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PDMAC5132R : Luck & Wealth! Phra Khun Paen Mongkol Bucha Kru with Relics of Vipassana Monks & Takrut (Wat Pa Sri Sawang Tham, Loei Province )
with Katha: KP_Master

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Size 3 cm x 4.5 cm


A Worshipful Amulet with Holy Buddhist Monk Remains...

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Phra Khun Paen Mongkol Bucha Kru with LP Man Phurithatto’s hairs and ashes relics & Takrut

Size : 3 cm x 4.5 cm

- Front side has hairs and ashes relics of LP Man Phurithatto and many relics of reverend Vipassana monks and Takrut underneath.
- Backside has gold color yantra symbol and text saying “hairs and ashes relics of LP Man Phurithatto by Wat Pa Sri Sawang Tham”.

From: Wat Pa Sri Sawang Tham, Loei Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2561 (C.E.2018)

Purpose of Making: This amulet was created to honor Reverend Vipassana monks and earn donations for constructing Guti (a monk house).

Ceremony: holy blessing by abbot and reverend meditation guru monks at Wat Pa Sri Sawang Tham on the auspicious date.

Powerful: Phra Khun Paen Mongkol Bucha Kru will bless worshiper with protection, charm, good luck, wealth, success and prosperity in good wishes.

Material: This Buddha amulet material is from many sacred places and reverend guru monks the lineages of LP Man Phurithatto) as follows:

1. bone ashes of 9 vipassana monks of Wat Ban Tad
2. hairs of LP Man Phurithatto
3. hairs of LP Thet Thesarangsi
4. hairs of LP Maha Bua
5. bone ashes of LP Rian Walapho
6. hairs of LP Khow Analayo
7. hairs of Boonphin Katapunyo
8. bone ashes of LP Maha Bua
9. hairs of LP Boonmee Paripunno
10. hairs of LP Lee Kusalatharo
11. bone ashes of LP Phang Paripunno
12. hairs of LP Aoonla Thitathammo
13. bone ashes of LP Man Phurithatto
14. hairs of LP Sri Siritharo
15. bone ashes of LP Boonjan Janthawaro
16. hairs of LP Prasit Poonyamagaro
17. hairs of LP Phajon Asamo
18. bone ashes of LP Aonsa Sukgaro
19. rice alms bowl of LP Boonmee Paripunno
20. rice alms bowl of Wat Pa Ban Tad
21. bone ashes of LP Jantha Thawaro
22. rice alms bowl of LP Lee Kusalatharo
23. rice alms bowl of LP Somsri Attasiri
24. bone ashes of Pian Wiriyo
25. debris powder of Phra Kroo amulets
26. cloth cover alms bowl of monks
27. bone ashes of LP Kamphong Tisaso
28. Rae Lek Nam Phi (holy iron ore)
29. Rae Khao Dee Salak (holy ore from mountain)
30. bone ashes of LP Noei Somjitto
31. Mekkaphat Chinnarat powder of LP Aon
32. bone ashes of LP Ruen Jittathamo
33. soil at Phra That Phanom
34. bone ashes of LP Man

Luangpu Man Phurithatto, the Model of Typical Meditative Path of Thailand:

Luangpu Man Phurithatto (1870–1949 C.E.) was a famous meditation monk of Thailand, regarded very holy with his concentration power from meditation rather than any magic. LP Man led meditation path (well-known as Vipassana Kammathan) in Thailand and today his teachings are propagated throughout Thailand and several countries. Moreover, he is the inspiration for monks and Buddhists to practice meditation, the important way in Buddhism.
LP Man was born in Baan Kham Bong, a farming village in Ubon Ratchathani province. Ordained as a monk in 1893, he spent the remainder of his life wandering through Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos, dwelling for the most part in the forest, engaged in the practice of meditation.
Practice of LP Man was solitary and strict. He followed the vinaya (monastic discipline) faithfully, and also observed many of what are known as the 13 classic dhutanga (ascetic) practices, such as living off alms food, wearing robes made of cast-off rags, dwelling in the forest and eating only one meal a day.
Searching out secluded places in the wilds of Thailand and Laos, he avoided the responsibilities of settled monastic life and spent long hours of the day and night in meditation. In spite of his reclusive nature, he attracted a large following of students willing to put up with the hardships of forest life in order to study with him.
LP Man passed away at Wat Pa Sutthawad, Sakon Nakhon province in 1949 at age 79 and 56th year of monkhood.

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