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Directmall > AJ Sun Kongvet, Ang Thong **Wealth & Charm > PDMAA7742
PDMAA7742 : Sacred Lersi Ta Fai (Great Hermit Spirit) Coin Inscribed by Guru Master (AJ Sun Kongvet, Ang Thong Province)
with Katha: LS_TaFai_Master
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100% Authentic from Guru Master

Name: Lersi Ta Fai Coin

From: AJ Sun Kongvet, Ang Thong Province

Origin: Thailand

Material: lead

**Present: The front of the medal has Lersi Ta Fai imprint and the back was inscribed by AJ Sun himself.

Lersi Ta Fai is the great hermit spirit. He can fulfill your wish that is good and realistic. When you pray to Lersi Ta Fai, prepare flower garland, joss stick and candle. It is very important that if you give him a promise, you must do what you promise.
Ta Fai means burning eye. Lersi Ta Fai can burn bad things with his third eye on his forehead. That is where the word “Ta Fai” comes from.
The power of Lersi Ta Fai can protect and help you when you are in trouble. His power will bring you good luck, good things, wealth, success, progress in a job or anything and prosperity. Moreover, his power will make anyone kind and have mercy on you. That is to say, Lersi Ta Fai’s power is great and help the worshipper all things.

Release Year: 2556 B.E. (2013 C.E.)

Objectives: AJ Sun uses his magical competence to help people.

Ceremony: AJ Sun intensively consecrated this medal by himself.

About AJ Sun Kongvet:
AJ Sun Kongvet (Ajarn Sun Kongvet) is a well-known skilled guru master in Ang Thong Province. He has sixth sense and can contact Pu Lersi (respected hermit spirit) using his mind stream (mind power). He has faith in Pu Lersi very much. He is holding the project of building the big Lersi Ta Fai statue. This project began in 2011. Amulets by AJ Sun Kongvet are full of superb magic in Lersi way. They are very powerful deserving worship from people who want to touch the real power. Additionally, he opens his own magical tattooing house. Many people are interested in this because they believe sacred tattoos by AJ Sun can make them lucky and protected. They say he is a real sacred tattoo master.

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Note: The real object may be different from the pictures. It is in good condition from guru master.

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