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PDMAB3958 : Powerful Lozenge LP Iem Medal, Rae Bang Phai (wonderful ore) (Wat Nakhon Inn, Nonthaburi Province )
with Katha: RaeBangPhai
Stock Status Low in Stock   
Size 3 x 4 cm
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100% Authentic from the Temple

Don’t miss out!

Name: Lozenge LP Iem Medal

Material:Rae Bang Phai (wonderful ore)

Power: For many years, Wat Nakhon Inn has been famous for holy ore called Rae Bang Phai which exists only here. It is well-known that Rae Bang Phai amulets from Wat Nakhon Inn are very holy from production until consecration because the monks help one another to fetch Rae Bang Phai, cast amulets and perform blessing finally. Thai people believe whoever owns Rae Bang Phai amulets will be protected and indestructible as well as lucky and wealthy.

LP Iem was a superb guru monk in the past. He passed away many years ago. He was a former abbot of Wat Saphan Sung, Nonthaburi Province. A lot of Thai people have faith in him. His amulets are famous and popular. LP Iem medal will help and protect owner in trouble.

Size: 3 x 4 cm

Quantity of Item Built: created only 3,000 pieces

From: Wat Nakhon Inn, Nonthaburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Name: Maha Larp (great wealth)

Year: 2560 BE (2017 CE)

Purpose: to earn donatons for developing and restoring the temple

**Blessing ceremony on Saturday 25 February 2017 at Wat Nakhon Inn, Nonthaburi Province performed by:
1. LP Whan, Wat Klong Koon, Phichit Province
2. LP Prong, Wat Tham Pru TaKian, Chumphon Province

About Temple:
Wat Nakhon Inn is a longtime temple in Nonthaburi Province built in 2395 BE (1852 CE). This temple is famous for Rae Bang Phai, holy ore discovered by a past abbot.

History of Rae Bang Phai:

Rae Bang Phai is name of holy ore initially found in Nonthaburi Province by LP Jan of Wat Molee, Nonthaburi.

This ore has hidden miraculous power. It disappeared for a long time almost a century. In 2555 B.E (2012 CE), Rae Bang Phai was found again by LP Somsak, a current abbot of Wat Nakhon Inn. He dreamt of a dark brown round solid at Bang Ku Lad Canal. When he woke up, he talked with a guru and he said it was Rae Bang Phai. Therefore, LP Somsak together with monks and people went to Bang Ku Lad Canal in Nonthaburi to get it.

On that day, while holding the ceremony for Rae Bang Phai, there was rain and storm. When the ceremony was finished, rain and storm stopped. LP Somsak and others began to find Rae Bang Phai in the canal. Then they took many solids out of the water. LP Somsak cleaned Rae Bang Phai and then crushed and melted it in a crucible in order to make an amulet.

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Note: The real item may be different from picture. It is in original condition from temple.
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Amulets by Wat Nakhon Inn, Nonthaburi Province

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Protection, Wealth Phra Pidta Rae Bang Phai (Holy Mineral)
with Katha RaeBangPhai

Wat Nakhon Inn, Nonthaburi Province

product detail / customize add to cart $28.59
Powerful Lozenge LP Iem Medal, Rae Bang Phai (wonderful ore)
with Katha RaeBangPhai

Wat Nakhon Inn, Nonthaburi Province

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