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PBUPZ4604 : Nice Sacred C.E. 1995 Colored LP Kasem Pim Rakhang Coin (Bell Shape), 18 years ago (LP Kasem, Samnak Susan TriLak, Lampang Province)
with Katha: Buddha_LPKasemWatMuang
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Size 3 cm x 3.7 cm
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Auspicious Medal of Good Monk Whom Thais Never Forget

100% Authentic from the Temple

Name: Colored LP Kasem Pim Rakhang Coin (Bell Shape)

From: LP Kasem, Samnak Susan TriLak, Lampang Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E. 2538 (C.E. 1995)

Purpose of Making: donation for developing and restoring Samnak Susan Trilak and donating to other temples

Ceremony: LP Kasem blessed the amulet by himself.

Material: metal

Size: 3 cm x 3.7 cm

Color: gold, red, blue

Power: LP Kasem was a worshipful monk. Having amulet of him to worship will bring auspiciousness, good luck, good things and safety to a person.

Information about LP Kasem:

Luangpor Kasem, abbot of Samnak Susan TriLak in Lampang Province was an admirable modest monk accepted as the important personnel of Thailand. Thai people have faith in LP Kasem very much including His Majesty the King Bhumibol.

LP Kasem was born on the 28th November B.E. 2455 (C.E. 1912) in Lampang Province. He began monkhood at age 15. LP Kasem studied Pali very well. He could read, write and translate Pali proficiently. He passed the highest level of monk examination. Although he progressed in monkhood, he did not want to be in a higher rank. He learnt Pali in order to understand Buddhist scripts what Buddha taught.

After he achieved monk studying, he traveled to find an expert monk in meditation to learn meditation. He set off on a journey in the forest in northern Thailand. He met many senior monks on his journey and learnt meditation from them. LP Kasem practiced meditation consistently. Soon, he became a meditation expert. After that, he established Samnak Susan Trilak in Lampang Province and spent all his life here.

LP Kasem was a good monk all his life. He was kind, humble and modest. He passed away on the 15th January B.E. 2539 (C.E. 1996). After he passed away, his body does not decay. Today, people from many provinces go to pay respect to LP Kasem’s body at Samnak Susan Trilak, Lampang Province every day. LP Kasem never disappears in people’s memory. He is still clear with his virtue.

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