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PBUPZ8034 : Great Phra Yod Khun Phon (Warlord Buddha) Amulet with Brahma Cloth (LP Phon, Wat Lon, Phatthalung Province)
with Katha: YodKhunPon_Master
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Size 6 x 6.5 cm
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Legendary Protector in the Battle Field.

100% Authentic from Temple

Don’t miss!

Name: Phra Yod Khun Phon (Warlord Buddha) Amulet **complete with a waterproof casing

From: LP Phon, Wat Lon, Phatthalung Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.)

Size: 6 x 6.5 cm

Material: the amulet made of herb and plant powder

- The amulet’s backside written with powerful Yant characters.
- The amulet complete with holy Brahma cloth for auspiciousness and safety (18 x 25 cm).

Power: Phra Yod Khun Phon (Warlord Buddha) is accepted the significant holy amulet of invulnerability in Thailand because in those days, it was created for warlords to take in the battle field for safety.

About Temple:
Wat Lon is a well-known temple in Phatthalung province, the South of Thailand. Wat Lon has stood for a long time. In fact, it was built in B.E. 2482 (C.E. 1939), the reign of King Rama the Eighth. Wat Lon is also famous for old amulets. Besides, Wat Lon established the school named Wat Lon School.

About LP Phon:
Luangphee Phon (Phra Kru ThammathornNiphon) is a present abbot of Wat Lon, Phatthalung province. This abbot is not common because Luangphee Phon is a skilled guru monk. He studied magic and mantras of PhoThan Wan who was a past abbot. Magic of PhoThan Wan is incomparable, so LP Phon would like to keep it on.

**PhoThan Wan** The Superb Monk of Magic and Mantras Said Able to Disappear and Resistant to Damage!
PhoThan Wan (also Luangpho Wan Kaiyasit)(rank: Phra Kru Satthanurak) is a past abbot of Wat Lon, Phatthalung province. Although he passed away many years ago, his holiness is still known nowadays. PhoThan Wan received magical knowledge from Samnak KowOor (magic center of the south, now is Wat KowOor in Phatthalung province). Even Khunphantharakratchadet, a police officer who knew magic very well and who made legendary Jatukam amulet also highly respected PhoThan Wan. When being alive, PhoThan Wan participated in many grand blessing ceremonies. Amulets from PhoThan Wan are prominent in Charm (or Metta Maha Niyom), Business and Protection.

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