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SERM41 : SERM DUANG LP Sriponthep: Remove Bad Fates! Khor Kama Gam (Karma Apology) Ceremony *use Person Picture with Name+DOB (LP Sriponthep, Wat Ban Goom, Ang Thong Province)

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If you want to join, please write your Name and Date of Birth at special command when doing transaction, and attached your picture at

We will update pictures after ceremony via your email.

Performed by LP Sriponthep, abbot of Wat Ban Goom, Ang Thong province.

Khor Kama Gam (Karma Apology) Ceremony can improve your life to be better because Thai Buddhists believe we have our karmic creditors in past life. This ceremony LP will spell our name and date of birth representing person with the grass figure magically installed with 4 elements, 32 organs and 5 aggregates.

LP will say apology to all karmic creditors for us and make merit for them to help reduce strong karma effects, make us lucky, less obstacles and life go more smoothly.

After finishing ceremony, LP will float the figure in the river asking River Goddess to drive out bad luck and bad things.

**Note for Joiner :
- Method of Khor Kama Gam (Karma Apology) Ceremony may be different by each temple.
-LP says LP will see the photo when spelling for individual. He cannot print out picture because this ceremony is help from a monk, not commercial activity. The way of printing out picture seems commerce that goes against monk's rule.

About Guru Monk:
Like a saying "White Elephant Found in the Forest", a skilled guru monk usually found in the distance. Although civilization does not reach, but his magical knowledge and meditative power can help people from bad fate. This is LP Sriponthep (Sriponthep Apiyano or his ranking name Phra Kru Palad Sriponthep from Wat Ban Goom, Ang Thong province. His prominent holy magic is Visha Phra Lak Naa Thong (installing divine power of Lord Laksamana) to enhance charm for people that can help love, personal attraction and business very well.

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