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Recent Article
LP Charn, Wat Bang Bor - A Legendary Guru Monk in Samut Prakan
Luangpho Charn Wat Bang Bor is a famous guru monk in Samut Prakan province. He was born on 3 April 1914. With long year in monkhood, he has ordained more than 5,000 Buddhist monks. Not only fame in amulets and tiger mantra, LP Chan is also a good monk whom many people highly respect.

Temple Activities

SERM DUANG - SangKhaThan (Offering neccessary stuff to a monk)

SERM DUANG: Coffin Merit Making (Donating Coffin to Non-relative Casualty)

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Luangpho Charn Wat Bang Bor
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No.2557: Luck, Happy Life**Phra Phuttha Prathan Pon (Blessing Buddha Medal)
LP Jao Athikan Phiphop, Wat Khao Kaew Thammaram, Saraburi Province
No.2556: Bestow Wealth as Desire**Tua Pae Yi Pae (Gods of Hell)
LP Phorng, Wat Sai, Ang Thong Province
No.2550: Full of Love, Money & Luck**Look Sakot Nak Kiaw Ruay Sarp (Naga Bead)
LP Ruay, Wat Map Ta Phut, Rayong Province
No.2549: Amulet for Fame & Prestige**Gong Ban Doh (Drum)
Thai Amulets **Today-21 Nov. 2022**
No.2543: Turn to Good Luck & Riches**Rahu Amulet & Look Om Mekkasit
Wat Si Krueh, Chiang Mai Province
No.2526: Open Treasury, Accumulate Fortune**Batch: Parang Chakkawan Perd Duang Settee
KB Kampeng, Arsom Sukhawadi, Kamphaeng Phet Province**Today-20 Oct. 2022**
No.2525: Wealth Granting**Hermit Lersi Phet Chalukan Statue
LP Achan Kraison Ratchasi, Wat Pho Kao Ton, Singburi Province
No.2519: Wealth, Good Luck**Pidta Phong Kaduk Phee
LP Yoon, Wat Jukan, Ubon Ratchathani Province
No.2517: Go to Be Millionaire**Look Sakot Tao Wet Su Wan Rachan Settee
KB To, Wat Phrabat Pang Faen, Chiang Mai Province
No.2498: Open Luck, Fulfill Treasury, Cleanse Voodoo**Bia Gae Pho Krut Puk Sarp Magic Shell Amulet with Garuda
LP Mon, Wat Sri Thep, Kanchanaburi Province  **Until 5th Sep. 2022**
No.2481: Good Luck, Wealth, Harm Protection**Phayak Thaksin Bangle
Son of AJ Khun Phan
No.2440: Wealthy Guardian Angel Holy Metal Head Statue of Tao Wet Su Wan
LP Boonma, Wat Khao Kaew Thong, Prachinburi Province
No.2439: lucky random* Phra Pidta Sarp Setthi (amulet for wealth)
LP Lun Suphajaro, Wat Thammaratphotharam, Surin Province
No.2435: Great Protection**Luang Pu Thuad Si Phothisat Amulet
Wat Dee Luang, Songkhla Province
No.2430: Profitable Business**Mae Nang Kwak Maha Larp (Holy Lady of Wealth)
LP Im, Wat Thung Na Mai, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province
No.2428: Love plus Luck**Phra Khun Paen Prai Saney Roon Rak Goo Long Goo
LP Main, Wat Ban Janiang, Buriram Province **Today - 30th June 2022**
No.2400: Wealth Granting**Tao Wet Su Wan Roon Prathan Sarp Statue
Wat Ban Rai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
No.2288: Support luck, business, work & fortune**Guman Thong Prasitthichok Lucky Boy
KB Lai, Wat Phochai, Kalasin Province **closed 19 December 2021**
No.2277: Greatness of Life** Somdej Ong Pathom & Phra Phuttha Leela Maha Larp
LP Noon, Wat Pa Phutthamok, Sakon Nakhon Province
No.2280: Protect Get Safe from All Hazards**LP Thuad Amulet (first batch)
KB Bang, Wat Ban Tanod, Nakhon Ratchasima Province **closed 30 Nov. 2021**
No.2245: Enhance Wealth Raise of Living Status Well-being**Phra Klang Maha Sombat The God of the Treasure Statue
Buddhist Temple
No.2149: Takrut Pakam Rad Klong Pen - The Best of Human Kindness, Protection & Domination
LP Phan (Phra Kru Punnasansophon), Wat Phatthanaram, Khon Kaen Province
No.2065:Phra Phutthathoklang Medal**Bring Wealth
No. 2065

