter to Buddha under the Indian Oaktree, exemplifies the deep connection between Naga and Buddhism.

Temple Activities

Give Alms for Developing Temple

SERM DUANG - SangKhaThan (Offering neccessary stuff to a monk)

SERM DUANG: Coffin Merit Making (Donating Coffin to Non-relative Casualty)

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1.How Thai measure sizes of Buddha or amulet statue?

- We usually divide the sizes of statue by 3, 5, 7, 9 inches and other. We measure the size from the lap of Buddha or amulet statue (the largest circumference of the statue) like the following pictures.

3 inches

5 inches

9 inches













- Moreover, we divide the sizes of statues that stand style by 3, 5, 7, 9 and other. We measure the size from the base of Buddha or amulet statue to the head like the following pictures.

9 inches

13.5 inches


2.Can one hang the Buddha amulet and talisman in brothel, toilet and casino?

- You can hang Buddha amulet and talisman in toilet but you should not hang Buddha amulet in brothel and casino. You should keep the Buddha amulet in your home before going. However, certain amulet can be hanged in casino and brothel such as Yee Go Hong, Phor Ngung, Mae Ngung, Mae Pur and other.











3.What is the correct and suitable way to arrange the Buddha statue and amulets in the altar?

- Please arrange them in this order. You should place the Buddha amulets and statues in top shelf. The second shelf should be Buddhist saints such as Phra Sivali, Phra Sangkajai, Phra Uppha Khut and other. Third shelf should be allocated for Bodhisattva such as Guan Yin, Jatukram Rama Thep and others. Fourth shelve are for monk amulet and statue such as LP Pern statue, LP Koon coin, LP Hong locket and other. The second lowest shelve are for devas such as Ganesha, Shiva, Hok Lok Sio (Fu Lu Shou) and other. Finally, Guman Thong and magical amulets such as Phor Ngung, tiger amulets, Takrut and other should be placed at the lowest shelve.











4.How to hang and arrange the Buddha amulet or talisman amulets in the correct order?

- You can hang as many Buddha amulets as you want but you might want to take note that you should not hand the Buddha amulets together with charming amulet such as Phor Ngung, Mae Pur, Nang Kod and others. Charming amulet should be hanged in another separate necklace.

5.What are the suitable offerings for the Buddha and talisman amulet?

- The best offerings are something that can easily be found such as fruit, a fresh water and snack. However, there are something that you should not offer to Buddha amulet and talisman such as alcohol, beer and food that are half cooked or uncooked. By the way, there are some amulets that you should offer with alcohol and beer such as Phor Ngung, Mae Pur, Namman Prai (charming oil) and others.
















6.If the Buddha or talisman amulet is cracked or nicked, will it affect or reduce the amulet power?

- The crack or nick will not affect the power of the amulet. Whether the power will deteriorate or not, really depend on wearer. If wearer does goodness and accumulate good karma, the amulet will become even stronger as a result. On other hand, if wearer does badness and doesn’t follow prohibitions of Buddha amulet, his actions will result his amulet to be inefficient.













7. How to measure the size of ring?

- Way to measure the size of ring by yourself.
There are 3 ways to measure the size of ring by yourself that you can choose the easiest way for you.

1.  Measure with standard circle form
- You should find the ring that fit with your finger.
- Place the ring on standard circle form to measure size.
- If your ring isn’t fit with standard circle form, you should choose the next size of circle that bigger than the ring.

Sizes in the picture are not actual sizes because it depends on your monitor. Please refer about size in mm. in standard measure form when printing out to measure the real finger.

2. Measure from the diameter of ring
- You should find the ring that fit with your finger.
- Take the ruler to measure the inside of ring for finding diameter (mm).
- Take the number of measure to compare with table on above that according International and US standard.
- If the size of your ring is 17.0 that between 16.8 and 17.2 you should choose the bigger size that is 54 (B) and 7 (C).









