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Directmall > No.463(2): Auspicious Jewelry & Gem Collection > PDMAA8305
PDMAA8305 : Nice Delicate Colored Ruby Cameo Naga-shaped Ring with 9 Auspicious Gems (Accessories, Thai amulet)
with Katha: Auspicious Accessory
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Quality Product of Thailand

Name: Ruby Cameo Naga-shaped Ring

Present: The ring is made of authentic silver painted 3 colors decorated with 9 auspicious gems (Thai: Manee Nopphakao) as follows: 1. Diamond 2. Ruby 3. Emerald 4. Topaz 5. Garnet 6. Sapphire 7. Moonstone 8. Zircon 9. Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl.

Size: Made-to-order every size. Need 2 weeks for production.

**About Belief:

Naga is the great snake in Thai belief. Naga appears in Buddhist legend and represents greatness, wealth and good fortune.

Bright pink or red of ruby represents energy, health and love. Wearing ruby impels love and energy. It is also believed to bring mercy and wealth and protect a wearer from danger.

9 auspicious gemstones have different meanings as follows:
1. Diamond means greatness, victory and wealth
2. Ruby means success, ascendancy and long life
3. Emerald means faith, brave and safety
4. Topaz means charm
5. Garnet means healthiness and long life
6. Sapphire means love, mercy and richness
7. Moonstone means purity, peace and triumph
8. Zircon means win and wealth
9. Cat’s eye chrysoberyl means protection.

In Thai culture, Manee Nopphakao or a set of 9 auspicious gems plays important role in religion and dynasty. 9 colored gems are decorated for example on Buddha images, king and queen’s seats, objects used in royal ceremonies and medals or badges for dukes and duchesses.
Thailand praises Manee Nopphakao as precious gemstones of nation. Additionally, affordable people can wear 9 colored gems for beauty and propitiousness. Some Thai people have their gemstones and hand them down to their heirs. 9 colored gems are given as a reward as well.
The belief of gemstones comes from India but there is no evidence when it came. In the past, those gems belonged to the king and the queen. Brahmins believe powers of 9 gems involve 9 planets in universe. So, they bring special powers such as good luck, wealth, etc. to a wearer. Nowadays, the 9 gems are popularly made as accessories for example rings, bracelets and necklaces anyone can wear.

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