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PDMAD2412 : Big-Sized Superbly Invulnerable & Wealth! Kot Lek Lai (Magic Ore) (AJ Plian Hattayanon, Phatthalung Province)
with Katha: AJPlianHattayanon
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E (2.3 x 3 cm)
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100% Authentic from the Temple

Name: Big-Sized Kot Lek Lai (Magic Ore)

From: AJ Plian Hattayanon, Phatthalung Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2565 (C.E.2022)

Material: Kot Lek Lai (Magic Ore)

Ceremony: AJ Plian Hattayanon blessed Lek Lai at Wat Khao Aor.

Benefits/Powers: It is believed that whoever possesses will be totally safe, invulnerable and easily earn fortune.

It Is Beyond Science! “Kot Lek Lai” is Lek Lai in original shape without any reformation. Said to be wonderfully growable by itself, although it is cut off. Chanting and doing meditation regularly or offering a drop of honey can make a piece of Kot Lek Lai grow well. So people do not encase all body of Kot Lek Lai, but leave front side of casing open so that it can grow.

Size*: width about 1.5-2 cm x height 2-3 cm

(*The amulet is natural, so each one is not different in size and shape)

Ajarn Plian (Mr. Plian Hatthayanon), a layman who is proficient at magic and mantras from Phattalung province, Southern Thailand. He is so attached to Wat Khao Aor, formerly known as the magic school of the South because he ever studied there. Today, AJ Plian Hattayanon helps Wat Khao Aor hold ritual ceremonies keeping magical knowledge what he loves.

Khao Aor is the first oldest magic school in Southern Thailand (today becomes a temple). This place magnetizes people who love magic and supernatural arts to come to learn. Until now, Khao Aor has built a lot of skilled guru monks and masters who are propagating magic of Khao Aor in many areas in Thailand.

Wat Khao Aor aged more than 120 is a famous temple for magic and mantras. In fact, Wat Khao Aor is the oldest spiritual and magical academy in Thailand. In the past, people who were very interested in magic and mantra went to Wat Khao Aor or Samnak Khao Aor at that time. People studying here must not use magical knowledge to kill people or commit a sin. A Learner of Samnak Khao Aor must be a good man and grateful to parents and a teacher. Samnak Khao Aor has produced many important guru monks and masters such as LP Kron, LP Nam, LP Kloy, Khunphantharakratchadet, AJ Plian Hattayanon, etc. These people have magical competence. In fact, Wat Khao Aor is also a good place for studying herbal medicine.

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Amulets by AJ Plian Hattayanon, Phatthalung Province

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