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Preorder > No.2572: Phra Pidta Pod Nee (Clear Debt Pidta) > PREAC3953
PREAC3953 : Money Attraction Powder Phra Pidta Pod Nee (Clear Debt Pidta) with 3 Takrut (LP Mian, Wat Ban Janiang, Buriram Province)
with Katha: PT_Master
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**Booking Closure Date: 28 Feb. 2023
**Estimated Time of Delivery from Temple: 5 Mar. 2023

**For pre-order items, customers please are sure to order because after booking, we cannot cancel and get refund from temple. Thank you so much for your understanding.

**Note: This picture is an example. The real item may be different according to material, design and color.


100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Phra Pidta Pod Nee (Clear Debt Pidta) with 3 Takrut

From: LP Mian, Wat Ban Janiang, Buriram Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2565 (C.E.2022)

Material: Phong Dood Sap (Money Attraction Powder)

Feature: The backside embedded with Takrut Raise Living Status

Making: 1,000 pieces

Ceremony: blessed by LP Mian

- Brings wealth
- Supports business
- Makes you earn a living well

A fat monk covering his eyes with his hands is called "Phra PidTa" and is a symbol of wealth in Thai beliefs. The idea of making Phra PidTa comes from "Phra Kawampati" or "Phra Sangkajjai", who was an enlightened disciple of Buddha. The image of Phra Kawampati is so much like Buddha that he transformed himself into a chubby monk so that people would not mistake him for Buddha and this became the signature of Phra Kawampati or Phra Sangkajjai. Phra PidTa looks like Phra Sangkajjai, but in a different pose; placing hands over eyes, suggesting an attempt to gain inner peace by stopping looking. Phra PidTa is known as the god of wealth. People who worship Phra PidTa will be successful in wealth and business.

About LP Mian:

LP Mian Kalayano known as “Luangpoh Mian” is an abbot of Wat Ban Janian in Buriram Province. LP Mian is kind to everyone, so a lot of people love and respect him. LP Mian was born in B.E. 2482 (C.E. 1939) in Cambodia. At age 10, he got ordained as a Buddhist novice. Until age 20, he got ordained as a monk. He learnt Mantra from 12 Cambodian guru monks. During being a monk in Cambodia, LP Mian travel on a pilgrimage for mysticism.

In C.E. 1976, Cambodia had a war that people and priests were killed. So, LP Mian immigrated to Thailand. He came to Sa Kaeo Province. In B.E. 2522 (C.E. 1979), he got ordained again at Wat Nong Tim, Sa Kaeo Province. After that, he went on pilgrimage to many provinces. In Sisaket Province, he met LP Suang (passed away in C.E. 2000) whom was called “Thewada Dern Din” that means “angel on earth”. He learnt magic from LP Suang until he understood. LP Mian is also a friend of LP Jiam Atisayo, a well-known monk in Surin Province.

Interesting Facts about LP Mian!
1. Amulets by LP Mian even new amulets have been consistently popular among amulet collectors and worshipers.
2. Every collection, LP Mian always fully intensively blesses at least 2 times: warm-up blessing in his room and an official blessing ceremony to build up the great holiness.
3. Many worshipers say they are very pleased to worship amulets by LP Mian.

Experience: LP Mian is a skilled guru monk. His amulets are being talked by a lot of worshipers about wonderful results such as charm, luck and protection. These are examples:

- Ngung Maha Saney by LP Mian is really strong in charm. A man who carried along said that day he talked to a customer very well and while talking the customer seemed to have much interest in him.
- A monk wore amulet from LP Mian and was incredibly safe from being shot point-blank by a robber.

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Amulets by LP Mian, Wat Ban Janiang, Buriram Province

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