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Directmall > LP Jur-ah,Wat Glarng-Bang-Gaow, Nakhon Pathom **Protect & Bring Good Luck & Profit > PDMAA6394
PDMAA6394 : PaKam, Meditation Prayer Beads Necklace in Silver Braided Rope by LP Jur-ah (LP Jur-ah, Wat Glarng Bang Gaow, Nakhon Pathom Province) 手编念珠(银缕)。
with Katha: Jindamani_LPJur-ah, Rosary

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Size 42 cm


Do not miss.

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: PaKam (meditation prayer beads necklace)

(**Due to herbs as ingredients, you can smell of herbs.)

From: LP Jur-ah, Wat Glarng-Bang-Gaow, Nakhon Pathom Province

Origin: Thailand

Size: 42 cm

Material: The beads are made of Yajindamanee.

**“Yajindamanee” is a name of a special formula holy powder made of sacred ingredients such as herbs, etc. originally created by a master of LP Boon of Wat Glarng-Bang-Gaow, Nakhon Pathom Province who was a famous guru monk in the past. LP Boon kept how to make this. He taught Yajindamanee to his disciples. Today, amulet made of Yajindamanee is hard to find and regarded as a precious thing.

**LP Jur-ah learnt how to make Yajindamanee from LP Perm and LP Perm learnt from LP Boon.

**Info: Buddhist prayer beads are a traditional tool used to count the number of times a mantra is recited whilst meditating. They are similar to other forms of prayer beads used in various world religions; thus some call this tool the Buddhist rosary.

Ceremony: LP Jur-ah blessed this prayer beads necklace by himself.

Purpose: proceeds for developing and restoring Wat Glarng-Bang-Gaow

About Guru Monk:
LP Jur-ah of Wat Glarng-Bang-Gaow, Nakhon Pathom Province was born in 1925 C.E. Now 2014 C.E., he is 89 years old. LP Jur-ah got ordained at the age of 26 at Wat Glarng-Bang-Gaow. He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhist way. LP Jur-ah is a close disciple of LP Perm who is a superb guru monk in Thai history. He has knowledge of Visha (magic) and even studied the art of making efficacious Bia-Gae (a consecrated cowry shell) and other amulets from LP Perm. LP Jur-ah is only one who succeeds in making the Bia-Gae from LP Perm. After LP Perm passed away, many people required LP Jur-ah to become an abbot of Glarng-Bang-Gaow but he refused and become a second abbot. Every day, many people go to meet LP Jur-ah. They really need for his help. They say LP Jur-ah is a monk who has a lot of Metta (mercy) and Baramee (charisma).

(Info: LP Perm was a former abbot of Wat Glarng-Bang-Gaow. He was a famous guru monk learning mantra from LP Boon, past great guru monk who originally created Bia Gae (a sacred cowry shell).

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