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No.14: Sacred Key Ring Collection

Amulet Accessories:

Sacred Key Ring Collection


Attract Windfalls & Charming- Palad Khik Salika Key Ring

Size: overall 5.5 x 10 cm, amulet 5.5 x 2.5 cm

Material: metal clasp, stone bead, waxed rope, tiny bell and wood

Description: “Palad Khik” is a well-known amulet in Thailand in shape of phallus that represents Lord Shiva. Believed to provide great charm to the male and most outstandingly in attracting customers for a seller.  

Thai people believe Salika Bird can help owner for being attractive, loved and approved by people. Only wear it like a decorative pendant. It will make you a confident communicator and can achieve the best result in any conversation.


Turn Bad to Good- Bia Gae Key Ring

Size: overall 2 x 9 cm, amulet 2 cm diameter

Material:  metal clasp, stone bead, bell, crystal bead, waxed rope, knitting thread

Description: “Bia Gae” is a longtime amulet. Regarded beneficial in several aspects preferably protection and changing bad situations to good. As for protection, it can make owner resistant to weapons such as knife, wood and edges. There are experiences that Bia Gae owners could be safe from dangers, accidents, dirty magic done by malicious people and disturbing spirits. As for changing bad situations to good, if you are encountering bad luck or a difficult situation, believed praying to Bia Gae for help could make everything better deserving its name that means “improving”.


Miraculous White Lek Lai Ball Key Ring

Size: overall 2 x 10 cm, amulet 2 x 3 cm

Material:  metal clasp, stone bead, bell, herb powder ball (covered with silver thread), waxed rope, knitting thread

White Lek Lai, also Lek Lai Chi Ba Khow, Khai Muk Guan Im (Guan Yin Pearls): Powerful Protector, Luck Bringer and Meditation Tool

White Lek Lai, or Lek Lai Chee Ba Khow is an extremely rare substance. It is a Kaya Siddhi element with a Deva inhabiting it. Its properties and miraculous powers are legendary both for their protective magic and the ability to increase luck and prosperity.
Khai Muk Guan Im is a type of Element that occurs extremely rarely in Natire. The Tibetan lamas like to carry this with them, because they are found exclusively in caves in the Tibetan region, Chiang Tung (Myanmar), and in the Northern Region of Laos.
In Thailand, it is found in some of the deep mountain forests of the Northern Regions. White Lek Lai, or, Guan Yin Pearls, like cold weather, thus possesses an elemental force of coolness. Amongst its powers, are claimed to be the power of Klaew Klaad (evasion of dangers, enemies, fatal accidents), the power to disappear and reappear, and cannot be melted or stretched even with heat, unless the person trying to stretch it possesses the Wicha and Kata for coaxing Lek Lai into its liquid form. White Lek Lai also is endowed with the power to make magical things happen. It can grow, split and multiply or even shrink.
It is sometimes used in the making of other amulets as part of the composition, but this can only be successfully achieved if it is attempted by a master of Lek Lai, and uses the correct magic spell to command the Lek Lai to bind with the amulet.
Guan Yin Pearls can see the future and will know when its owner will die, and will disappear before it happens, to find its new owner or return to whence it came from.
Thai people call this Sacred Magical Element by various names; Khai Muk Guan Im (Guan Yin Pearls), lek Lai Khow (White Lek Lai), Lek Lai Chee Ba Khow (Hermit Lek Lai), Lek Lai Nam Nueng (Paragon Lek Lai), Khai Muk Tham (Cave Pearls), and Khai Hin Dtan (blunt stone eggs)
Some gurus call them 'Phaya Ngu Phueak' (albino king snake). It is reputed to be an immensely powerful tool of focus for practicing Samadhi (meditating). It is believed to be a great auspicious blessing and luck bringer to carry it on your person or keep in the house.
In Geology, this substance possesses a density/hardness of 10 Moles, which is at least the same hardness or more, than diamonds!
They do not normally break if hammered or hit with a hard object, and cannot be cut. It is said to have the same power as pure Lek Lai Kayasiddhi elemental metals, and Saree Rikathat Buddha Relics. They are of course also very similar in appearance to the relics of the Lord Buddha himself, which results in this extremely rare substance being extremely sought after by devotees of the Lord Buddha, as well as Meditators, Lamas, Ruesi and praticioners of Yogic and Magical Traditions. It is a heavy substance and feels noticeably heavier than it should for its size.


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Attract Windfalls & Charming- Palad Khik Salika Key Ring

Accessories, Thai amulet

5.5 x 10 cm


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Turn Bad to Good- Bia Gae Key Ring

Accessories, Thai amulet

2 x 9 cm


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Miraculous White Lek Lai Ball Key Ring

Accessories, Thai amulet

2 x 10 cm


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