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No.1372(2): LP Phrom **Protection and Lucky Auspices

Special Promotion: Chance to Win Lotto 6 Million

Wat Nong Bua, Chiang Mai **Protects & Brings Prosperity

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Directmall > 30% Off SuperMetta: Phra Khun Paen amulets > PDMPR57
PDMPR57 : SuperMetta Triple Powers! Rich-Luck-Metta! Set of Metta Maha Larp Batch (3 pcs) with Rear Double Takrut (LP Phrom, Wat Ban Suan, Phatthalung Province )
with Katha: Sivali_Master, KP(Buddha)_Master, PT_Master
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Size 2.8 x 3.9 cm / 2.3 x 4.1 cm/ 3 x 3.3 cm


Name: Set of Metta Maha Larp Batch (3 pcs)

1. Phra Sivali Maha Larp amulet –best of abundance & opulence (2.3 x 4.1 cm)
2. Phra Khun Paen Maha Metta amulet –best of charm (2.8 x 3.9 cm)
3. Phra PidTa Maha Larp amulet –best of luck and windfall (3 x 3.3 cm)

From: LP Phrom, Wat Ban Suan, Phatthalung Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Metta Maha Larp (Kindness Great Windfall)

Year: B.E. 2561 (C.E. 2018)

Superb Materials:
- Black stick rice from ritual at Wat KowOor
- Khiew Kaew Hanuman Stone
- Phra Sivali Relics
- Powerful Sacred Herbs and Plants for more than 350 kinds.

Present: every amulet embedded with double Takrut on the back to increase the power.

Amount: made only 999 sets.

Powerful consecration by LP Phrom and monks at ChanThanBanPot Cave of Wat KowOor on the auspicious day.

**Phra Sivali (also Sivali Thera) is widely venerated among Theravada Buddhists, typically depicted standing upright and carrying a monk’s stuff most familiarly with an umbrella and alms bowl. Phra Sivali was an enlightened disciple of Buddha. Received praise from Buddha as the “miraculous monk for fortune”. With lots of merit he did with pure faith during his lifetime especially offering honey to Buddha, people believe that worshipers of Phra Sivali will never get starving and encounter poverty.

**Phra Khun Paen, Buddha amulet in pentagon is very well-known in Thailand. “Phra Khun Paen” has carried Thais’ popularity because this Buddha amulet can protect worshiper, and moreover Phra Khun Paen is a great charmer and facilitator in business and career.

**A chubby Buddha with his hands covering his eyes is well-known as “Phra PidTa”, an icon of wealth in Thai belief. Idea of making Phra PidTa derives from Phra Kawampati or Phra Sangkajjai who was an enlightened disciple of Buddha. With image that looked very much like Buddha, Phra Kawampati transformed himself to a chubby monk so that people will not misunderstand him as Buddha and that became signature of Phra Kawampati or Phra Sangkajjai. Phra PidTa looks like Phra Sangkajjai, but is in a different posture; putting his hands on his eyes that implies an attempt to obtain calmness of mind by stopping seeing. Phra PidTa is praised as god of wealth. Whoever worships Phra PidTa will be successful in wealth and business.

About Guru Monk:
This is Luangpho Phrom Khantigo, abbot of Wat Ban Suan, Phatthalung province (Pali name: Khantigo, official name: Phra Kru Khantayapon). LP Phrom is one of famous guru monks in Southern Thailand who are alumni of Samnak KowOor (the oldest magic school in Southern Thailand).

LP Phrom was born on 10 March 2485 B.E. (1942 C.E.) in Phathalung province. He got ordained as a monk at age 20 at Wat Ban Suan in his hometown. After ordination, LP Phrom went to Bangkok to study dharma and monk subjects at Wat Trimit. Then LP Phrom was appointed as an abbot of Wat Bansuan after LP Kong.

With his good behavior and religious work, LP Phrom is very much respected by people in Phatthalung and other nearby provinces. He does not only teaches people dharma of Buddha, but also supports Buddhist affairs and social welfare such as providing scholarships for poor-but-smart students and Buddhist novices.

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