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Preorder > No.2800: House Guardian**Por Phayon Arkom Thewarit Doll > PREAC5012
PREAC5012 : House Guardian! Red Shorts* Por Phayon Arkom Thewarit Doll (KB Siri, Wat Sri Don Chai, Phayao Province)
with Katha: HP_KBSiri_ArkhomThewarit
Stock Status Pre-order   
Size 4 x 5 cm (Suits Jumbo Case: CAW02)
Unit(s) to order
Subtotal6.99 USD   


**Pre-order Closure Date: 25 Feb. 2024
**Estimated Time When Temple Begins to Deliver: After blessing ceremony (Ceremony in March - April 2024)

**For pre-order items, customers please are sure to order because after booking, we cannot cancel and get refund from temple. Thank you so much for your understanding.

**Notes: This picture is an example. The real item may be different according to material, design and color.


100% Authentic from the Temple

Name: Red Shorts* Por Phayon Arkom Thewarit Doll

From: KB Siri, Wat Si Don Chai, Phayao

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2567 BE (2024 CE)

Size: 4 x 5 cm

Material: Payon doll is made of 108 types of herbs, Patamang powder, Prai powder, magic soil, and engraved with the magic (engraved by hand, the power of Payon heart according to Kruba Ajarn

Quantity of Making: 499 pcs

Ceremony: Properly blessed by KB Siri

Powers: “Hoon Phayon” is the spiritual doll often seen as an adult man. He is classified as Prai or a spirit. Old magic masters created Hoon Phayon to serve them. Hoon Phayon can tell his owner imminent danger as well as stand by to protect his owner. He will make you lucky in doing anything for example gambling and lucky draw or run business very well. Hoon Phayon can protect you from bad things and spirits. Hoon Phayon will keep eyes on and keep the thieves away from your house or your belongings.

**Notes: The characteristics of the doll may differ from the sample because the sample is spun up and photographed immediately. The mass content may not be changed. The actual person will use the time to conjure. The weather, and holy water may change the doll's flesh from the original type.

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.

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Amulets by KB Siri, Wat Sri Don Chai, Phayao Province

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