Wat Saranardthammaram, Rayong province Phra Phutthathoklang Medal
No.1990:Guman AiKhai Statue**Good Luck and Wealth

Wat Rong Khong , Nakornsrithammarat province Guman Ai Khai
No.1988:Guman Thong Ruay Sap **Spiritual Baby Amulet of Great Luck

KB Kittichai , Wat Pangmakong , Chiangmai province Guman Thong Ruay Sap Amulet**Close booking 15 October  2020
No.1975:Phan Boon Kwak Sap Amulet**Best of Mercy

Ruen Hor Phor Sri Som Bat Kru Mhor No Ra , Phattalung province Phan Boon Kwak Sap Amulet**Close booking 10 October 2020
No.1973:Guman Ta Kai Statue**Strong Power

AJ Plian, Wat KowOor, Phatthalung Province Guman Ta Kai Statue**Close booking 20 September 2020
No.1971:Phra Khun Paen Phutthakhun 30 Tas**Protect Wearer from Danger

LP Rak, Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana, Ayutthaya province Phra Khun Paen Phutthakhun 30 Tas**Close booking 30 September 2020
No.1974:Phran Boon Red Mask Amulet Gold Takrut**Gain Mercy from Crowd!

AJ Plian, Wat KowOor, Phatthalung Province Phran Boon Red Mask Amulet Gold Takrut **Close Booking 20 September 2020
No.1970:Special Jow PhaYak Bia Gae**Prevent being poor

LP Khai , Wat Phattanaram , Lopburi Province  Special Jow PhaYak Bia Gae**Close booking 14 September 2020
No.1969:LP Nim SapYuenYong Medal**Luck and Good Business

LP Nim, Wat Phutthamongkol, Suphanburi province  LP Nim SapYuenYong Medal
No.1965:LP Jan with Naka Base Amulet**Symbol of Wealth

LP Jan , Wat Sap Noi , Phetchaboon Province LP Jan with Naka Base Amulet**close booking 10 September 2020

No.1964:Khun Phean Amulet**Wealth and Good Fortune

LP Phong, Wat Jaeng, Phatthalung Province Khun Phean Amulet 
No.1963:Paladkhik Pla Amulet**Wealth Luck and Good Business

LP Khieaw, Wat Huayngow, Pattani province Paladkhik Pla Amulet 
No.1966:Khun Phean San Larn Amulet**Wealth and Good Fortune

LP Phat , Wat Huay Duan , Nakhonsawan province Khun Phean San Larn Amulet 
No.1954:In Ku Saney Roi Thong**Helps Enhance Love!

LP Tha , Wat Kok Mab Sa Mhor , Buriram province In Ku Saney Roi Thong**Close booking 31 August 2020
No.1953:Pu Jow Saming Prai Amulet**Powerful Amulet

LP Suphasit , Wat Bang Nam Chon , Bangkok Pu Jow Saming Prai Amulet **Close booking 9 September 2020
No.1952: Phra SangKajjai Amulet**Successful in Study!

Wat ThalungThong , Nakonsritammarat province Phra SangKajjai Amulet
No.1951:Phra Phrom Nuae Duang Medal**Success in Career!

Wat Phra tat jom jang , Chiangrai province Phra Phrom Nuae Duang Medal
No.1956:Somdej Phra Kring Amulet**Famous Buddha Amulet in Thailand!

LP Rak , Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana , Ayutthaya Province Somdej Phra Kring Amulet
No.1949:Khun Paen Muang Yot**Successful in Business!

LP Thin , Wat Kon Sai , Yasothorn Province Khun Paen Muang Yot**Close booking 18 September 2020
No.1918: AJ Korakot **Super Seductive!
No. 1918

AJ Korakot, SapPhaRaChen Foundation, Nakhon Pathom Province See Phueng Phaya Wahn Kai Daeng (Magic Charming Wax Red Chicken Plant)  
No.1917: LP Rak and LP Maha Thongpoon **Buddhist Arahant of Wealth & Protection

LP Rak and LP Maha Thongpoon  7-inch lap Phra Upphakhut Prathan Pon Statue 

No.1916: Wat Ban Or **Prevent Hazards & Call Money Fortune!

