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PAMTK1003 : Free Shipping Protect collection Takrut Maha RaNgab in brass – First Batch (LP Phiw, Wat Pradu Songtham, Ayutthaya province)
with Katha: TK_Master
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Size 1 cm x 13 cm
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Do not miss good occasion to worship powerful Takrut

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Takrut Maha RaNgab (worn on waist) in brass

Material: a Yant inscribed brass sheet tied with rope, lacquered and gilded

Size: 1 cm x 13 cm

Present: Takrut filled with Wahn Dork Thong (flowering charm plant) and a piece of monk robe

Amount: built only 499 pieces

Serial number: 453

From: LP Phiw, Wat Pradu Songtham, Ayutthaya province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Bandan Sarp (Create Financial Asset)

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

Objective: to earn donations for restoring old and weathered buildings in temple

Description: Takrut Maha RaNgab is a longtime amulet that guru monks in the past made for people especially leaders or governors in order to protect themselves and their followers. “RaNgab” means “to stop”. So its prominent power is to stop dangers and people’s offensive feelings; mesmerizing people to forget something instantly and become obedient to a Takrut owner’s words.

It will be a good amulet for your security of life, communication and relationship with people.

This kind of Takrut has complicated way of making because the maker must have perfect Samathi (meditative power) and magical knowledge when he is inscribing Yant on Takrut sheet and spelling Katha on Takrut. It is said that ceremony is so hallowed that everything become silent as if it is completely stopped by magic.

**Be sure to worship! Because this Takrut is made and blessed by LP Phiw who is an experienced guru monk. LP Phiw will perform blessing ceremony for Takrut Maha RaNgab from 3 Nov. to 15 Dec. 2016 (1 month and 13 days). **

About Guru Monk:
Luangpho Phiw is an abbot of Wat Pradu Songtham, Ayutthaya province who is respectable and solitary. In spite of age 93 (now 2016 C.E.), Luangpho is not much known because he does not like to appear in the news, but loves to live simply at the temple. Actually, he is interesting because Luangpho looks younger and stronger than other monks at the same age as well as Luangpho has good meditation and mantra knowledge. It can be said that Luangpho Phiw is a holy monk who does not display himself.
Luangpho Phiw was born in Ayutthaya province on September 1st, 2466 B.E. (1923 C.E.) and got ordained as a Buddhist monk at age 25 on July 25th, 2491 B.E. (1948 C.E.).

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