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PDMAD6728R : Protection, Good Luck: Silver LP Thepha Amulet with Lek Lai (LP Thepha, Wat Sekachetiyaram, Bueng Kan Province)
with Katha: Monk-and-Amulet_Master
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100% Authentic from the Temple

Name: LP Thepha Amulet (in a waterproof plastic casing)

From: LP Thepha, Wat Sekachetiyaram, Bueng Kan Province

Origin: Thailand


Year: -
Material : Silver, filled with Lek Lai (magic ore)

Ceremony: This amulet was properly blessed by LP Thapha.

Power: LP Thepha amulet with Lek Lai will protect you from harm and dangers and will bring good luck and good things.

Biography of LP Thepha:
History of Luang Pu Thepha Phuripanyo, Sekachetiyaram Temple, Bueng Kan Province
History of Phrakhru Santipanyaporn (Luang Pu Thepha Phuripanyo), Ban Seka Temple, Seka District, Nong Khai Province.
Phrakru Santipanyaporn Original name Prasong, last name Sukthon, born at Ban Seka Tai, Seka Subdistrict, Seka District, Nong Khai Province.
On January 26, 1950, on Thursday, the 8th waxing moon of the 3rd lunar month, Year of the Ox, he was the son of Father Savadee Sukthon and Mother Aun Sukthon (Chankot).
There are 2 brothers and sisters:
1. Phrakru Santipanyaporn
2. Mr. Perm Sukthon
Has a farming career, has a humble personality, likes peace, likes fairness. Do not harm others Originally, I liked to go to the temple and meet with the novice monks at Wat Traiphum.
and likes to be alone
At the age of 13, he was ordained as a novice monk on May 11, 1963, with the head of Phadung Sukikammo, former abbot of Wat Traiphum Seka.
Be a preceptor likes to study Dhamma meditation I like teachers who have beautiful manners and are strict in Dhamma and discipline. And when I was a novice
I used to listen to the sermon of Phra Achan Fun Ajaro when he was traveling up to Phu Ngua. He would come to stop and stay at Seka every now and then (1963-1966).
Go hiking in Laos
In 1966, he was ordained as a novice monk for 4 years and went to practice meditation and study the Dhamma with Luang Pu Khamsing Suphattho (Phrakhru Phawananusit).
Singha Rindaram Temple After the end of the Buddhist Lent, he went on a pilgrimage with Phra Achan Mahathongdee Mahaweero and went to stay in the area of Tham Phra, Tham Bucha Phu Ngua. At that time there was no such thing.
The monk stayed regularly, went to Phu Sing for about a month, crossed over to Laos with Phra Achan Thongdee Mahaweero, Kruba Kham, can't remember the nickname, from Phu Ngua to Ban Phaeng.
Going to stay in the Nong Khruea Khao area.
He was ordained as a monk in the year 1971, on Sunday, June 7, 1971, with Venerable Phra Sumedhi Worakhun.
Abbot of Wat Khlong Wan and the Abbot of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Be a preceptor Phrakru Prakit Suthi Wat Huai Yang is a monk.
Phra Palat Khachon In.Triyo, Wat Khlong Wan, is a monk's monument. Received the nickname "Phuri Pan Yo" by Khun Yom Mae and Khun Yom Mae Kim Fisher.
Be the host of the dedication of relics.
Founded Ban Seka Temple
Year 1972, returned to his hometown. Retreat at Wat Traiphum To help with the Sangha business in Seka District During the time of Phra Achan Maha Daeng, C.Tasaro
Later he became Phrakru Kunnatee Khanarak. But he liked the peace, so he came out to spend the Buddhist Lent in the forest. Not too far from Wat Traiphum in Udon Thani Province. During this time in the forest.
One night he had a vision of about 5-6 old people taking him to dig a jar of silver. But then I didn't dig it. Someone will have already dug it for you, but you will just collect it until you have enough as needed. So I thought His Majesty wanted a temple to be built in this place. Therefore, it was decided to build a temple at Pa Dong Rai. It was originally named Santi Mahawan Temple Later, the government officially renamed it "Ban Seka Temple," which began the Buddhist Lent in 1975 and has continued since.

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Amulets by LP Thepha, Wat Sekachetiyaram, Bueng Kan Province

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Protection, Good Luck: Silver LP Thepha Amulet with Lek Lai
with Katha Monk-and-Amulet_Master

LP Thepha, Wat Sekachetiyaram, Bueng Kan Province

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