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No.1378: LP Noi Mon Salika **Luck-Charm-Love

Donate for Temple Restoration, Get Set of Lucky Swan Boat & Paddles

No.1376: Wat Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum **Good Luck, Wealth & Protection

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PDMAC4523R : Love & Luck Attraction Duei Ngoo Lueam (snake spur) (LP VaeGai, Wat Ruak Bang See Thong, Nonthaburi province)
with Katha: Snake_LPVaeGai

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Size 2.5 x 5 cm long


Great Powerful amulet of lucky and wealth

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Duei Ngoo Lueam (snake spur)

From: LP VaeGai, Wat Ruak Bang See Thong, Nonthaburi province

Material: dead snake’s penis

Year: B.E.2552 (C.E.2009)

Size: 2.5 x 5 cm long

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: donate the money from amulets to develop and restore the building in temple.

Ceremony: LP VaeGai took Duei Ngoo Lueam from Cambodia and properly blessed with special magic by himself in auspicious day.

Power: Thai people believe Duei Ngoo Lueam amulet is great of luck and wealth that who worship this powerful amulet will get luck, wealth, property, kindness and charming. In addition, this lucky amulet is great of luck in gamble too.

Presented: there is holy thread and gold leaf painted on amulet that gold leaf is symbol of wealth, holy red thread is symbol of luck and success.

Biography of LP VaeGai:
LP VaeGai was born on Thursday 3 September B.E. 2475, now 74 years old. Luang Poo’s father is a master of Saiwes, so Luang Poo was interested in Visha (science ) and studied until B.E. 2495 Luang Poo stayed for a Phansa (Buddhist Lent Day) at Wat Aumple, Udon Meechai, province. Luang Poo went to Tudong and saw Luang Poo Suang at Cave ThamKao Kilen that later was a master of Luang Poo. Until B.E. 2509, Luang Poo came back to stayed for a Phansa at Wat Aumple, Udon Meechai that at that time the Indochina war happened. Besides, the miracle of amulets have been spread to the soldiers. Many types of Luang Poo sacred things are popular such as Takrut, Yant.
Luang Poo went to Thailand and stayed at Wat Taee, Buriram province. Luang Poo friend is Luang Poo Chueen, Wat Taee and this time Luang Poo helped to build a miracle object for rebuilding Wat Ruak Bang See Thong by blessing miracle object, batch “Saiwes Nakorn Wat (Magic Angkor)” for three months.
Now, Luang Poo told that each man has each own karma. The miracle object that you hang on your neck can call your mind to do in good things. The most important is gratitude because your parents are the first monk in your minds. The gratitude is symbol of the good people

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