Wat Ban Or, Nakhon Ratchasima Province  First Batch Krating Maha Amnat (Magic Bull)
No.1915: LP Yoon **Smooth Life Successful & Wealthy

LP Yoon, Wat Nong Pa Mak, Sa Kaeo Province  Thao Maha Phrom (Lord Brahma) medal

No.1914: LP Somjit **Draw in Money & Dispel Black Magic!
No. 1914

LP Somjit, Wat Jow Paed Song Trai, Ayutthaya Province  Bia Gae Namtow Dood Sarp (money-fetching calabash magic shell) **closed 15 Jul. 2020

No.1913: LP Chob **Lucky Wealth Spirit Boy
No. 1913

LP Chob, Wat Sawang Arom, Suphanburi Province Guman Chob Heng (lucky spirit boy) **closed 5 Jul. 2020

No.1912: Wat BahnRai **Dispel evil spirits!
No. 1912

Wat BahnRai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province  Occult Knife Meed Sattra Sao 5 Pha Ruay amulet  **closed on 31 Aug. 2020
No.1911: KB KhamPeng **Goddess Who Destroys Devils & Obstructions

KB KhamPeng, Arsom Sukhawadi, Kamphaeng Phet Province Jow Mae Kali Goddess Locket **closed on 8 Jul. 2020 
No.1910: LP In **Amulet of Love Strong Fascination & Fortune Fulfillment

LP In, Klong Khee Lek Monastery, Sa Kaeo Province  Phra Khun Paen Prai Somwang **closed on 7 Jul. 2020

No.1909: LP Mom **Amulet for Saneh Fortune Money Biz

LP Mom, Wat Sawangthammaram, Nakhon Ratchasima Province  Khun Paen Aum Nang Guman Rab Sarp 
No.1908: LP Samretmuneerat **Charm Attraction Increase Sale & Money

LP Samretmuneerat, Wat Pa Phu Kow Kwai, Ubon Ratchathani Province 1st batch Palad Khik Jow Samran (elephant skin phallic amulet)  **closed on 1 Oct. 2020
No.1907: LP Phat **Business Windfall of Money

LP Phat, Wat Than Thahan (Huai Duan), Nakhon Sawan Province  Rian Nang Kwak - Thai Goddess of Wealth Coin

No.1906: LP Maha Thongpoon **Auspicious & Protect

LP Maha Thongpoon, Jampathong Monastery, Ratchaburi Province Batch: Mongkol 8 Thit (auspices 8 directions) **closed 30 Sep. 2020
No.1905: LP Rak **Luck-Wealth-Protection

LP Rak, Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana, Ayutthaya Province Phaya Wanon Aoom Sarp (Lucky Monkey King) **closed 17 Jul. 2020
No.1904: Wat Pra Doo Chim Plee **Great Safety & Wealth

Wat Pra Doo Chim Plee, Bangkok Phra Yod Khun Pon and LP Toh Locket **closed 1 Jul. 2020

No.1903: LP Rak **Protect from dangers

LP Rak, Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana, Ayutthaya Province  Rian Sema Phut Sorn medal (LP Rak with LP Thuad imprint) **closed 21 Aug. 2020


No.1902: Wat Ban Or **Affluent Guardian Angel

Wat Ban Or, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Tao Wet Su Wan Setthi Udom Sarp **closed 15 Jul. 2020

No.1901: LP Mongkol **Marvel Buddha of Self Protection & Charming

LP Mongkol, Wat Khao Dar Sa Puang, Surin Province Phra Khun Paen Jom Surin **closed 15 Jul. 2020 

No.1900: LP Yod **Dominating Enemies

LP Yod, Wat Takor, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Takrut Suer Koo Sattu Phai (Tiger Pair Yantra Magic Scroll) **closed 15 Jul. 2020
No.1899: Wat Ban Or **Happy Millionaire

Wat Ban Or, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Grandpa Kimkoey (Pae Rong See) King Turtle-shaped Medal **closed 20 Jun. 2020
No.1898: Wat BahnRai **Get Invulnerable

Wat BahnRai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Rian Mon Phra Kan (LP Thong with Rear Hanuman medal) 

No.1897: AJ Jack Chatphet **Wealth Enhancer

AJ Jack Chatphet, Arsom Ban Kaew, Suphanburi Province Guman Nuea Thong (Mini Angel Boy Statue) **closed 20 Jun. 2020

