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PBUPZ1157 : Rare Phra Kring Jakkaphat Narai Amulet – Very famous and high value nowadays (LP Kalong, Wat Kowlam, Sakaew province)
with Katha: PKR_LPGarlong
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Size 2.5 cm. x 4.2 cm


Rare Phra Kring Jakkaphat Narai Amulet – Very famous and high value nowadays

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Phra Kring Jakkaphat Narai

Batch: Jakkaphat Narai {New Batch 2nd Quarter 2008)

Making Quantity: 1,999

From: LP Kalong, Wat Kowlam, Sakaew province

Material: Nue Nawa Loha Khom (Consist of 9 kinds ancient Metal from Cambodia which aged 1,000 years).

Presented: Under base has lazor code “Yant Kru Na Thorahod” and the word “Nue Nawa Loha Khom Boran Phan Pee” with the Arabic number and at the back of Phra Chuay Sangkati has Yant “Na Pathom Gub”

Year: B.E. 2551 (C.E. 2008)

Size: 2.5 cm. x 4.2 cm

Quantity 1,999 item

Color: Brown

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for Making: This Buddha amulet made for require donation to develop the temple.

Powerful: This Amulet has 108 properties up to your pray. People believed this Buddha amulet could protect owner from danger, bring charm, wealth, and luck. If would like to take a chance, should raise this Amulet up overhead and pray Katha. Your wish will come true.

The ceremony of building and Phuttha Phisek:
1. With ceremony of Tae Thong Loh Phra Kring Jakaphat Narai with every Pim and every Nue at Monthon Pithee Wat Khao Ham, Sa Kaew province at 23 March B.E. 2551 loyal Bhraman set Pithee Buang Suang with propitious rice, Krueng Gra Ya Buad, Krung Sang Wei in the King recipe by LP Kalong who is the president of the blessing with LP Soros, Wat Koke U-Thong, Prajeenburi province, LP Singha, Wat Laharn Yai, Rayong province, LP Nak, Wat Nong Phawa, Rayong province, and LP Jit, Wat Thep Nuan, Sa Kaew province.

2. On 19 April 2008 in Dhevapisek and Puttapisek Ceremony at Wat Suthat, Bangkok. LP Kalong is a president and blessed with 8 famous guru monks such as LP Jur-ah of Wat Glang Banggiew, LP Aun of Wat RongKo, LP BoonMa of Wat BahnGang, LP Siri of Wat Tan, LP Dee of Wat TayPaGorn, LP Reng of Wat DongKwan, LP NopPaWan of Wat SayNaNiMit, and LP Tiew of Wat MaNeeChonRaKun.

3. On 15 May 2008 in JakKaPat Puttapisek at Wat Suthat. LP Kalong is a president and many famous guru monks such as LP Tim of Wat PhraKhao, LP Pian of Wat GernGatin, LP Aup of Wat TongSai, LP Jur-ah of Wat Glang Banggiew, LP Dee of Wat TayPaGorn, LP Tiew of Wat MaNeeChonRaKun, LP NopPaWan of Wat SayNaNiMit, LP Pian of Wat TukKaTa, LP UayPorn of Wat DaunYaiHaum and 19 holy guru monks of Thailand.

4. On 17 May 2008 in Wai Kru (Worship Teacher) – LP Galong invited Guru Master Spirit into holy ceremony.

The history of LP Kalong
LP Kalong has studied making SeePhueng amulet from Arjarn Plak who was famous magical nonprofessional of Khmer in 1952. At that time, Arjarn Plak was 80 years old. However, he has more than 20 wives at the age between 14-30 years in the same house. LP Kalong is one of the famous guru monks who have supernatural of statement command power. That is because he has a fang in the middle of palate. LP Kalong is now 87 year old. Before his birth, Bang, an old man living opposite was fishing in the night. He saw a Lersi holding a young child’s hand that walked into the house. He entered priesthood when he was 20 years old at Wat Nabun. He has been studied the art of making efficacious Narayana amulet from LP Nieng of Wat NahBoon and from LP Thong of Wat TaNodLuang. He practiced the same way as LP Sook of Pakklong Makhamthao Temple in Chainat. In fact, he became the Reverend Father Sook’s disciple at the same time as Khun Klaklangpachon, a close subordinate of His Royal Chumporn. Regarding Wat Suthatthepwararam, the Reverend Father Kalong followed LP Niam of Wat Nabun to attend a sacred ceremony to celebrate the Buddha image “Prabuddhachinnarat Indo-China” at Wat Suthat in 1942. It was there that he had a chance to meet the Patriarch Pae of Wat Suthat, Bankok. Afterwards, he studied the art of smelting metals and how to smelt new metals. He also studied the scriptures and the sacred art of creating the Pra Kring amulet from the Lord Mongkonmuni (Sonthi). He studied with the Reverend Father Chamlong (passed away in 1997). LP Kalong was the best disciple and a confidant of the Lord Wisuthacharn or the Lord Pae, (passed away in 2001) who was the direct disciple of the Patriarch Pae.

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