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PDMAC4515 : Wealth & Success! Red - Hanuman Yant Cloth “Rab Ngoen Larn” (KB KhamPeng, Arsom Sukhawadi, Kamphaeng Phet Province)
with Katha: HA_Master

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Size 20.5 x 30 cm.
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Red - Hanuman Yant Cloth “Rab Ngoen Larn”

From: KB KhamPeng, Arsom Sukhawadi, Kamphaeng Phet Province

Batch: Rab Ngoen Larn

Year: B.E.2561 (C.E.2018)

Size: 20.5 x 30 cm.

Origin: Thailand

Objective: donations for developing and restoring Arsom Sukhawadi

Ceremony: holy blessing by Kruba KhamPeng on the auspicious occasion

Power: Hanuman is a name of the great monkey and the deity in Thai belief appearing in the Indian epic “Ramayana” as a main character who is a powerful, witty, ardent and loyal devotee of Rama.
Thai people believe Hanuman’s power builds being invulnerable often seen in tattooing. They also believe to worship Hanuman will bring the worshipper wealth, success and triumph.
People also believe that Hanuman Amulet will make the owner easily get mercy (METTA) from people especially ones whose positions are higher than yours.

About Guru Monk:

Kruba KhamPeng was born in B.E.2484 (C.E.1941). He got ordained in B.E.2533 (C.E.1990) at Wat Khao Sukrim, Chanthaburi province. KB KhamPeng is very expert at meditation and amulets especially in charm, luck and wealth guaranteed by many people’s experiences.

Kruba KhamPeng Who Can Transfer Universal Energy:

Kruba KhamPeng is a monk who succeeded in many fields of meditation practice. Because he follows the path of Bodhisattva (Buddha), meditation of Kruba KhamPeng is better than other monks’ who have a different way of meditation practice.

Kruba KhamPeng specializes in Borikam Phawana, a kind of meditation by chanting along in mind. In those days, Kruba KhamPeng could do Borikam Phawana 18 hours a day continuously for many years. But these days, due to his senility, Kruba KhamPeng can do Borikam Phawana only 8 hours a day.

Not only Borikam Phawana, Kruba KhamPeng is also good at Kasina, visual meditation by looking at and focusing mind on an object.

Having been practicing several kinds of meditation for a long time, Kruba KhamPeng discovered wonderful sacred knowledge such as Maha Aoot Kong Kaphan (invulnerability), Metta (loving-kindness), etc. and above all he knows “Knowledge of Transferring Universal Energy”.

Knowledge of Transferring Energy is not new. Every magic guru in the past knew it. But at present a few people know it.

In fact, energy settles in every object, human and animal. Meanwhile it can impel and attract including dissolving itself. Compared to water that can move from one place to another place and evaporates into clouds. And when having too much humidity, the clouds can become the rain, like what it originally comes from.

Energy never dies. It cycles again and again in the Universe. Person who obtains the best meditation practice can apply universal energy to his purposes. Although that sounds mysterious and difficult, Kruba KhamPeng has discovered it. He succeeded in transferring universal energy to his body and any object. This energy, Kruba KhamPeng means the Sun and the Moon because everything in the world even tiny grass receives energy from them both.

Necessarily, Kruba KhamPeng revealed that in our world there is also much energy from hermits and monks who achieved the most advanced meditation. It will be very useful if we can use that energy.

Every time Kruba KhamPeng blesses amulets, he always transfers universal energy that includes energy of those hermits and monks. So every amulet by Kruba KhamPeng has real power. Some people can touch the power of his amulets. They said when touching the amulet they had the feel of softly flowing electrical stream from the amulet.

In fact, if our mind is still enough, we can touch the holy energy that will be very useful for developing our meditation because when we touch the holy energy our mind will go more deeply in meditation and it can be also developed to telepathy.

Real Experience:

These are amazing experiences about Kruba KhamPeng’s amulets told by owners.

“I feel amulet by Kruba KhamPeng is so excellent in people kindness. I have worshiped Mae Uma Yim first batch and Mae Uma charm oil.”

“I work in an office. At first I don’t believe. But after worshiping because my colleague told me to try an amulet by Kruba KhamPeng. Now, I am very pleased with it because it makes me do anything easily and my boss is no longer bossy with me.”

“One day, I burned a picture of Kruna KhamPeng. When the fire stopped, I found the face to shoulder of Kruba KhamPeng is not burnt. It was amazing because the fire was so hot nothing especially paper had to burn up. I put the left picture in a casing and wear it on my neck.”

“I’m a mother. My son is one years old. I bought Takrut Preechayan by Kruba KhamPeng. I know that it is good about wits. One day, my baby son naughtily sucked the Takrut. I took it out of his mouth because I was afraid my son might swallow it. That night, I noticed my son was not crying and easy to feed up. I was very surprised and bought 2 more Takrut.”

“After I worship Guan Yin amulet and Mae Uma amulet by Kruba KhamPeng, I found myself luckier especially in finance like I prayed to Guan Yin and Mae Uma for help. A few days later, I could deal with customer who had canceled. Shortly after, I got money from my senior relative. And then I won the lottery. That all was very amazing.”

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