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Directmall > No.893(2): AJ MaCia **Charm, Love, Luck & Protect > PDMAC3032R
PDMAC3032R : Protection Luck Finance Business & Work! Spiritual Mass Phan Boon Hunter Mask amulet (with casing) (AJ MaCia, Roi Et province )
with Katha: Phanboon_Master
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Size 4 x 5 cm
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**Note to Buyer: This picture is a sample. The real item may be different because of being handmade and AJ chose and embedded object one by one.

100% Authentic from Occult Master

Great for Charm Safeguard Luck Finance Business and Work...

Name: Phan Boon Hunter Mask amulet (with casing)

Phan Boon exists in the Thai literature Phra Suthon Manorah, said to be the most skillful hunter with magic competence. Once, he could capture a beautiful angel by using a magic rope called Buang Nak Bat given by Naga.

From: AJ MaCia, Roi Et province

Origin: Thailand

Size: 4 x 5 cm

Material: this amulet created from grave soil, crematory soil, Phong Prai (spirit powder).

Present: Backside embedded with Chin Atan (bone from the dead person)to increase the power.

Ceremony: AJ MaCia properly empowered this locket with good mantra to prevent bad effects or backfire. He also got permission from families of persons who dedicated their ashes for amulet in order to be the merit for them reborn a better life.

Power: This Item intends to help who wears to be successful in all aspects particularly Charm, Finance, Business and Work. Calls money fortune. Also warns of danger and protects from accidents.

**As this amulet contains spirit material, for effectiveness, master suggest owner of this amulet to often make merit and dedicate to any spirit in amulet whenever having time.

PHAN BOON, Excellent Southern Thai Amulet: Charm, Good Luck & Wealth

Now, Phan Boon Amulet from the south becomes the talk of the town. It is in form of a man face said of the hunter named Phan Boon who is related to Thai literature. Phan Boon amulet is powerful in Charm, Good Luck and Business. At the moment, it is very popular among Thai amulet collectors and in Malaysia. Businessmen who have worshiped said that Phan Boon amulet is really helpful for their business.

Phan Boon exists in the Thai literature Phra Suthon Manorah, said to be the most skillful hunter with magic competence. Once, he could capture a beautiful angel by using a magic rope called Buang Nak Bat given by Naga.

Phan Boon character also appears in southern Thai classical dance called Manorah. The performer who plays in the role of Phan Boon usually wears a half mask.

**The past magic gurus picked up Phan Boon to make an amulet in form of a mask called Nak Gak Phan which may be filled with consecrated facial powder of a Manorah performer to add charm power. Southern people believe that Phan Boon amulet or Nak Gak Phan can make owner become charming and attractive, lucky, do business well and safe from black magic and evil spirits.

Phopu Phan Gae is the holy spirit of southern Thailand like Phor Gae of the central. He is thought to be the ancestor of all hunters and also represents Phan Boon. People who want to be a disciple of Phopu Phan Gae must participate in Krob Kru ceremony. In the ceremony, a medium will invite Phopu Phan Gae to obsess him and he will bless and put a mask on people faces one by one. People who have already become disciples, they must not commit immorality because it is the rule.

In addition, people who are Monorah performers conventionally do spiritual dance to show respect to Phopu Phan Gae and this is believed to bring good luck and success to them.

About Guru Master:
Lersi MaCia from Roi Et who collected ancient Khmer magic for many years and has embedded himself as a hermit in the cemeteries around Thailand, now his amulets are very popular in China, Malaysia and Singapore with superb powers especially charm and windfall.

Today, he becomes a master called 'Arjarn MaCia' providing spiritual help for people who are interested.

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