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KB Boonchum Returned from 3-year Lent in Cave
It was Kruba Boonchum's intention for the practice of meditation for 3 years, 3 months, 3 days in order to seek peace and avoiding solitude in the practice of dharma starting from 29th April 2019 until 31st July 2022.

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PROMO264 : PROMO Make Merit: Build the Replica of Buddha’s Footprint for Worship (Wat Amarintharam, Surin Province )
Stock Status Discontinued   


Today – 31 Jan. 2022

From: Wat Amarintharam, Surin Province

You are cordially invited to join in building the Buddha’s Footprint for worship offered on Vesak Day 2022 at Wat Amarintharam, Surin Province.

May this merit bring you happiness, prosperity and everything you wish go successfully.

**Not only that, you can dedicate this merit to your deceased persons and spirit amulets if you would like by mention their names at special command when do transaction.**


P.S. Note to Donor: Making merit with the temple / religious place (PROMO) Billionmore is a benefactor or a bridge between temples / religious places. A portion of your merit will be deducted as a fee by Paypal / Bank / Gateway as usual. And the remaining money after fees, we have delivered to all temples / places of worship. However, we do not have any financial benefits (In addition to receiving merit as a benefactor). For your kind acknowledgement and may power of 3 Buddhist Gems and All Sacred Things bring you good luck, happiness, prosperity and good health.

“This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.”

List of Donors:
1. Collin Yeoh Seng Lai & family [1]
2. Loo Fook Keng and Family - Kajang Selangor [1]
3. Loo Chee Meng and Family - Kuching Sarawak [1]
4. Mr.Wong Chia Yueh [1]
5. Wen Huo Chen [10]
6. Mr.Phalanseng Philavong [1]
7. Lee Choon Hock [1]
8. Dedicate to Ms.GIN BEE YAP's late mother, Chew Joo Poe. [1]
9. Chng Chee Meng [1]
10. Marc Eric Streich [1]
11. Marc Eric Streich dedicates this merit to his wife Suet Chu Streich [1]
12. Marc Eric Streich dedicates this merit to all his Hoon Payon amulets. [1]
13. Anonymous [1]
14. Mr.SOR TING HUI [1]
15. Aw Wei Sern & Family. [1]
16. Serene Tay Soon Khee. [1]
17. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to Phra Kring, Lp Charn Wat Bang Bor and LP Erm Wat Bang Niam. [1]
18. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to all his Guman Thong. [1]
19. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to Lersi Pu Kai Kaew and Archan Tee. [1]
20. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to Phra Khun Paen, archan chum chaikiri Wat Khao Thalom and LP Simpalee Wat Pawichai Ruammit. [1]
21. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to his parents and all their karmic debtors. [1]
22. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to Prai Phanida ,Prai 9 Arthan and LP Sawat Wat Pa San Udom. [1]
23. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to Phra Khun Paen Prai 59 Ton and LP Sawat Wat Pa San Udom. [1]
24. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to all karmic debtors, animals, cats and dogs that he ever hurt. [1]
25. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to LP Dum Wat Santitham, LP PraSoot Wat NaiTow and all Mr.Lee Boon Han's Hoon Pa Yon and takrut Tapoo [1]
26. Mr.Lee Boon Han dedicates to LP Pae Wat Pikulthong, LP Sakorn Wat Nongkrap, LP Sin Wat Lahanyai and Pong Prai Kuman. [1]
27. Dedicates to Mr.Chee Whye Chan's parents [1]
28. Eric kueh donate on behalf of guardian and spirit angel [10]
29. Donate on behalf all Ho Kok Lian's gods guardian spirits [10]
30. Lord Brahma (Phra Phrom) [4]
31. Arahang LP Moon [4]
32. Team of Phra Ngangs and Mae Ngangs [6]
33. Guman Thongs spirits [6]
34. All Prai Mae and Phrai Thong spirits [6]
35. Donate on behalf of :Spirit of Aj Pu Tiang [6]
36. Ho Kok Lian's parents : Ho Ah Sam and Tan Gek Nai [6]
37. Mr.Ho Kok Lian [6]
38. Soh Leh Hun and Sor Ting Hui [1]
39. May Leung Chor Wan's ancestors, dead family dependents, enemies and karmic creditors transit to pure lands or three higher realms, and finally attaining Buddhahood. [1]
40. May Keung Sau Mui's ancestors, dead family dependents, enemies and karmic creditors transit to pure lands or three higher realms, and finally attaining Buddhahood. [1]

41. Ying Ying Chen [8]
42. Mr.Gee Yong Wee and family [1]
43. Mr.Pichthana ROS [1]
44. Choo Ah Fook Augustin & family. [1]
45. Li MingQuan & Family [1]
46. Mr.Remus Heng [10]
47. Goei Swee Han [1]
48. Mr.Arthur Cresswell [10]
49. Kam Pang on behalf of Wong Yiu Wing [1]
50. Mr.Daniel Tanchyk [1]

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