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In Thai culture, amulets have been a significant part of daily life for centuries. Despite the rapid changes and advancements in society, the belief in amulets has endured, evolving and adapting to modern times. The notion of amulets is deeply rooted in Thai people's spiritual beliefs, and their significance is not limited to mere superstition. In fact, many Thais believe that these talismans possess superpower-like abilities that can bring them protection, good fortune, and even invincibility.

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PDMAA8875 : Powerful Guman Prai Daeng Nam Chok Statue, AJ Suea (AJ Suea Saming Prai, Maha Sarakham Province)
with Katha: GT_AJSuea_PraiDaeng
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Size 6.2 x 11 cm
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Do not miss!

100% Authentic from the Master

Name: Guman Prai Daeng Nam Chok Statue

From: AJ Suea Saming Prai, Maha Sarakham Province

Origin: Thailand

Size: 6.2 x 11 cm

Material:made from Wan Guman Thong (auspicious plant), Wan Prai Dam (auspicious plant), Wan Dok Thong (charm plant), Wan Saneh Jan (charm plant), Mai Rak (auspicious wood), Mai Mayom (auspicious wood), soil from 7 cemeteries, soil from 7 caves, soil from 7 salt licks, sesame oil from 7 virgin ladies, etc.

Consecration: AJ Suea consecrated Guman until it fully had spirit in it.

-Strength guaranteed with real experiences about good business, lucky gambling, money and true wishes.
-Owner can pray to Guman for anything based on possibility.

Year: 2558 BE (2015 CE)

Purpose: Ajarn Suea would like to use his magical competence to help people who believe in superstitions.

About the Master:
AJ Suea Saming Prai is a famous skilled guru master in Maha Sarakham Province, northeastern Thailand. He studied Khmer magic of LP Chuen, LP Rit and AJ Pleng Boonyuen who are Khmer magical experts until he became a master. In fact, he has been interested in magic since he was 8. At age 8, he could write Khmer magical letters without a teacher! At age 9, he could spell Khmer spells and make sacred things. Today, AJ Suea Saming Prai is often invited to do tattooing for people in many Asian countries, Europe and America. His amulets are powerful as well. He never asks people for fee if a job is not done.

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted. When having an order, can buy a Holy Gift at special price. Click on the link:

Note: The real one may be different from picture. It is in good condition from guru master.

We have Katha for the amulet in text and MP3 and instructions at Your Katha.

Amulets by AJ Suea Saming Prai, Maha Sarakham Province

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Powerful Charm & Attraction Takrut Plook Gam
with Katha TK_AJSuea_PlookGam

AJ Suea Saming Prai, Maha Sarakham Province

product detail / customize add to cart $7.99
Powerful Guman Prai Daeng Nam Chok Statue, AJ Suea
with Katha GT_AJSuea_PraiDaeng

AJ Suea Saming Prai, Maha Sarakham Province

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