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PDMAC9667b : Grants All Wealth & Good Business: Holy Soil Phra Pidta Maha Aut Statue (AJ Plian Hattayanon, Phatthalung Province)
with Katha: AJPlianHattayanon
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Size 9.5 x 9 cm
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100% Authentic from the Temple

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Name: Phra Pidta Maha Aut Statue

Feature: Maha Aut is a posture of putting hands on eyes, ears and anus. It is the closure of perception in order to reach the best calmness.

The masters create Maha Aut Style with power of protection including wealth and Metta (mercy).

AJ Plian Hattayanon wrote Yant on the back side for sacredness.

Material:This sculpture is made of holy soil at Wat Khao Or , pasted with blessing gold leaf.

Year: BE2564 (CE2021)

From : AJ Plian Hattayanon, Phatthalung Province

Consecration: AJ Plian Hattayanon properly blessed this statue by himself.

Power: A chubby Buddha with his hands covering his eyes is well-known as “Phra Pidta”, an icon of wealth in Thai belief. Idea of making Phra Pidta derives from “Phra Kawampati” or “Phra Sangkajai” who was an enlightened disciple of Buddha. With image that looked very much like Buddha, Phra Kawampati transformed himself to a chubby monk so that people will not misunderstand him as Buddha and that became signature of Phra Kawampati or Phra Sangkajai. Phra Pidta looks like Phra Sangkajai, but is in a different posture; putting his hands on his eyes that implies an attempt to obtain calmness of mind by stopping seeing. Phra Pidta is praised as god of wealth. Whoever worships Phra Pidta will be successful in wealth and business.

How to Use: Place on altar.

About AJ Plian Hattayanon:

Ajarn Plian (Mr. Plian Hatthayanon), a layman who is proficient at magic and mantras from Phattalung Province, Southern Thailand. He is so attached to Wat Khao Or , formerly known as the magic school of the South because he ever studied there. Today, AJ Plian Hattayanon helps Wat Khao Or hold ritual ceremonies keeping magical knowledge what he loves.


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- Casing: The casing is craftsmanship from temple or master, which creates.

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Amulets by AJ Plian Hattayanon, Phatthalung Province

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AJ Plian Hattayanon, Phatthalung Province

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AJ Plian Hattayanon, Phatthalung Province

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Protection Magical Hoon Payon Amulet by AJ Plian
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AJ Plian Hattayanon, Phatthalung Province

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