3. If you have not the ring that fix with your finger you can do following process:

1. Cut the paper that should wide less than 0.5 cm (cut in long style)
2. Bind the paper around the finger that you want measure (should fix your finger)

3. Write the position on paper at the joint

4. Measure the paper from tip to the position for example you can size 5.6 cm that is equal 56 mm. Therefore, the size of your ring is “56” (according of international standard (B).

Special notice: if you have big finger should bind the paper around knuckle.

4. Finally you can purchase the tools for measure the size of rings by yourself.

 8. How many incense sticks to worship amulet?


We can divide the number of incense stick to worship each amulet or spirit following below:
1 incense stick worship ghost and corpse
2 incense sticks worship guardian spirit
3 incense sticks worship Lord Buddha, Lord Buddha’s teaching and monk
5 incense sticks worship King Rama V
7 incense sticks worship Brahma (Phra Phrom) and Phra Arthit (sun)
8 incense sticks worship Hindu Gods and Goddesses
9 incense sticks worship Thepharak (the spirit who live in tree or wood nymph)
10 incense sticks worship some Chinese gods
12 incense sticks worship Guan Yim.
16 incense sticks worship Gods and Goddesses in master level. Moreover, when you want to invite gods and goddesses should lighten 16 incense sticks too.
19 incense sticks worship 10 deities around the world.
32 incense sticks worship and invite deities from north, east, west and south of the world.

However, some amulets have specific the number of incense sticks to worship that depend of creator or method.

How to worship Guman Thong:
Full Version of Master Katha for Guman Thong: 1. Incantation to inform the guardian spirit for taking Guman Thong into your home: - lighten 5 joss sticks with 1 flower garland to offer guardian spirit. - recite following incantation before taking Guman Thong into your home (do only one time before take Guman into the home): "Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma - Sambuddhassa" (3 times) "U Kaa Sa" (3 times) Moreover , while reciting incantation you should slap your left palm on a ground 3 times and the right palm hold the joss sticks. After recite incantation you should say following wording: "To my guardian spirit who is live in this home , I would like to inform you to bring Guman Thong into the home. Please allow to Guman Thong go in the home." Moreover , after taking Guman Thong into your home , please give a name to Guman Thong by lighten 5 joss sticks and tell the name to Guman Thong. In addition , you should introduce Guman Thong to another Guman Thong , if you had another Guman Thong in your home. 2. This is incantation to worship Guman Thong: "Om Pu Jao Ruesi - Phu Mee Rit Taa Fai - Kho Jong Thoad Duang Jai - Sai Sathit Tid Roob - Guman Thong - Gu Maa Ra Ju Ti - Gu Maa Ra Gaa Ro - Ho Ti Sam Pha Wo - Jong Ban Koet Pen - Guman Thong Khanong Rit - Ji Jay Ru Ni - Jit Tang - Jay Ta Si Kang - Ru Pang - Nimit Tang Gu Maa Ro - Ar Khat Choei Ya - Ar Khat Chaa Hi - Ae Hi - Na Ma Pha Tha - Su Ma Mo So - Jao Guman Thong Aei - Yaa Dai La Loey - Khaa Ja Chai Jao - Pai Haa Ngoen - Kho Hai Ngoen Maa - Khaa Ja Chai Jao Pai Haa Thong - Kho Hai Dai Thong Maa - Khaa Ja Hai Jao Pai Haa Lap - Kho Hai Dai Lap Maa - Khaa Ja Chai Hai Jao Pai Haa Chock - Kho Hai Pichit Chock - Naa Mo Sang Si - Naa Maa Nang - Sa Maa So - Ei Kam Nan - Yu Tai Faa Teen Khaa - Om Pichit Om Chana - A Ya Maha Laa Pho - Maha Laa Mi - Lap Maa - Om Ruay Ruay - Khaa Chai Jao Hai - Oak Pai Dueng Sap - Maa Jai Khaa - Na But Nee Laew - Ar Kha To - Ar Khat Choei Ya - Ar Khat Chaa Hi - Phaing" **Prohibition of Guman Thong: 1. Don't place Guman Thong under stairs and foot of the bed. 2. Don't turn place Guman Thong to the west and to the toilet. 3. Should recite incantation before sleeping every night.

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