No.1896: LP Sawang **More Auspicious Life

LP Sawang, Wat Ban Nong Jik, Sisaket Province Phra Kring amulet & Phra Chaiwat amulet **closed 30 Jun. 2020
No.1895: LP Ya Kru Noi** Realize Wish Wealth Fortune

LP Ya Kru Noi, Wat Pa MahaSriNuan, Sisaket Province  Phra Khun Paen Prai Monthathip **closed 30 June 2020 

No.1894: LP Liab **Lucky-Money-Charm

LP Liab, Wat Pho Koy, Suphanburi Province Phra PidTa Ngoen Lan (Millionaire Ghost PidTa) **closed 9 Jun. 2020
No.1893: LP Thongwan ** Infinity Wealth

LP Thongwan, Wat Pho Kam, Ubon Ratchathani Province Nak Bat Puchong Nakaraj Coin of Infinity Wealth **closed 25 Jun. 2020
No.1892: LP Liab **Call Buyers & Money Nonstop!
No. 1892

LP Liab, Wat Pho Chai, Suphanburi Province  Sak Mae Mai (Widow?s Pestle amulet) **closed 22 Jun. 2020

No.1891: LP Somkorng **Experienced Spirit Power Realizing Lucky Money Wishes

LP Somkorng, Wat Klang Rung Arun, Amnat Charoen Province Locket Prai Mae Chaba **closed 22 Jun. 2020
No.1890: Wat Pradunantharam (Wat Do) **Protective and Good Luck

Wat Pradunantharam (Wat Do), Nakhon Si Thammarat Province  Namo Coin **closed 22 Jun. 202
No.1888: Wat Phu Toom Wanaram **Spiritual Assists

Wat Phu Toom Wanaram, Loei Province Phra Khun Paen Mae Soi Suwan **closed 26 Jun. 2020
No.1887: Wat Phra Mahathat **Protection, wealth, lucky & fulfillment
No. 1887

Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province  Batch: Ruay Muen Lan **closed 1 Jun. 2020
No.1886: LP Rak **Best Charm & Convincing

LP Rak, Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana, Ayutthaya Province Thep Salika Angel Locket **closed 30 Jun. 2020

LP Phut **Spiritual Help Luck Charm & Love
No. 1885

LP Phut, Wat Kok Sawai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Phra Khun Paen Phong Kraduk Phee **closed 28 Jun. 2020 
No.1884: LP Yoon **Easy Cash! Easy Trade!

LP Yoon, Wat Nong Pa Mak, Sa Kaeo Province Dork Pikul Mongkol Sarp (auspicious flower amulet) **closed 3 Jun. 2020
No.1883: LP Nen Kumpeero **Rich Lucky Gambling

LP Nen Kumpeero, Wat Ban Kases Toong Setthi, Roi Et Province Thep Thida Pha Ruay (Wealth Maker Goddess) **closed 20 May 2020

No.1882: Mongkol Chakkaval (Universe Messenger) **Open Wealth & Lucky Horoscope
No. 1882

Mongkol Chakkaval (Universe Messenger)
No.1881: LP In **Happy Love Mercy & Good Sale

LP In, Klong Khee Lek Monastery, Sa Kaeo Province
In Ku Som Rak (lover amulet) **closed 14 May 2020

No.1879: Wat Thung Phao **Rich More!
No. 1879

Wat Thung Phao, Chiang Rai Province Rian Tao Mangkorn Mongkol Jow Sua (Sangkajjai Buddha in king turtle medal) **closed 30 Jun. 2020
No.1878: Wat Pho Koy **Lucky Influence & Danger-Shield

Wat Pho Koy, Suphanburi Province Look Om Kroh Phet Maha Thep Kruttha **closed 7 May 2020

No.1877: Wat Nakawisai **Carry off bad luck & bad things

Wat Nakawisai, Phichit Province Batch: "20 Pi Baramee Phra Phichit 2"
No.1876: LP Kamsang **Wealth Enriching

LP Kamsang, Thamsathian Monastery, Prachinburi Province Wealth Baby Sucking Placenta Amulet Guman Dood Rok Riak Sarp  **closed on 3 May 2020
No.1875: KB Thewarit ** Dismiss malicious spirit & voodoo!
No. 1875

KB Thewarit, Wat Pa Photiyanrangsi, Lampang Province  Holy Herb Guardian God Phaya Purisart Amulet **closed 5 May 2020

