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Directmall > No.500: AJ San RueanSurinRueChai **Charm-Luck-Wealth-Protect > PDMAB4674
PDMAB4674 : Strong Spiritual Power! Suer Bai Locket with Ashes (AJ San RueanSurinRueChai, Suphanburi Province)
with Katha: Monk&Amulet_Master

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**Note: Due to being handmade, the color of gem may be different in each item.

100% Authentic from Guru Master

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Name: Suer Bai Locket

From: AJ San RueanSurinRueChai, Suphanburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.)

Description: This Suer Bai Locket was made to honor ‘Suer Bai’ who sacrificed his ashes to make amulet. Holy mass on the back is mixed with ashes of Suer Bai already permitted by his family in order to make merit.

Power: Suer Bai was once a robber who then repented and promised himself to be a good man for the country. This locket is a token of him. It holds strong spiritual power to protect believer from dangers and spirits, also to fulfill wish on windfall and business.

Present: backside of the locket with gem, Takrut and a piece of holy cloth

Size: 3.5 x 4.5 cm

About Suer Bai, a legendary robber of Thailand:

Suer Bai or Mr. Bai was born in 2464 B.E. (1921 C.E.) in Suphanburi province. At first, he was a common man working as a farmer. One day, robbers invaded and took away his buffalo and sister-in-law. He followed robbers to revenge and became a robber after that. In 2487 B.E. (1944 C.E.), Suer Bai became famous as an uncommon robber because police could not catch him easily. People believed he had magic to protect himself like his friend Sueadum who now is a guru monk well-known as Luangpho Thaweesak, Wat SrinuanThammaWimon in Bangkok.

Suer Bai was a good robber like Robin Hood because he robbed only greedy rich men and took money to help the poor. When he robbed, he got partial money not full, was polite and did not hurt his victims. At last, he was arrested by Khun Phantharakratchadet. Court gave him life sentence but due to his confess, he got life imprisonment. Later, his years in jail went down to 20 years. Suer Bai had a family and always taught his children to be a good man, love the king and nation. Suer Bai died on 27 May 2015 at the age of 94.

Objective: proceeds for religious affairs and charity

Ceremony: AJ San already held the ceremony for consecrating Suer Bai Locket.

About Guru Master:

Arjarn San RueanSurinRueChai is a skilled occult master in Suphanburi Province, Thailand. Studied magic and mantras with many gurus both monks and laymen such as:

1. Phra Arjarn Prasit Wat Huaycharoenphol
2. Luangpho Sompong Wat MaiPinGlee-oh (king of Chu Chok)
3. Pu Thawin JomArkom (disciple of Luangpho Jan Wat Ban Yang)
4. Arjarn Wichit Thongphaeng (top disciple of Luangpu Liew Wat RaiTangThong) who created Tortoise Medal LP Liew in 1973

Arjarn San used his knowledge to help people until he became famous. Now, his disciples are Thai and foreign: China, Taiwan, Korea, Mongolia, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. in different occupations.

His famous amulets are such as Khun Paen Saneha Naa Thong, Khun Paen Songphon, Phra Phirap Kard Pairee, Guman Khwan Jai, Gammathep Phaeng Sorn Rak (The Cupid) and See Phueng Khun Paen Saen Saney. Many people who carried had the quick results shared to one another.

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