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No.1412: LP Key *Charm-Good Luck-Wealth- Protection

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LP Charn, Wat Bang Bor, Samut Prakan **Great Protection

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No. 1243: Wat Bang Mod **Protection & Prosperity

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Holy Collection
Commemorating the Legendary Monk
"Luangpho Ophasi"
By Wat Bangmod, Bangkok

100% Authentic from Temple

Objective: to earn donations for developing and restoring the temple

About LP Ophasi:

Luangpho Ophasi was a famous guru monk in Thailand who had built a lot of miracles and was a former abbot of Wat Bangmod (or Arsom Bangmod) in Bangkok. He was born in 1898 in Nakhon Si Thammarat province (Southern Thailand). When finishing secondary education, he got ordained as a Buddhist novice in his hometown and became a monk at age 20. Then he went to Bangkok to study monk's subjects at Wat Boworn.

After that LP Ophasi went on a pilgrimage called "Tudong" in countryside. Around 1942, he came in Bangmod sub-district, Thonburi area during his merit journey. When the landowner saw LP Ophasi, he felt reverential to LP Ophasi so much. He offered his  land to build temple known as "Arsom Bangmod" and invited LP Ophasi to stay permanently.

LP Ophasi was a true monk; mainly in dharma without caring about money and stuff. When people gave him money, he threw it into fire, but amazingly that money was not be damaged. LP Ophasi passed away on 31 October 1955 at age 57, but today his body doesn't decompose. Nowadays, LP Ophasi is still in disciples' remembrance and his amulets also remain famous.


-    In the past, transportation was not convenient, but people often saw LP Ophasi in many places at the same time.

-    After LP Ophasi settled at Arsom Bangmod, he was threatened by a ruffian. That ruffian threw stones to the shelter of LP Ophasi, but wonderfully when stones hit the shelter, they bounced back to thrower bleeding. With revenge, the ruffian came back and shot the shelter of LP Ophasi many times, but LP Ophasi was all right. Next day, police came to ruffian's house and took him to jail. The ruffian went to apologize LP Ophasi at shelter .  With mercy,  LP Ophasi wasn't angry at all and also forgave him.  

-    In the past, there was a poor family. They were so poor that had no anything to eat. When LP Ophasi saw that family, he shared his food to them. One in family desperately said why they had fate like that. After listening to family, LP Ophasi got a handful of soil from the ground, blessed it for a moment

and then told family to eat. A daughter in the poor family grew up and won the first price lottery. Now, she is a millionaire and has patronized the temple of LP Ophasi until now. 

-    A family had just lost father.
Relative of dead man asked LP Ophasi to hold his life back because he had young children and undecided assets. LP Ophasi told relative to come back and said that man wasn't dead yet. During funeral, the dead man got up from coffin-he was alive!

-    Thai-Chinese vender on a boat selling boiled prawns. One day, she was called by LP Ophasi. LP Ophasi asked price of those prawns and gave money to the vendor. LP Ophasi poured those prawns into the canal and dead prawns swam alive amazing the vendor.

Experience about His Amulets:

LP OPhasi was widely known about his miracles including his amulets that are famous for protection, Metta-maha-ni-yom (great charm & kindness) and preferably prosperity in business that gains much faith from many Thai-Chinese people.

During Indochina War, LP Ophasi gave out people amulets; holy cloth and holy coins to protect themselves and there was experience that people were safe from gunshot, knife and dangers. Also, his first medal is one of top amulets in Thailand that costs highly said with powerful protection and prosperity. 

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.
Note: The real items may be different from pictures. They are in original condition from temple.
We provide Katha in text and MP3 and instructions for every sacred item at Your Katha.


Holy Retro LP Ophasi Amulet Set (5 pcs), Building Poey Sian Shrine batch

Batch: Building Poey Sian Shrine

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

This set consists of five retro LP Ophasi amulets:
1.    Phra Somdej (2.3 x 3.4 cm)
2.    Phra Nang Phaya (2.2 x 3.1 cm)
3.    Phra PidTa Chan Loy (2.7 cm diameter)
4.    LP Ophasi Amulet (2.6 x 3.1 cm)
5.    King Rama V Amulet (2.6 x 3.1 cm)

Power: Amulets of LP Ophasi have experience about protection, Metta-maha-niyom (great charm & kindness) and prosperity in business.


Powerfully Protective Yant Sheet LP Ophasi

Material: iron 

Size: 3.5 x 8.2 cm

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

Power: protects from harm and dangers

This Yant sheet has holy mantra of LP Ophasi. This mantra LP Ophasi wrote on a paper and gave out people to chant. During Indochina War, people in Bangmod sub-district were safe from the bombs believed becaue of chanting mantra of LP Ophasi.


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Holy Retro LP Ophasi Amulet Set (5 pcs), Building Poey Sian Shrine batch

Wat Bang Mod, Bangkok

2.3 x 3.4 cm, 2.2 x 3.1 cm, 2.7 cm diameter, 2.6 x 3.1 cm, 2.6 x 3.1 cm


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Powerfully Protective Yant Sheet LP Ophasi

Wat Bang Mod, Bangkok

3.5 x 8.2 cm


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