No.1874: KB Bang **Catch Lucky & Money
No. 1874

KB Bang, Wat Ban Tanod, Nakhon Ratchasima Province First Batch Maeng Moom Dak Sarp (
Spider Amulet) **closed 15 May 2020
No.1873: LP ThongDum **Repel Spirit & Dark Magic

LP ThongDum, Wat TumTaPianTong, Lopburi Province Phra Khan Chaisrithepsattra (Thai magical sword) amulet **closed 15 May 2020
No.1872: LP Rak **Danger-Shield Buddha Power
No. 1872

LP Rak, Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana, Ayutthaya Province Phra Somdej Kamphaeng Kaew (
Danger-Shield Emperor Buddha)
**closed 30 May 2020
No.1871: AJ Hon Yoon **Great Help and Protection
No. 1871

AJ Hon Yoon, Arsomkruthao kruthong kruthep kruhon, Nonthaburi Province LP Moon holy powder amulet + Look Om (magic ball) **closed 4 May 2020

No.1870: LP Sawang **Rich Progress & Fulfillment Buddha
No. 1870

LP Sawang, Wat Ban Nong Jik, Sisaket Province Phra Kaew Morakot (Emerald Buddha) amulet
No.1869: LP Phorn **Endless Wealth & Happiness
No. 1869

LP Phorn, Wat Klong Men, Chanthaburi Province Phra Sangkajjai Setthi Mee Suk **closed on 23 Apr. 2020

No.1868: LP Sai **Fetching Money
No. 1868

LP Sai, Wat Lard Prathum Thong, Suphanburi Province Money-fetching Dragonfly Amulet (Maeng Por Riak Sarp)  **closed 25 Apr. 2020
No.1867: LP Klin **Charm Wealth & Good Luck
No. 1867

LP Klin, PhutthaMuniThewaSathit Monastery, Lampang Province Angel Boy Guman Thep Im Sarp 
No.1866: LP Kasem **Anti-Voodoo & Flu
No. 1866

LP Kasem, Wat Mamuang Talord, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Bia Gae Arthan Namo Arokaya Kamjat Phai **closed 8 May 2020
No.1865: Thai Temple **Remover of Distress & Obstacles
No. 1865

Thai Temple Ganesha Playing Guitar on Naga Locket **closed 15 Jun. 2020

No.1864: KB Siri **Lucky-Love-Charm
No. 1864

KB Siri, Wat Sri Don Chai, Phayao Province First Batch SALIKA Golden Tongue BIRD **closed 30 Apr. 2020

No.1863: LP Sing **Wealthy

LP Sing, Wat Wichai, Nakhon Phanom Province Phra PidTa Nawahorakhun **closed 5 May 2020

No.1862: LP Kampan **Safety-Domination-Prosperity

LP Kampan, Wat Pa Non Sawan, Roi Et Province Rian Maha Amnard 88 (LP Kampan aged 88 medal) **closed 30 Apr. 2020

No.1861: LP Kaew **Spirit Helper
No. 1861

LP Kaew, Pa Samun Prai Monastery (Khao Mai Kaew), Prachinburi Province  Phra Phong Prai Ku (twin ghost amulet)
No.1860: LP Saman **Wealth & Protection

LP Saman, Khao Yang Hak Monastery, Ratchaburi Province Phra PidTa Maha Phrom **30 Jun. 2020
No.1859: LP UdomSarp **Prosperity

LP UdomSarp, Wat Weruwan Thammawihan, Sisaket Province Pae Rong See Medal "Plod Nee Udom Sarp" batch 
No.1857: LP Boonma**life helper

LP Boonma, Mahamongkol Monastery, Ubon Ratchathani Province Phaya Tao Ku Cheevit **closed 30 Apr. 2020
No.1856: KB Bang **Infinity Money Fetching

KB Bang, Wat Ban Tanod, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Takrut Mai Madan Riak Sarp Na Kin Mai Roo Sin **30 Apr. 2020

No.1855: LP Yen **Have Love Have Money!

