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Directmall > AJ Subin, Koom Nah Na Thong (residence), Nonthaburi**Attract Windfall > PDMAA5864
PDMAA5864 : Strongly Powerful GUMAN GAEW SARAPATNUEK FIGURE AMULET by AJ Subin, Gold Colored Metal (AJ Subin, Koom Nah Na Thong (residence), Nonthaburi Province )
with Katha: GT_AJSubin

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Size 1.7 x 2.5 cm
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100% Authentic from Guru Master

Name: Guman Gaew Sarapatnuek Figure Amulet (Guman Thong with 4 Faces and 9 Eyes)

**From popularity of previous version Guman Kaew Sarapatnuek with 4 faces and 9 eyes, so AJ Subin who is a magical adept decided to build this kind of Guman Thong again.

**This Guman Thong was named Gaew Sarapatnuek that means what that can make the wishes come true.

**Guman Gaew Sarapatnuek will bring good luck and windfall to his owner.

Material: metal

Size: 1.7 x 2.5 cm

From: AJ Subin, Koom Nah Na Thong (residence), Nonthaburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Release Year: 2557 B.E. (2014 C.E.)

Purpose of Making: AJ Subin would like to use his magical competence to help people and donate some proceeds to the temples.

**Ceremony: AJ Subin seriously blessed this amulet by himself on 3 July 2014 at his residence Koon Nah Na Thong, Nonthaburi Province.

ABOUT THE GURU MASTER: Guru Monk Who Turned to Be a Guru Master
AJ SuBin (Ajarn SuBin) is a skilled guru master who used to be a well-known monk in Northern provinces and others. He went into monkhood at age 20 in B.E. 2543 (C.E. 2000) and had been in monkhood until B.E. 2552 (C.E. 2009). He is a disciple of LP Duang Dee, famous northern guru monk (passed away in C.E. 2010). He used to learn magic from him. He also learnt more magic from other guru monks who are Burmese, Cambodian, and Karen. He had collected a lot of magical knowledge and experience and finally became an expert. When he was a monk, he was well-behaved. Many people respected and admired him.
Today, he has completely turned himself to a layman. People accept him as a guru master. However, he still keeps on superb magic of his teachers and does his best in what he loves.

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Note: The real one may be different from the picture because this picture is an example.

** We are welcome to provide our Luang Pu customers Katha in text and MP3 complete with instructions for the amulets.

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