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PHOLD81 : C.E.1974 RARE Nawaloha Phra PidTa Mee Larp (1st batch) – best of financial fluency, progress & mercy favour (LP Cham, Wat Don Yai-hom, Nakhon Pathom Province)
with Katha: PR_Master
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Size 2 cm x 2.8 cm


Name: Phra PidTa Mee Larp (1st batch)

- This amulet is originally encased with silver casing which is open front and back as well as covered with waterproof plastic.

- Phra PidTa Mee Larp Nawaloha B.E.2517 is the first batch Phra PidTa by LP Cham.

- This Phra PidTa is beautiful shape and proper size. This batch is popular among merchants, financial dealers and stock investors, also direct disciples and general people because LP Cham emphatically blessed for wealth and good business.

- This amulet is very rare compared to Phra Kring Arahang, Phra Kring Yod Khun Phon and Ore Phra PidTa B.E.2526 for example.

From: LP Cham, Wat Don Yai-hom, Nakhon Pathom Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2517 (C.E.1974)

Size: 2 cm x 2.8 cm

Material: Nawaloha (a mixture of 9 metals)

Amount: made not over 1,000 pieces.

Ceremony: LP Cham properly blessed with mantra and mind stream by himself.

Power: This amulet LP Cham named “Mee Larp” which is a good meaning “to have good luck, good business, financial fluency, progression and having mercy favour or Metta Mahaniyom from anybody.

Suitable for
1. Merchants, financial dealers and stock investors.
2. People who desire for money and fortune.
3. People who want to collect due to small amount of making and rarity.

FYI: This batch of Phra PidTa Mee Larp is made into 5 materials: gold, silver, Nawaloha, brass and lead.

Backside of amulet in the circle bottom has “Chor Chang” (tenth Thai alphabets) except brass has no code.

Each material is made a small amount for example Gold made the digit, Silver and Lead is rare made about the tens and Nawaloha and Brass made not over a thousand.

Also there is the difference of price in each material such as Nawaloha is more expensive than Brass 3-5 times that is hard to find nowadays.

Biography of LP Cham:
Luang Pho Cham of Wat Don-Yaihom, Nakhompathom province was born on 6 March B.E.2449 (C.E.1906) at Nakhompathom province. LP was ordained as a monk at the age of 21 at Wat Don-Yaihom. LP has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way.

LP Cham was a disciple of LP Ngoen, another senior monk of the same temple who was also famous in creating amulets for good fortune and luck. Also, LP Cham has been studied Visha (magic) and art of making efficacious amulets from LP Rung of Wat Don-Yaihom, LP Kong of Wat BangKaPaum and LP Sook of Wat HuangJaKay.

LP Cham's magic power was focused on helping people succeed in running businesses. Therefore, many people liked to place LP Cham's amulet at the bottom of their money cases or safes. It was believed that by doing so, they would increase the success and their business.
LP Cham passed away on 9 December B.E.2536 (C.E.1993) at the age of 87.

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