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"Wahn Jong Ang is growing larger leaves and taller now. Thank you very much for your assistance."
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PROMO294 : PROMO Make Merit: Casting Principal Buddha Image with Phra Mokra Sariputra Statue (Wat Ban Rai Nuea, Lampang Province)
Stock Status Discontinued   


Join in Casting the Principal Buddha Image in the Uposatha Hall with Phra Mokra Sariputra Statue

From: Wat Ban Rai Nuea, Mueang Pan District, Lampang Province

Year: BE2565 (CE2022)

Duration: Today till Completion

You are cordially invited by Wat Ban Rai Nuea to join in casting the principal Buddha image in the Uposatha hall with Phra Mokra Sariputra statue.

**You can also dedicate this merit to your deceased persons and spirit amulets if you would like by mention their names at special command when do transaction, or email us at

This delightful merit will bring donor happiness, good luck and good things in life.

Benefits of Building Buddha Image:
1. The bad result of the previous life will be less.
2. Holy spirits will protect you. You will be safe all the time.
3. You will be prosperous, healthy and respected by people.
4. You and your family will be happy.
5. You will live in peacefulness.
6. You will have the best wit.
7. Bad things and inauspiciousness cannot come to you.

Real Experience: People who have joined casting Buddha image have better life. Some are lucky. Some could recover from illness. Some could find missing things. Some have friends who used to be their enemies.

**Note to Donor: Making merit with the temple / religious place (PROMO) Billionmore is a benefactor or a bridge between temples / religious places. A portion of your merit will be deducted as a fee by Paypal / Bank / Gateway as usual. And the remaining money after fees, we have delivered to all temples / places of worship. However, we do not have any financial benefits (In addition to receiving merit as a benefactor). For your kind acknowledgement and may power of 3 Buddhist Gems and All Sacred Things bring you good luck, happiness, prosperity and good health.

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted. When having an order, can buy a Holy Gift at special price. Click on

List of Donors:

- 04/01/2023: We already transferred donations to the temple and we will update on the website as soon as receiving the pictures from the temple.

