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Directmall > No.845: LP Yuang **Protect & Wealth > PDMAA8908
PDMAA8908 : Auspicious Phra Somdej Hu Bai Sri with Image Back from LP Yuang (LP Yuang, Wat Natang Nai, Ayutthaya province )
with Katha: Monk&Amulet_Master
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Good Amulet to Collect!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Phra Somdej Hu Bai Sri Amulet

Features: Phra Somdej with curved pointed ears. The back is imprinted with LP Yuang image.

From: LP Yuang, Wat Natang Nai, Ayutthaya province

Origin: Thailand

Information: This amulet from holy mass was made by LP Yuang in 2554 B.E. (2011 C.E.). LP Yuang pressed the amulet out of the mould by himself.

**Power (Phuttha Khun): This Buddha amulet by LP Yuang will help worshiper safe from dangers, black magic, ghosts and bad things. The amulet also brings auspiciousness to worshiper.

Release Year: 2554 B.E. (2011 C.E.)

Volume: create only 3,000 pieces

Objectives: proceeds for restoring old buildings in the temple Wat Natang Nai

About LP Jong:
Luangpho Jong of Wat NaTang Nok, the superb guru monk of Ayutthaya (1872-1965 C.E.) is respected by a lot of Thai Buddhists. LP Jong was a good monk. His good power embeds in his amulets and can really help and protect worshipers like in Indochina War 1940 C.E. and World War Two 1945 C.E. that many Thai soldiers who had talismans from LP Jong such as Takrut Tone, 16 series Takrut and Yant clothes, etc. could survive from bombs and guns. That made LP Jong become very famous. Not only extreme protection power, LP Jong also released amulet for wealth well-known as Pla Tapien or fish amulet.

About LP Yuang:
Luangpho Yuang, abbot of Wat Natang Nai and a well-known guru monk in Ayutthaya (birth: 1927 C.E., now 2015 aged 88) is a close disciple of LP Jong, superb guru monk in the past. He received whole magical knowledge from LP Jong. LP Yuang is grateful to LP Jong. When LP Jong was sick, LP Yuang closely looked after him until the death.

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Note: The real amulet may be different from picture. It is in good condition from temple.

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