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PGOPZ776 : Magical Jow Nger Maha Settee Tud Dork Mai Dang Riek Ngurn Dai Amulet (LP Kui of Wat SubTakien, Petchaboon province.)
with Katha: JN_Master
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Size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm


Magical Jow Nger Maha Settee - Famous in Thai amulet market at this time

100% Authentic from temple

Name: “Jow Nger Maha Settee Tud Dork Mai Dang Riek Ngurn Dai” that means Jow Nger is wearing a red flower and has power to call money.

From: LP Kui of Wat SubTakien, Petchaboon province.

Color/Shape: Black / Oval

Material: Bai Ru Non of 7 types to fire and dried in Wan Phen (always get up, not sleeping), Din Um Thao Ser-ah (even the foot print is scared), Dok Kalong with the full of blossoms and standing with death (the outcome of the highest), Din Dum Kakaya Yak (Soil of Nang Punturak, the owner of Jinda Manee), the wood of thunder (even the trunk of the tree can call heaven to the soil), Chinese ink (the black ink that can wave all the way) to make Jao Nger in black and paint with red colour and Kafak Rak Son Roi Wahn dip with red colour.

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2551 (C.E.2008)

Purpose for Making: Require donation of money for building toilet at Wat SubTakien.

Ceremony: LP Kui blessed this batch with “Mont Jinda Manee” magic spell.

The way to worship: Light 2 incense sticks with red sweet water, red flower or something that is red and make a wish for selling, duty, prosperity in Metta Mahasaney that with the black figure but has a beautiful wife.

Size: 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm

Power of this amulet: This amulet with magic add charming and good trading for owner.

About this amulet:
Jao Nger Maha Settee with the red flower on his ear. Nger Pa is the transformation of Sung Thong. Phra Sang has a merit. Phaya Naga will come to help him. Phra In will change his form for helping him. Even the giant King will come to look after him. Under the gold body that stay inside and receive Mont Jinda Manee of Nang Punturak that can call fish, money miraculously. Besides, there are a glass stick and Maha Jinda Mont that can call fish and four-footed-animals, including god, Krut, too.
There are gold inside his body and can win the loyal sons of 7 cities. Phra Sung never lose anyone.

Biography of LP Kui:
LP Kui is one of famous guru monk in Petchaboon province. LP ordained since 12 years old. LP studied magical knowledge with many guru monk and Arjarn. He studied magical knowledge such as Thai, Myanmar, and Khmer. LP is one of close disciple of LP Tob, Wat Changpeuk. LP Kui had studied magical knowledge from LP Tob more than 6 years. LP Tob taught every magical knowledge for LP Khi.
Nowadays, LP Kui is very old. LP is almost 100 years old. But LP has good memory and good mind. Even though, LP Lamai of SuanSamunprai Buddhist place which has 103 years old had respected LP Kui very much.

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