LP Yen, Wat Kaeng Sadao, Sa Kaeo Province Takrut Ku Rak Setthi (Millionaire Lover Magic Scroll) **12 Apr. 2020
No.1854: LP Phat **Protection Good Luck and Auspiciousness

LP Phat, Wat Than Thahan (Huai Duan), Nakhon Sawan Province Sian Phor Gae (Grand Hermit Head Amulet)
No.1853: LP Whan ** Continuous Wealthier
No. 1853

LP Whan, Wat Klong Koon, Phichit Province BIA RIAK SARP (Money-fetching Shell) **closed 2 May 2020

No.1852: LP Phat **Protect from Dangers
No. 1852

LP Phat, Wat Than Thahan (Huai Duan), Nakhon Sawan Province Rian Nang Phan (LP Phat sitting on Tray medal) **closed 24 Apr. 2020
No.1851: LP Rak **Good Power Buddha

LP Rak, Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana, Ayutthaya Province Phra Kleeb Bua (lotus petal-shaped Buddha amulet) **closed 29 May 2020 

No.1850: LP Sawaeng **Protective & Healthy Strong
No. 1850

LP Sawaeng, Wat Lad Pla Duk, Nonthaburi Province PaThaWeeThat Phet Naga (Mekong River Ore)
No.1849: Wat Tha Chang **Money Wishful
No. 1849

Wat Tha Chang, Ang Thong Province  Batch: "Ruay Than Jai Fah Prathan Pon" **closed  5 Apr. 2020
No.1848: LP Prasit **Charm-Luck-Protection

LP Prasit, Dhammachoto Retreat, Lopburi Province  Phra Khun Paen Prai Guman/  Takrut Thewada Long Hong/Takrut Look Om Hua Jai Lokkathat **closed 8 Apr. 2020
No.1847: LP SaNga **Improve-Protect-Increase WEALTH,LUCK& PRESTIGE
No. 1847

LP SaNga, Wat Bot, Ang Thong Province Bia Gae Maha Chok Asurin Rahoo (Magic Shell) **closed 30 Mar. 2020

No.1846: Wat Wang Kian **Fast Riches
No. 1846

Wat Wang Kian, Chainat Province  Phra Sivali Maha Larp (Fortune-fetching Monk) **10 Apr. 2020
No.1845: Wat Trimit **Money-Calling
No. 1845

Wat Trimit, Bangkok  Ai Khai Money-Calling Calabash amulet  **closed 8 Apr. 2020
No.1844: LP Jue ** Wealthy & Lucky
No. 1844
LP Jue, Wat Khao Ta Ngoh Udomphorn, Chaiyaphum Province Kamlai Phaya Nakaraj **closed 31 Mar. 2020

No.1843: Wat Nakawisai **Helpful & Assistive
No. 1843

Wat Nakawisai, Phichit Province  Thai Hermit Head Amulet Sian Pu Lersi Phor Gae **closed 20 Mar. 2020
No.1842: Wat Non Sawang **Lucky-Wealth-Avoid Danger

LP Non Sawang, Udon Thani Province Monkey God Amulet (Hanuman Thaloeng Sarp) **closed on 10 Apr. 2020 
No.1841: AJ Thongchai **Love Charming Hypnotizing

AJ Thongchai, Ayutthaya Province Namman Prai Rak Sorn & Takrut Rak Sorn Rak Thewada Long Hong

No.1840: LP Pagasit **Assistive Buddha Powers

LP Pagasit, Wat Lak Sam, Bangkok Phra Khun Paen Salika
No.1839: LP Prasit **Defy Invisible Danger!

LP Prasit, Wat Koh Loy, Ratchaburi Province  Hoon Phayon (magical human figure)
No.1838: LP Nen Kumpeero **Wealth-Protection-Charming Attraction

LP Nen Kumpeero, Wat Ban Kases Toong Setthi, Roi Et Province Takrut Phayak Tapop Sarp (Tiger Magic Scroll) Takrut Phaya Mon Nakaraj Kiaw Sarp (Snake Magic Scroll) **closed 27 Mar 2020
No.1837: LP Sin **Best Wealth & Business

LP Sin, Wat Lahanyai, Rayong Province Phaya Kai Setthi Ruay Than Jai (Fast Riches Buddha with Chicken) **closed 8 May 2020
No.1836: LP Boonma **Defy Spirit Disturbance

LP Boonma, Khao Kaew Thong Monastery, Prachinburi Province  Exorcist Knife - Meed Mor Jow Phayak Parb Pairee **closed 20 Mar. 2020  
No.1835: LP ThongDum **Blissful & Wealthy

LP ThongDum, TumTaPianTong, Lopburi Province Ganesha Deity Imprinted Conch **closed 20 Mar. 2020

No.1834: Wat Ban Luang **Lift Fortune Nonstop!

