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PDMAD5926R : Wealth, Good Luck, Safety: Set of Five Amulets Memorabilia of Song Nam Event 2535 BE with Temple Box (LP Yid, Wat Nong Jok ,Prachuabkirikhan Province)
with Katha: Buddha_LPYid
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100% Authentic from the Temple

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Name: Set of Five Amulets Memorabilia of Song Nam Event 2535 BE with temple box

Consists of:
1. Roop Muen Pump Roon Raek (First Batch LP Yid Amulet), brass
2. Phra Kring Nur Pong Roon Raek (First Batch Bell Buddha Amulet)
3. Droplet LP Yid Amulet, Nawaloha (9-metal alloy)
4. Somdej Lang Suea
5. Holy Powder First Batch Nang Kwak Amulet

From: LP Yid, Wat Nong Jok ,Prachuabkirikhan Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2535 BE (1992 CE )

Purposes of Making: To earn donations to develop and restore the temple

Ceremony: These amulets were properly blessed by LP Yid.

Powers: LP Yid's amulets are believed to possess powerful protective and blessing qualities. It is said that wearing one of his amulets can help ward off negative energies, evil spirits, and black magic. People who wear LP Yid's amulets often report feeling a sense of peace, safety, and positivity surrounding them.

Furthermore, these amulets are believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and success to the wearer. Many people turn to LP Yid's amulets when they are facing challenges or obstacles in their lives, as they are seen as a source of strength and guidance.

Overall, the power of LP Yid's amulets lies in their ability to provide protection, blessings, and positive energy to those who wear them. They are highly revered by many individuals who believe in their ability to bring about positive changes and ensure their well-being.

The Biography of LP Yid:

Luang Pu Yid of Wat Nong Jok ,PrachuabkirikhanProvince was born on 10th
June 1924 and passed away on 31st July 1995 at the age of 71 year old. From the age of six he stayed and regularly served his uncle Hual, who was a monk at Wat NaProm. LP Yid became novice at the 9 years old under arrangement of his uncle. Also, LP Yid first started studying knowledge of Dharma and letter from Yahn Script with LP Hual (his uncle). At the same time he had learned Sammahdti from Kroo Hree ManMek. LP Yid accompaned his uncle when LP Hual he went Tudung for 4 years. Until, the age of 14, he leaved the Buddhist Monkhood to his family. He help parent to do farming. At the age 17-19 year old, every day many friends came to meet LP Yid. They really need him to write spiritual tattoos. He has been started famous since then.

At the age of 20 year old, he was first ordained a monk at Wat Yarng. After that, he went to LP Sook of Wat ToneLuang for building up knowledge of Visha and Buddhism way. Until finished, He went or Tudong in the deep jungle and cemetery alone to gain knowledge, to build up good/karma and to know the teaching of Buddha by many years. After that he returned to Wat NaProm again. In 1944, he leaved the Buddhist Monkshood and returned to his family again. He had to look after his parent. Also, he was a famous Ajarn of spiritual tattoos. In 1975, he was ordained as monk for a second time. LP Piem from Wat GauLuk was the officiator at his second ordination. And then, he went to Wat TungNoi,Prachuabkirikhanprovince. At the same time, two disciples gave the land (21 Rai) to LP Yid for building the Wat Nong Jok . He is well-known and popular for his knowledge in both Dharma and Visha (supernatural arts). He takes a shower once a year only but LP Yid does not have a body odor. LP Yid is one of the famous guru monks who have been created famous Palad-Khik and Buddha amulets.

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Amulets by LP Yid, Wat Nong Jok ,Prachuabkirikhan Province

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Wealth, Good Luck, Safety: Set of Five Amulets Memorabilia of Song Nam Event 2535 BE with Temple Box
with Katha Buddha_LPYid

LP Yid, Wat Nong Jok ,Prachuabkirikhan Province

Total 1 Record : 1 Page : 1

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