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PBUPZ1280 : Khun Paen Yod Khun Pon Phutthakom Khao Ooh Batch (LP U-thai, Wat Don Sala, Patalung Province)
with Katha: KP_Master
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Size 2.5 cm x 4 cm


Mahavet of Phra Khun Paen Yod Khun Pon Amulet – Strong protect.


Name: Phra Khun Paen Yod Khun Pon

From: LP U-thai, Wat Don Sala, Patalung Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Khun Paen Yod Khun Pon Phutthakom Khao Ooh (Nen Kaew version)

Color: Red

Size: 2.5 cm x 4 cm

Material: Nue Maha Wahn Dang Powder ( Red Wahn powder)

Year: B.E 2551 (C.E.2008)

Great Ceremonies:
- Pithee Pluksek (bless materials) in the 1st step at Wat Don Sala at 23 July B.E.2551.
- Pithee Phutthaphisek in the second step at Chattham Ban Pote Cave, Khao Ooh at 24 September B.E. 2551
- Pithee Phutthaphisek in the third step at Phra Ubosoth, Wat Don Sala at 3 October B.E. 2551

Purpose for Making: Making this Buddha amulet is joining donation at the temple.

Power: People believe LP U-thai’s amulet much more power to help the owner from bad thing, evil forces and promising business success.

The backgroundof this batch:
Phra Ajarn Mahauthai Vimlo or LP U-Thai the abbot of Wat Don Sala has aimed to rebuild Phra Ubosoth to be beautiful as before so LP built the amulets from Khao Ooh and Wat Don Sala by collecting many Wahns from Ajarn Plien Hathayanon, the only alive student of Phar Ajarn Parn, Wat Khao Ooh to be the head to find many Wahns. Besides, in doing Pithee Hung Niew Kin Mun of Khao Ooh, Phra Ajarn Plien is the head to do this ceremony in every time. Phra Khun Paen Yod Khun Phon, Phutthakom Khao Ooh in Nen Kaew Version, Phra Ajarn Mahauthai was built according to the books of Khao Ooh to have sacred, powerful as novice who studies many Visha in many points and aspects by blessing Pithee blessing Maha Wahn Ya, Pong Arthan, Pong Tonsit and old materials both Khao Ooh and Don Sala a lot, especially for Maha Wahn are used more than 300 types, including protection, Mahaut, Mahametta, Mahaniyom, Mahasaney, luck and many other materials to mix such as Din 7 Pa Cha, Din 7 Pong, Din 7 Tha, Din 7 Talad, Pong Attithat LP Tim, Pong Prai Guman, Mai Ta Kien Tai Prai Wat Pichaisongkram and the dew of Nang Ta Kien on the ceremony that happened on 13 July B.E. 2551 at 1.00 a.m. at the rest area of Wat Don Sala. The Geji who are in the Pithee are Phra Ajarn Kloy, Wat Phoo Khao Thong, Phra Ajarn Iiad Koke Yam, Phra Ajarn Ransiri, Wat Ban Suan, Phra Ajarn Hong, Wat Khao Ooh, Phra Ajarn Prasoot, Wat Nai Tao, Phra Ajarn Phaisit, Samnak Sonk Vivek Sam Kaew, Phra Ajarn Mahauthai, Wat Don Sala, and Than Ajarn Plien Hathayanon which in Pithee, Ajarn Plien is the head to boil Khao Niew Dum. The objective is not only to find money to rebuild Sala, it also spread the Phutthakom of Khao Ooh and Don Sala. At the back of the amulet batch Phra Khun Paen Yod Khun Phon had brought Maha Yant Na Chapphannarangsi from the key books of Ajarn Chum Chai Kiri to decorate for the magic of Maha Yant. This Yant Ajarn said that there is Na that Phor Paen gave to Ajarn which is the most precious thing for LP even when LP’s writing this now. Besides, Thep Guman Dood Sup or Thep Guman Dood Rok is the most miracle object which is the science of Khao Ooh that is the best of the precious objects by building the method of Pook Phayon by direct mind for calling figure and name from four That which are soil, water, wind, fire until happen 32 spirits in the objects. So, it can call that Khun Paen Yod Khun Pon Phutthakom Khao Ooh (Nen Kaew Version) and Thep Guman Dood Sup is the best of miracle objects of money, luck, protection, Mahaut, Metta Mahaniyom, Mahasaney, Mahalaluay can be both Phayon and Guman Thong that can call money and luck to the one who possesses or worships them.

The history of Wat Don Sala:
It locates at Tumbon Magog Nue, Amphur Kuan Kanun, Patalung province. The abbot totally of Wat Don Sala are the monks of Wat Khao Ooh and in some era, the abbot of Wat khao Ooh are the abbot of Wat Don Sala simultaneously.

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