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BRKA110 : LOVE DAY Attract Love & Luck Pink Heart Key Amulet LP Gom Key Chain plus Auspicious Stones (Luxumulet Accessories)
with Katha: Make-a-Wish
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Size length 9.2 cm
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Name: Attract Love & Luck Pink Heart Key Amulet LP Gom Key Chain plus Auspicious Stones

Line of Product: Billionmore Amulet Accessories, we upgrade our amulets to be collectible and easy to use in daily life such as keychain, etc. The materials for example rope, beads, stones, etc. were properly blessed by LP Weera of Wat Homsil to be auspicious. So it is more than a gift, but the auspicious memorabilia for yourself and your beloved ones. Don't miss to choose in your collection!


- the heart key amulet from LP Gom

- a metal clasp

- tiger eye stone (Tiger Eye associates with inner strength and self-confidence.)

- purple agate stone (Purple Agate means about harmony, balance, self-confidence and protection.)

Instructions: Attach to a belt loop or bag. For sacredness, chant the Katha of the amulet and make a wish before wearing.

**Details of the Amulet**

100% Authentic from the Temple

Don’t miss!

Name: Koon Jae Maha Long (a heart key amulet)

Color: pink heart

Features: The backside has Yant and a serial number.

From: LP Gom, Wat Khok U Thong, Prachinburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Materials:metal, enamel, gems

Year: 2559 BE(2016 CE)

Size: 1.7 x 4.2 cm

Purposes of Making: to earn donations to develop and restore Wat Khok U Thong

Ceremony: LP Gom blessed by himself for many times.

Powers: The key amulet will bring good luck, charm and love to you.

The magic key is a talisman that you consecrate to be the ultimate charm that can be hung anywhere without deterioration of power. LP installed the Yant of a human heart to give mercy to people.

For this key, foreigners like it very much. Many people who received this amulet said that it was so great that many people seek for worship.

Instructions: Carry along. There is no Katha. You can make a wish directly.

About LP Gom

LP Gom ChuanPanyo well-known as ‘LP Gom’ is a talent guru monk expert at charm-luck magic. He is a close disciple of LP Solot, a famous senior guru monk. He also received magical knowledge from LP Solot. He previously was an abbot of Wat Nong Bua in Sa Kaeo Province. After LP Solot passed away, he was an abbot of Wat Khok U Thong in place of LP Solot in order to keep on magic of his master and develop the temple.
LP Solot was a famous guru monk in Thailand. He was an abbot of Wat Khok U Thong in Prachinburi Province. He passed away calmly by senility at age 98 on 5 November CE 2012. He was in monkhood for 78 years.
LP Gom’s hometown is Prachinburi Province. He got ordained in CE 1968 in his hometown. After ordination, he set his heart on learning dharma of Buddha. Then he went on a monk’s journey (; pilgrimage or Thai ‘Tudong’) in the woods to practice meditation intensively. With his ability, soon, he accomplished meditation getting strong mind power. After that, he came back to the temple to develop it and went to LP Solot. His grandfather and uncle knew magic, so he also learnt magic from them.
In CE 1986, LP Gom was invited by Sa Kaeo Province villagers to be an abbot at Wat Nong Bua. At Wat Nong Bua, LP Gom was admired and respected by people because he behaved well and tried his best to restore and develop the temple. He made sacred amulets to make money for temple. His amulets helped many people to be fulfilled and successful. So, a lot of people supported him. Soon, he had enough money to restore old buildings in the temple.

Palad Khik Petpayatorn-- LP Gom is very famous for his ‘Petpayatorn amulets’. They are full of special secret Khmer charm magic that LP Gom is the one who found out. People having amulets had amazing experiences. Some succeeded in love. Some made a profit. Some were safe from danger. Therefore, those amulets are wanted by a lot of worshippers. They are out of stock very fast! People ask LP Gom to make more because they really want to possess.

Experience Talk!!

These are some instances.

1. Mr. Somporn and Mr. Pratueang saw an accident. What they saw was a crushed car, but the driver didn’t die! They asked the driver how he could get out of a car. The driver said he didn’t know. He said he had only LP Gom locket on his neck and this wonderful accident became the talk of the town!

2. A man surfing the Internet succeeded in love by worshiping ‘Palad Khik Petpayatorn’ by LP Gom. Before he worshiped, he felt that his girlfriend ignored him. He planned to marry her, but he was not sure she would say yes. One day, while he was surfing the Internet, he came across a website showing LP Gom’s sacred amulets. He bought Palad Khik Petpayatorn by LP Gom from the website and wished it could make his girlfriend love him again. After that, he spelt the Katha (a spell) every night. 3 days after, his girlfriend called him to dine out. At that time, he thought she would leave him, but actually she said she wanted to marry him. He was so surprised.

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