1. Gee Yong Wee and family [3]
2. Marc Eric Streich [1]
3. Marc Eric Streich dedicates this merit to his father Dieter Streich [1]
4. Marc Eric Streich dedicates this merit to his wife Suet Chu Streich [1]
5. Marc Eric Streich dedicates this merit to all his Karmic Creditors [1]
6. Dedicate to Mr.Wong Chia Yueh's mum [1]
7. Dedicate to Mr.Wong Chia Yueh's Spirit amulets [1]
8. Wen Huo Chen [10]
9. Loo Fook Keng and Family, Kajang Selangor
10. Loo Chee Meng and Family, Kuching Sarawak
11. Goh Leng Chye [1]
12. Lim Yoke Ching [1]
13. Felicia Goh Kah Kee [1]
14. Felix Goh Kah Jun [1]
15. Lee Chui Yoke [1]
16. Goh Sing Wat [1]
17. Ng Ah Tin [1]
18. anonymous [3]
19. Liang Kien Hong [1]
20. Liang Kien Ruey [1]
21. Liang Hien Tien & Family [1]
22. Liang Say Hiam & Family [1]
23. Mr.Eric kueh [7]
24. Ma Zhirong [4]
25. Lex Liu Jiayang & his karmic debtors & creditors [1]
26. Keng Hao Ooi [1]
27. Mr.Daniel Tanchyk [1]
28. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to Phra Kring, Lp Charn Wat Bang Bor and LP Erm Wat Bang Niam. [1]
29. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to all his Guman Thong. [1]
30. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to RuesiPu Kai Kaew and Ajarn Tee. [1]
31. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to Phra Khun Paen, archan chum chaikiri Wat Khao Thalom and LP Simpalee Wat Pawichai Ruammit. [1]
32. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to his parents and all their karmic debtors. [1]
33. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to Prai Phanida ,Prai 9 Arthan and LP Sawat Wat Pa San Udom. [1]
34. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to Phra Khun Paen Prai 59 Ton and LP Sawat Wat Pa San Udom. [1]
35. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to all karmic debtors, animals, cats and dogs that he ever hurt. [1]
36. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to LP Dam Wat Santitham, LP PraSoot Wat NaiTow and all Mr.Lee Boon Han's Hoon Pa Yon and takrut Tapoo [1]
37. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to LP Pae Wat Pikulthong, LP Sakorn Wat Nongkrap, LP Sin Wat Lahanyai and Pong Prai Kuman. [1]
38. Mr. Lee Boon Han would like to dedicates this merit to Phra Khun Paen and Ajarn Thiam,Talat Phlu, Bangkok. [1]
39. Mr.Pichthana ROS [1]
42. Mr.Eric Leong [3]
43. Dedicate to all of Mr.Eric Malmberg's bucha statues and amulets. [10]
44. Mr Hendra Boe [1]
45. anonymous [1]
46. anonymous [2]
47. Ms.Rebecca Rivera [1]
48. Dedicate to Ms.Rebecca Rivera's Hoon payoon [1]
49. Low Ah Heng [1]
50. Aw Tiong Guan [1]
51. Ow Cher Yin [1]
52. Ow Sze Meng [1]
53. Serene Tay Soon Khee [1]
54. Aw Wei Sern [1]
55. Dedicate to all Mr.Adrian Lee's spirit amulets [1]
56. Mr.Mustafa Sahin (Phee Khun) dedicates to all Khun Paen,all Ai kHai,Guman Thong,Yee Go Hong, Kim Koey, Prai Mae Chaba,Prai Mae Lamduan,all Hoon Payon,all Magic Ox. [1]
57. Ms.Naoko Kawakami [1]
58. Dedicates to all Mr.Jason's Karmic Creditors and enemies in all past and present life cycles. [1]
59. Mr.Jason dedicates this merit as thanks and tribute to my Mae Nang Phim amulet, created by the late phra LP Up of Wat thong sai. [1]
60. Ms.CHANEL Jewel VANN dedicated to all the holy spirits and the spirits of the amulet I owned; Phra Somdej Knee Krut, Phra Somdej with energy, mercury and Leklai, all the Devas of my Leklai, Lord Ganesha, Small Takrut Lokkathat, Tao Wet Su Wan, Brahma God, Phra Khun Paen Thep Ranjuan with Guman thong, Ai Khai, my Guman Thong Sap Chomreoun, Guman Thong Kwak, Guman Thong Kord Sap, Guman Thong Kao Kord, Guman Thong Sap Samboon, Takien Beckoning Guman Thong, Phra Khun Paen Prai Guman, Khun Paen Sai Waen, Khun Paen 9 Nang Lorm, Khun Phaen Prai 5 Nang , Khun Paen Saneha Naga Thong, Phra Khun Paen Mae Ploy with Brass Takrut, Khun Paen Prai Maneechan, Tiger amulet, 9 Tails Fox, Nang Takian, Nang Pim, Mae Hong Prai, See Pueng Chang Pasom Khong, Si Phueng Namta Haeng, See Pueng Salika Jan Pen, Si Phueng and KB Khampeng, Nang Prai Pom Kaew, Phra Winyan Prai Nang Nong with Prai 5 Nang Oil of Por Nan Sala tan, Hong Prai Krasip Chok, Takrut Narai Long Mon, Namman Riak Jit, and to all sentient beings. May they be liberated from all suffering, may all their wish instantly fulfill, and together be born in the land of ultimate bliss. [1]
61. Mr.Koh Peng Boon [2]
62. Delicate to Liu Chen Fen (deceased) [1]

Amulets by Wat Ban Rai Nuea, Lampang Province

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Total 0 Record : 1 Page : 1

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