Wat Ban Luang, Lampang Province  Phaya Rahoo Luang (Moon Eater Deity) **closed 27 Mar. 2020
No.1833: LP Sawang **Fast Wealthy

LP Sawang, Wat Ban Nong Jik, Sisaket Province Phra PidTa Ruay Than Jai  **closed 30 April 2020
No.1832: LP Yoon **Windfall Money - Alluring Loving-kindness - Gambler Luck
No. 1832

LP Yoon, Wat Nong Pa Mak, Sa Kaeo Province Takrut Ngoen Fa Ngoen Sawan/Takrut Saney Nuea Hom/ Takrut Setthi Racha Chok **closed 12 Mar. 2020

No.1831: Wat Thung Mon **Safe- Dominant-Prosperous
No. 1831

Wat Thung Mon, Ayutthaya Province Narai Song Krut (Narayana or Vishnu Riding Garuda) Medal **closed 22 May 2020

No.1830: KB Chai **Heart-Melting
No. 1830

KB Chai, Wat Pa Kud Nam Kam, Amnat Charoen Province Ma Sep Nang Wax **closed 17 Mar. 2020
No.1829: KB Khamfun **Love at first sight!!
No. 1829

KB Khamfun, Wat Gor Chok, Chiang Mai Province Look Sakot Jai (Heart Hypnotize Amulet)

No.1828: LP UdomSarp **Love- Sex Appeal-Wealth

LP UdomSarp, Wat Weruwan Thammawihan, Sisaket Province Palad Hua Suer (Tiger Head Phallus) **closed 31 Mar. 2020
No.1827: Wat KowOor **No.1 Boy Spirit of Southern Thailand
No. 1827

Wat KowOor, Phatthalung Province  Ai Khai, Batch: "Bandan Sarp" (inspire wealth) **closed 15 Mar. 2020
No.1826: Wat Srivichaiwanaram **Love Attraction Flirt & Convince
No. 1826

Wat Srivichaiwanaram, Loei Province Salika Thewarit (Charm Bird) **closed 17 Mar. 2020
No.1825: LP Ban **Wealth-Fortune-Protection
No. 1825

LP Ban, Wat Pa Thep Nimit, Sisaket Province Phra Sivali (Arahan Monk of Wealth) & Chorakhe Arkom (Magical Crocodile) **closed 28 Feb. 2020
No.1824: Wat Thammachaimongkol
No. 1824

Wat Thammachaimongkol, Chiang Mai Province Phaya Tor Boon Setthi (King Wasp) Amulet  **closed 17 Mar. 2020
No.1823: Wat Phra Mahathat **wealth & fulfillment
No. 1823

Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province  Takrut Kring Ai Khai **closed 31 Mar. 2020
No.1822: LP Somboon **Spirit power!
No. 1822

LP Somboon, Samnak Song Khao Ploy, Chachoengsao Province 1st batch Ghost Powder Buddha Khun Paen Song Phon Yai
No.1821: LP It **Ghost Stopper & Wealth Builder
No. 1821

LP It, Wat Chulamanee, Samut Songkhram Province 'Tao Wet Su Wan' batch: Udom Phaisan **closed 9 Mar. 2020

No.1820: LP Mahadam **Invisible Bodyguard
No. 1820

LP Mahadam, Wat Ku Bang Luang, Pathum Thani Province Hoon Phayon Mahakan **closed 29 Feb. 2020

No.1819: KB Mueang **Lifting Fortune

KB Mueang, Wat Pang Makong, Chiang Mai Province Star Lifting Fortune Amulet (Dow Noon Duang) **closed 28 Feb. 2020

No.1818: KB Kittichai **Lucky- Auspicious -Protective

KB Kittichai, Wat Pang Makong, Chiang Mai Province Takrut Kaew Saraphat Nuek **10 Feb. 2020

No.1817: Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters **Safe all time!
No. 1817

Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters Retro LP Thuad B.E.2497 **closed 31 Mar. 2020

No.1816: KB Boonyang **Charming & Stop Wraiths
No. 1816

KB Boonyang, Wat Nong Kho, Myanmar Takrut Yant Kao Kum Lanna (9 Northern Thai Magic Scrolls)  **28 Feb. 2020

No.1815: LP Annop (Phra Arjarn Lek) **Joyful & Wealthy
No. 1815

LP Annop (Phra Arjarn Lek), Wat TamKaoNoi, Phetchaburi Province Baby Ganesha Blowing Flute Amulet  **20 Feb. 2020
No.1814: AJ Kraidet **Carriable Lucky Talisman
No. 1814

