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LP Saeng, Wat Sompoi, Buriram Province

No.1297: LP Boonlai Wat Non Ban Kao **Charm, Love, Good Luck & Money

No.1386: LP Pune **Wealth & Charming

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Temple Activities

No.142: Construct Temporary Building to Enshrine God Image

No.148: Pha Pa Samakkhi 2021 to Build Funeral Hall & Buddha Images

No.131: Make Merit Support Infrastructure in Wat Pa Erawan (Thammayut)

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Directmall > Wat Bang Nom Kho **Protect & Wealth > PDMAA7375
Directmall > Meritful Value Promotion > PDMAA7375
PDMAA7375 : Sacred Set of Six Silver Color LP Parn Coins (Wat Bang Nom Kho, Ayutthaya Province)
with Katha: Buddha_LPParn
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Size 1.8 x 2.6 cm each


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100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Set of Six Silver Color LP Parn Coins

**This set consists of 6 signature LP Parn medals as follows:
1. Buddha on Garuda
2. Buddha on Fish
3. Buddha on Monkey
4. Buddha on Bird
5. Buddha on Chicken
6. Buddha on Porcupine
**The back of each medal has Yant (holy symbol).

From: Wat Bang Nom Kho, Ayutthaya Province

Origin: Thailand

Material: metal coated silver color

Size: 1.8 x 2.6 cm each

**Power: Protecting from danger and Bringing wealth to a worshiper

**Each animal has its definition.
1. Garuda represents authority.
2. Fish represents fluency: quality of good finance and business.
3. Monkey represents intelligence: quality to find solution.
4. Bird represents swiftness and being diligent: quality of effective working and good business.
5. Chicken represents being alert: quality of good business.
6. Porcupine represents protection.

Release Year: 2557 B.E. (2014 C.E.)

Objectives: proceeds for developing and restoring Wat Bang Nom Kho

Ceremony: This medal set passed the blessing ceremony by current abbot and monks of Wat Bang Nom Kho following LP Parn’s way.

Biography of LP Parn:
LP Parn was a well – known guru monk who made Buddha amulet with an animal imprint and a past abbot of Wat Bang Nom Kho in Ayutthaya Province. LP Parn was respected by a lot of people. He knew a lot of magical knowledge and traditional medicine. He could also remove black magic from sick people. LP Parn was on the 16th July 1875 in Ayutthaya Province. He got ordained at Wat Bang PlaMor on the 1st April 1895. After ordination, he studied magic and intensive meditation with LP Soon at Wat Bang Pla Mor. Then he studied more magic and more intensive meditation with many guru monks such as LP Niam of Wat Noi , LP Nong of Wat Khlong MaDan, etc. LP Parn passed away on the 26th July 1938 at the age of 63.

This content has copyright and duplication is not permitted.

Note: The real medal set may be different from the picture. It is in a good condition from temple.

Special Service: We are glad to provide our Luangpu customers Katha for the amulets in text and MP3 and how to worship.

Amulets by Wat Bang Nom Kho, Ayutthaya Province

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Auspicious Meditating LP Parn Statue with Yant Kroh Phet
with Katha Buddha_LPParn

Wat Bang Nom Kho, Ayutthaya Province

product detail / customize add to cart $103.30
Auspicious Meditating LP Parn Statue with Yant Kroh Phet
with Katha Buddha_LPParn

Wat Bang Nom Kho, Ayutthaya Province

product detail / customize add to cart $58.99
C.E.1968 Holy Clay Buddha with Bird Imprint (Phra Pim Song Nok) - Amulet for wealth, good business & fertility
with Katha Buddha_LPParn

Wat Bang Nom Kho, Ayutthaya province

Copyright (c) 2006, All rights reserved.