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PROMO91 : Holy LP Hong Amulet, Join Kathin 2015 Wat Petchburi (Wat Petchburi, Surin province )
with Katha: Buddha_LPHong_Master

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Size 2 x 2.9 cm
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Do not miss!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: LP Hong Amulet
- Holy Mass
- Backside with Brahma image
- Size 2 x 2.9 cm
- Blessed by LP Hong in 2013 C.E.

*Holiness: LP Hong Amulet will help and protect worshiper from harm, danger and in time of distress as well as be propitious.

From: Wat Petchburi, Surin province

Origin: Thailand


Now, Wat Petchburi has Kathin 2015 and would like to invite disciples of LP Hong and everyone to join in order to contribute the project of chapel restoration that needs much budget.

**Being part of this merit activity, donate 3 $ and the donor will get 1 LP Hong Amulet as thanks from temple.

The real Kathin day is on 12 November 2015 at Wat Petchburi, Surin province.

**We will collect donation money of customers to give to the temple.

Hurry! Today until 10 November 2015

May the donors be happy, lucky and find good things in life.

FYI: Kathin (also Kathin Samakkee) is title of Buddhist merit activity annually held after Ork Phansa or the end of Buddhist Lent and must be done within one month. During Kathin, groups of Buddhist laity usually collect money from one another and donate to temples including offering necessary stuff to monks.

About Luangpu Hong:
LP Hong, an abbot of Wat Petchburi, Surin Province was born on Thursday 24 March 2460 B.E. (1917 C.E.) in Surin Province. He got ordained as a novice at the age of 18. When he was 20, he got ordained as a monk at Wat Petchburi, Tumbon Toongmon, Amphur Prasart, Surin Province. After 3 months of ordination, LP Hong went on a pilgrimage in Cambodia. In Cambodia, LP Hong met many guru masters and studied magic with them. He spent 30 years on pilgrimage in Cambodia. LP Hong was a good monk and a top guru monk in Thailand.
LP Hong calmly passed away on 5 March 2014. LP Hong is a monk whom Thais will not forget.

Wonderful Things of LP Hong: (information from disciples)
1. LP Hong always had mercy on everyone especially animals. When he was alive, there were many snakes in his temple, but they did not hurt LP Hong. When a snake crept on LP Hong, he touched and let it go. LP Hong could do that because he was full of mercy and merit. He always taught people that freeing animals is good.
2. Things from LP Hong are holy. For example his hairs, when he shaved his hair, many people waited to get pieces of his hair to worship. They said these hair pieces would become crystal solids as years pass by. Particularly, areca nut chewed by him was what people waited for. They believed that it absorbed power of LP Hong because when LP Hong chewed, he spelt Katha at the same time. In fact, people believe areca mass from LP Hong can be an antidote and remove black magic from a person. Moreover, as years pass by, this areca mass will become a crystal solid.

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.

Note: The amulets are in good condition from temple.

We have Katha for every amulet in text and MP3 and instructions at Bonus File.

List of donors

1) Mr.Leong Siew Teng
2) Ms.agnes tang
3) Wong Ming Hon Tony [3]
4) YNOT?TONY® Company Limited [3]
5) Chu Fong Fong Monica [3]
6) Mr.Zac Lee [3]
7) Mr.Jiravat Wangwongvivat [2]
9) Mr.Tan Soon Huat
10) Mr.XS Amulet [5]
12) Mr.Phalanseng Philavong
13) Suknawan
14) Mr.Iwan Sutio
16) Ms.Michelle Shum [3]
17) Mr.Callum Hutchings [1]
18) Mr.Will Taylor [1]

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