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No.97: Join Buddha Casting to Restore Stairs of Uposatha Hall

Temple Activities

Join Buddha Casting to Restore Stairs of Uposatha Hall

From: Wat Homsil, Samut Prakan Province

Year: B.E. 2562 (C.E. 2019)

Don't miss to join good merit!
Today - 7 Feb. 2019

You're cordially invited by Wat Homsil to be host of Casting Buddha Phraphutthaprommarangsiphichitmarn statue and LP Charn statue.

Wat Homsil, Samut Prakan Province is an old temple. It was once deserted and developed by LP Ruay the former abbot. At present, this temple is taken care by LP Weera.

Proceeds from this casting are used for restoring the Uposatha Hall which the stairs are cracked.

Donor will get holy statue as thanks from temple. Temple will choose one for donor, either Buddha Phraphutthaprommarangsiphichitmarn statue or LP Charn statue, lap 5 inches to worship for peacefulness, safety, good luck and good things.

Buddha Phraphutthaprommarangsiphichitmarn, this name means Buddha who wins all demons and obstacles.

Those who worship this Buddha will gain the great blessing to overcome the sadness and troubles in their life.

**Being part of restoring the Uposatha hall, we believe next life will be very wealthy with a perfect accommodation and never shortage.

Referring to the sutra, Mindfulness, Buddha's teaching, it is mentioned that making statues, temples and places for Sangha, with bedding and other needs, makes one's life go from happiness to happiness. All the future lives will be always in happiness, going from virtue to virtue, always positive; not just being born human and having ordinary pleasures, not just that-virtue to virtue means having a virtuous life. Even for 1000 ten million eons the virtue collected by having provided these things will never get lost; so you see, it is unbelievable merit.

**Benefit of Casting Buddha Statue:

Buddha image casting is a well-known merit-making ceremony in Thailand. Buddhists believe to join Buddha image casting could bring the doer happiness, good luck and good things.

The Results of Casting Buddha Image (also other ways of building Buddha image)
1.    The bad result of the previous life will be less.
2.    Holy spirits will protect you. You will be safe all the time.
3.    You will be prosperous, healthy and respected by people.
4.    You and your family will be happy.
5.    You will live in peacefulness.
6.    You will have the best wit.
7.    Bad things and inauspiciousness cannot come to you.

Real Experience:
People who have joined casting Buddha image have better life.  Some are lucky. Some could recover from illness. Some could find missing things. Some have friends who used to be their enemies.

**update pictures of Buddha statue & LP Charn statue casting
8 February 2019**

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Last modified : 20 Feb 2019 - 09:40 AM (GMT+7:00)


Happy Virtue! Join Buddha Casting to Restore Stairs of Uposatha Hall

Wat Homsil, Samut Prakan Province

lap 5 inches



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