AJ Kraidet, Koom Pu Wet Mahamon, Roi Et Province Ma Maeo Riak Sarp (Money-Fetching Cat) **closed 20 Mar. 2020
No.1813: LP Goon **Spiritual Help
No. 1813

LP Goon, Muen Sila Monastery, Ubon Ratchathani Province Pu Jow Saming Prai (Tiger Face Hermit) amulet  **closed 15 Feb. 2020
No.1812: LP Jue **Wealthy without Obstacles
No. 1812

LP Jue, Wat Khao Ta Ngoh Udomphorn, Chaiyaphum Province LP Jue with Brahma Medal Batch: "Phrom Setthi" (wealthy Brahma) **closed 31 Mar. 2020

No.1811: LP Ruay **Save from distress
No. 1811

LP Ruay, Wat Pa Mahalarp Boonya Saeng Wanaram, Prachinburi Province  Pu Lersi (hermit) Metta Mahalarp amulet
No.1810: AJ Thongchai **Luck Gambling & Bussiness

AJ Thongchai, Ayutthaya Province Takrut Jow Phor Nak Phanan, Takrut Mafia Koom Bon **closed 30 Jan. 2020
No.1809: AJ Pleng’s Disciple Group **Remaster the Best Charm Ever!
No. 1809

AJ Pleng’s Disciple Group  Phra Khun Paen Prai 59 Ton AJ Pleng Boonyuen **closed 31 Jan. 2020
No.1808: LP Weera **Abundant Takings/Fondness/Luckiness
No. 1808

LP Weera, Wat Homsil, Samut Prakan Province Takrut Maha Setthi Ruay Sarp Mak Sombat/ Takrut Maha Long Ruay Saney Mak Rak / Takrut Maha Heng Ruay Chok Mak Larp **28 Feb. 2020
No.1807: LP Sawat **Fill Love Magic Oil
No. 1807
LP Sawat, Wat Pa San Udom, Ubon Ratchathani Province  Maha Lam Sai Oil

No.1806: KB Mueang **Prosperity & Protection
No. 1806

KB Mueang, Wat Pang Makong, Chiang Mai Province Phra Somdej Song Krut (Buddha Rides Garuda) **27 Mar. 2020
No.1805: KB Mueang **Earn More Millions!
No. 1805

KB Mueang, Wat Pang Makong, Chiang Mai Province Phra PidTa Rab Ngoen **closed 27 Mar. 2020
No.1804: KB Khamfun **Pile of Gold & Money

KB Khamfun, Wat Gor Chok, Chiang Mai Province  Takrut Thong Phan Chang  **closed  23 Jan. 2020

No.1803: KB Tao **Very Lucky
No. 1803

KB Tao, Wat Ubosot Ban Lao, Chiang Mai Province Phaya Nok Tued Tue Riak Sarp (money-calling owl amulet)

No.1802: LP John **Good All Aspects!
No. 1802

LP John, Wat Boonyarit, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Phra Khun Paen Setthi Boonyarit **closed 10 Feb. 2020
No.1801: AJ Daeng **Easy Deal Easy Flirt!

AJ Daeng Donkaidee (Prai Long), Samut Sakhon Province Phra Khun Paen Saney Prai Long
(Charming Buddha amulet)
**closed 25 Jan. 2020

No.1800: AJ Daeng **Love Amulet

AJ Daeng Donkaidee (Prai Long), Samut Sakhon Province Mah Sep Nang (Lady-Horse Lovers) **closed 25 Jan. 2020
No.1799: Wat Banpotsuttharam **Provoke Hearts of Seers!
No. 1799

Wat Banpotsuttharam, Phichit Province Khun Paen Kanchong Song Nang (The Mirror Khun Paen) **closed  22 Jan. 2020

No.1798: LP Mahakuson ** Wealthy
No. 1798

LP Mahakuson, Wat Thammawongsawas, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Turtle-shaped Wealthy Closed Eyes Buddha Medal **20 Jan. 2020
No.1797: LP Tha **Turn Bad Fate to Good Fate
No. 1797

LP Tha, Wat Pa Santiwanaram, Ubon Ratchathani Province  Personal Angel amulet (Thewada Prajam Tua) **closed 7 Feb. 2020
No.1796: Wat Nam Lorm **Keep More Wealthy
No. 1796

Wat Nam Lorm, Chiang Rai Province Tao Wet Su Wan Ring **closed 31 Jan. 2020

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