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PDMAB5757 : Red Agate the Protection Stone Bracelet with Holy Tiny Phra NakProk Medal (Accessories,Thai amulet)
with Katha: Buddha_NakProk
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Stock Status Discontinued   
Size 7 cm (elastic band)


Auspicious Accessory for Everybody!

Name: Red Agate Bracelet with Tiny Phra NakProk Medal

1) Red Agate Bracelet

Size: 7 cm (elastic band)

Material: red agate stone

Power: Agates are one of the first gemstones to be used for symbols for luck, as well as in alternative crystal healing. The metaphysical powers and beliefs of agate range widely in diversity and ability, but it can generally be agreed by all that agate is truly a 'Power Stone'.

“Red Agate” is a protection stone. This stone shields the wearer from negative energies and helps get rid of fera and anxiety. This gemstone is very calming; it helps balance the Muladhara (root) chakra and allows you to stay grounded during stressful or emotional times. Red Agate attracts health and prosperity; it also encourages selflessness or acts of kindness that comes from the heart.

2) Tiny Phra NakProk Medal from LP Sawaeng, Wat Lad Pla Duk, Nonthaburi Province

Size: 0.4 x 1.1 cm

Material: copper

Year: 2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.)

Amount: created only 9,983 pieces

Ceremony: holy blessing from LP Sawaeng on the auspicious occasion

Power: Phra NakProk Pim Bai Makham (Pim Bai Makham: in shape of tamarind leaf) is one of ‘Benja Phaki’ the 5 famous amulets in Thailand. Phra NakProk has powerful power in protection against harm, dangers and bad things, bringing peacefulness and turning bad destiny to good. In fact, Phra NakProk is a Buddha image of people born on Saturday. It is propitious for people on this day to worship Phra NakProk in order to enhance their life and fortune. However, worshiping Phra NakProk is also good for people in other days.

Legend of Phra NakProk:
Phra NakProk is name of the Buddha image under the covering by Naga. This happened when Buddha was in practice of being enlightened. Buddha sat under the big Bodhi tree (Srimahapho) and kept doing meditation. One day, it rained 7 days and 7 nights and Phaya Mujarin (king of great snakes) saw and was afraid that Buddha would get wet, so he covered Buddha with himself like an umbrella. In fact, Phaya Mujarin had faith in Buddha. When it stopped raining, Phaya Mujarin transformed himself into a human and paid respect to Buddha.

About LP Sawaeng (Wat Lad Pla Duk, Nonthaburi Province):
This is Luangpho Sawaeng (official name: Phra Phimonsilajarn) of Wat Lad Pradook from Nonthaburi province who has very strong meditation power. He studied mantras of LP Nguen Wat Bang Klan and Somdet Phrawannarat Daeng with LP Phueak Wat Molee and LP Plian Wat Lahan and also LP Charoen Wat Khao Bang Sai. Now, LP Sawaeng is 81 years old (2016 C.E.). He is a solitary monk and always in meditation mood. He is well-known among people around Wat Lad Pradook and in Bang Bua Thong district.

Real Experiences of Worshipers: The first medal from LP Sawaeng is very famous. The owners had wonderful experiences in being invulnerable and protection. That makes the first medal of LP Sawaeng expensive in amulet circle.

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