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Directmall > Arsomkruthao kruthong kruthep kruhon, Nonthaburi **Protect & Prosperity > PDMAA7150
PDMAA7150 : Auspicious Pa Yant Mahamonthammaraj Mahajakkaphat Luangpu Kong (Magical Cloth) ( Arsomkruthao kruthong kruthep kruhon, Nonthaburi Province)
with Katha: Amulet_Arsomkruthao
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100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Pa Yant Mahamonthammaraj Mahajakkaphat Luangpu Kong (Magical Cloth)

From: Arsomkruthao kruthong kruthep kruhon, Nonthaburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Material: cloth with Yant (holy symbols and characters)

**Power: good for business, wealth and charm (ability to draw people’s good feelings and support)

**Use: This cloth is about handkerchief size. The owner can carry in a shirt pocket or wallet everywhere. Touch face with this cloth will make person charming. Wave this cloth in front of the shop to attract customers and for good business.

Batch Name: Mahajakkaphat

Release Year: 2557 B.E. (2014 C.E.)

Objectives: Proceeds go to the fund of Kruthep Chadathong to build the holy statues for people to pay respect.

Ceremony: Hon Yoon consecrated this batch intensively in 2014 C.E. **Hon Yoon is a skilled astrologer and guru master. He is a disciple of Kruthep Chadathong who is a master astrologer and guru master.

Luangpu Kong, the First Monk of Thailand Who Made Phra Khun Paen!
Luangpu Kong (also Takhua Kong) was the first monk who created Phra Khun Paen amulet. LP Kong was a very skilled guru monk. He stayed at Wat Khae, Suphanburi province in Ayutthaya era. He made first edition Phra Khun Paen amulets for people to be safe in time of war.
Many years after LP Kong passed away, in 2496 B.E. (1953 C.E.) LP Kong spirit obsessed a provincial officer in Phatthalung province (the South of Thailand). LP Kong spirit in an officer told Ajarn Chum Chaikiri who was a superb guru master that time about how to make the amulet named “Phra Phong Thepnimit”.
During blessing that amulet for 3 months, LP Kong spirit came and joined in blessing too! Moreover, LP Kong Spirit asked Ajarn Chum to take his bone and Phra Khun Paen amulets out from under the Chedi (pagoda). Ajarn Chum did what LP Kong spirit requested. Later, Ajarn Chum asked LP Kong spirit for permission to make an amulet having LP Kong image and to embed pieces of LP Kong’s bones into the amulet in order to give the disciples.

This content has copyright and duplication is not permitted.

Note: The real amulet may be different from the picture. It is in a good condition from the source.

Special Service: We are glad to provide our Luangpu customers Katha for the amulets in text and MP3 and how to worship.

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