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Directmall > No.1397(1): Powerful Amulets from 4 Superb Guru Monks > PDMAB9990
PDMAB9990 : Influence & Safeguard Avian God- Mixed Brass Krut Jak Phet (Garuda) Amulet (LP Ya Than Khian, Wat Pacha Ban Phonsim, Ubon Ratchathani Province)
with Katha: GR_Master
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Size 3 cm x 2.7 cm
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Krut Jak Phet (Garuda) Amulet

From: LP Ya Than Khian, Wat Pacha Ban Phonsim, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Origin: Thailand

Material: mixed brass

Size: 3 cm x 2.7 cm

Amount: made only 999 pieces.

Year: B.E.2562 (C.E.2019)

Ceremony: Ya Than Khian excellently blessed by the method of Garuda god he met in meditation.

**Ya Than Khian ever experienced about Garuda when pilgrimage in the forest. Ya Than Khian did meditation and met the Garuda which the avain god taught Ya Than Khian magic and matra.

Powers of This Krut Jak Phet:
1.make people humble and respect to us.
2.dispel bad mysteries , black magic and ghosts away from us
3.bringb success, fame and prosperity to career
4.shield against dangers
5.charm and favour towards anybody up calmness together with inner and physical strength do business well and riches of living us from dangerous animals

About Guru Monk:
YA THAN KHIAN is a respectable senior monk of Ubon Ratchathani province. Ya Than Khian is not ambitious and does not care about money, rank and stuff. Once, his disciple told Ya Than Khian that he would buy a new house for him and take him abroad. When Ya Than Khian heard that offer, he refused all. Basically, Ya Than Khian is simple and merciful. He dedicates himself to Buddhism.
Ya Than Khian is a former abbot of Wat Don Som Poi in Ubon Ratchathani Province. At present, he spends all time on pilgrimage in the woods. His shelter is in the graveyard. Now, he stays temporarily at Tambon Yang Kee Nok Dharma Retreat, Ubon Ratchathani Province.
Ya Than Khian had collected magical knowledge by learning from many guru experts such as Pra Kru Tammaban who kept on magic of Somdet Loon (the great Laotian monk), AJ Tong Lue, AJ Plang, etc.
For contemplation, he learnt more meditation from Jao Koon Norarat Rajchamanit, a high-ranking monk until he fully understood both theory and practice of meditation. LP Kian has ever been to Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar for pilgrimage. His strong mindfulness and magical knowledge makes his amulets very powerful.

**There are many wonderful stories of Ya Than Khian revealed by people.

1. Someone saw Ya Than Khian walking through Mekong River.
2. People said that Ya Than Khian stopped a herd of fierce wild elephants.
3. People said that wherever Ya Than Khian goes will be lucky and away from bad things. Ya Than Khian was once invited to the field of a farmer. He stepped on the field. When the storm came, it destroyed many pieces of field except the field where Ya Than Khian stepped on.
4. People said Ya Than Khian can contact with spirits.
5. People said Ya Than Khian can change bad fortune to good fortune for people.
6. A disciple cut a piece of cloth used to wipe Ya Than Khian feet. He carried a small piece of cloth with him all the time. One day, his motorcycle crashed into a ten-wheel truck. Wonderfully, his motorcycle was totally damaged, but a disciple had only a few scratches on his body.
7. LP Khambu ever mentioned about Ya Than Khian. LP Khambu said that Ya Than Khian was good. One day, disciples brought amulets and asked LP Khambu to bless. One of amulets was previously blessed by Ya Than Khian. When LP Khambu blessed, he took one amulet out and said it had so much power that he did not have to bless again.

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