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LP Charn, Wat Bang Bor - A Legendary Guru Monk in Samut Prakan
Luangpho Charn Wat Bang Bor is a famous guru monk in Samut Prakan province. He was born on 3 April 1914. With long year in monkhood, he has ordained more than 5,000 Buddhist monks. Not only fame in amulets and tiger mantra, LP Chan is also a good monk whom many people highly respect.

Temple Activities

SERM DUANG - SangKhaThan (Offering neccessary stuff to a monk)

SERM DUANG: Coffin Merit Making (Donating Coffin to Non-relative Casualty)

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Luangpho Charn Wat Bang Bor
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PROMO207 : PROMO Make Merit: Buy rice for AIDS Patients at Wat Phrabat Namphu (Wat Phra Bat Nam Phu, Lopburi Province)
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Let's join merit with us!

We would like to invite everyone to donate money to buy rice for AIDS patients at Wat Phrabat Namphu.

Not only rice, your donations will help LP Alongkot abbot of Wat Phrabat Namphu for providing necessary stuff for patients and donate to poor people nearby.

Wat Phrabat Namphu, Lopburi Province is a merciful place for AIDS patients. For many years that LP Alongkot (abbot) has kindly helped AIDS victims who are not wanted by their families.

Thank you very much for joining our merit activity.

May this merit bring you good health, happiness and well-being in life.


Now, you can directly donate money at the amount of your choice to temple by transferring to temple's bank.

Account Name: Athon Prachanat Fund

List of Banks:

- Bangkok Bank (Lopburi Branch), Thailand No. 289-0-84697-1

- TMBThanachart Bank Bank (Lopburi Branch), Thailand No. 304-2-41277-9

- Siam Commercial Bank (Lopburi Branch), Thailand No. 579-2-33730-7

- Kasikornbank (Surasongkhram Rd. Branch), Thailand No. 174-2-39000-0

- Krungsri Bank (Lopburi Branch), Thaialnd No. 111-1-47300-7

- Krung Thai Bank (Wongwian Sa Kaeo Branch) No.129-0-10020-9

- BAAC (Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives) (Nang Loeng Branch) No. 01-000-2-12022-0

Contact Temple:
Tel. 089-7420729, 089-7420730
Fax. 036-451 020, 036-776 646
Email: or

May this merit bring you good health, happiness and well-being in life.

(**Note to Donor: Making merit with the temple / religious place (PROMO) Billionmore is a benefactor or a bridge between temples / religious places. A portion of your merit will be deducted as a fee by Paypal / Bank / Gateway as usual. And the remaining money after fees, we have delivered to all temples / places of worship. However, we do not have any financial benefits (In addition to receiving merit as a benefactor). For your kind acknowledgement and may power of 3 Buddhist Gems and All Sacred Things bring you good luck, happiness, prosperity and good health.)

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.


**Update: Today 26 Oct. 2022, we already offered all donation money to Wat Phra Bat Nam Phu by bank transfer.

Name of Donors - GROUP 14

1. Chung Gia Phat [10]
2. Ying Ying Chen [8]
3. Sor Ting Hui [1]
4. Ms. lee amulets, Phong Prai Guman, Phra Khun Paen Prai Faed [3]
5. Ms.CHANEL Jewel VANN dedicates to all the holy spirits and the spirits of the amulet I invited to my home; Phra Somdej Knee Krut, Phra Somdej with energy, mercury and Leklai, all the Devas of my Leklai, Lord Ganesha, Small Takrut Lokkathat, Tao Wet Su Wan, Phra Khun Paen Thep Ranjuan with Guman thong, Ai Khai, Guman Thong Kwak, Phra Khun Paen Prai Guman, Khun Paen 9 Nang Lorm, Khun Phaen 5 Nang Prai, Khun Paen Saneha Naga Thong, Phra Khun Paen Mae Ploy with Brass Takrut, Khun Paen Prai Maneechan, Tiger amulet, Nang Takian, Nang Pim, Mae Hong Prai, See Pueng Chang Pasom Khong, See Phueng Namta Haeng, See Pueng Salika Jan Pen, See Phueng and KB Khampeng, Nang Prai Pom Kaew, Phra Winyan Prai Nang Nong with 5 Nang Prai Oil of Por Naan Sala tan, Hong Prai Krasip Chok, Takrut Narai Long Mon, Namman Riak Jit, and to all sentient beings. May they be liberated from all suffering, may all their wish instantly fulfill, and together be born in the land of ultimate bliss. [1]
6. Lex Liu Jiayang & Family [1]
7. Mr.Fabian chia [1]
8. Marc Eric Streich dedicates this merit to his father Dieter Streich [1]
9. Marc Eric Streich dedicates this merit to the soul of his mother Hannelore Streich [1]
10. Mr.Eric Leong [1]
11. Mr.Felix Makmur [1]
12. Keng Hao Ooi [1]
13. Mr.Jasper Chen [1]
14. Eric Leong dedicates this merit to his Nang Prai Hi-So amulet. [1]
15. Dedicate all the merits to Ms. Looi's amulets [1]
16. Lim Kah Sing & his family [3]
17. Keng Hao Ooi [1]
18. YingYing Chen [10]
19. Mr.Raymond Toh [1]
20. Marc Eric Sreich [1]
21. Marc Eric Streich dedicates this merit to his ancestors [1]
22. Marc Eric Streich dedicates this merit to his wife Suet Chu Streich [1]
23. St├ęphane B. dedicates to my wife and my family in life and passed, to My Guman Thong, Mae Yoni, Mae Nang Takien, to LP Tae, Lp Yaem, LP Thar, LP Char, LP Yai, KB Khampeng, LP Suang, LP Suphap, LP Simpalee. [6]


Name of Donors - GROUP 15
1. Keng Hao Ooi [1]
2. Mr.Chan Yung Sing [1]
3. Marc Eric Streich dedicates this merit to Suet Chu Streich (wife). [1]
5. Marc Eric Streich [3]
6. Li MingQuan [1]
7. Bak Kan Yow [1]
8. Lee Poh Chai [1]
9. Yellow hoon payon [1]

Amulets by Wat Phra Bat Nam Phu, Lopburi Province

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PROMO Make Merit: Buy rice for AIDS Patients at Wat Phrabat Namphu
Wat Phra Bat Nam Phu, Lopburi Province

Total 1 Record : 1 Page : 1

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