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Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana **Join Kathin 2015 to build basic structures in temple

Temple Activities

letter from temple

Luangpho Rak,
abbot of Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana
and a famous guru monk of Ayutthaya province

**These amulets are part of Kathin 2015 of Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana, Ayutthaya province. The temple requires donation for building basic structures in the temple.

**Only donate 3.50 $, you will be part of this merit.

**Donor will get holy amulet as thanks from temple.

**Join us today – 20 Nov. 2015.

(We will give all donation money to temple on 22 Nov. 2015.)

For Your Information:

Kathin is a Buddhist merit activity usually held after the end of Buddhist Lent lasting within one month. During Kathin, temples will invite people to donate some money and Buddhist laity will collect money from one another to donate to temples. They also offer necessary stuff to the monks. Kathin is the activity that Buddhist people show gratitude to monks and support Buddhism at the same time.

**Joining Kathin is big merit. People who join Kathin with pure faith will be prosperous in this life. When they die, will go to heaven and when they are born, will be complete and not poor.

About Guru Monk:

LUANGPHO RAK, abbot of Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana , Ayutthaya province is a well- known skilled guru monk of Ayutthaya, old city of Thailand. He is a good monk who holds strong intention of developing temples in order to maintain Buddhism. 

LP Rak was born on 17 December B.E. 2515 (C.E. 1972).  LP Rak has been interested in Buddhism since he was a child. When he was free, he studied Khmer Yant (Khmer magical script). When he was 19, he got ordained as a novice staying at Wat Jaemratsattatam, Samut Prakan Province. He learnt dharma, meditation and Katha from LP Sa-ard who is a disciple of LP Parn of Wat Bang Hia, a superb guru monk in the past.  In B.E. 2542 (C.E. 1999), he got ordained as a monk at Wat Lakchai, Ayutthaya. He continued studying Buddhist scriptures until he graduated.

LP Rak has developed Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana as the place for dharma and meditation for people without any fee because he wants people to be a good person having mindfulness. Today, Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana is officially opened as 13th Dharma and Meditation Center in Ayutthaya province. For magical ability, he consecrates amulets with strong mind power, so his amulets are powerful. 


This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.

Note:  The real amulets are in good condition from temple.

We have Katha for every amulet in text and MP3 and instructions at Bonus File. 

Last modified : 12 Nov 2015 - 06:31 PM (GMT+7:00)


Holy Phra Kaeo Morakot Amulet (the emerald Buddha) *Join Krathin 2015

LP Rak, Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana, Ayutthaya province

diameter 3 cm


Out of Stock

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Holy Phra Khun Paen Thep Sam-sip That Amulet *Join Krathin 2015

LP Rak, Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana, Ayutthaya province

2.4 x 4 cm


Out of Stock

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