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PAMAY226 : Yant Guan Yin – All things auspicious (Wat Nah Phra Men, Ayutthaya province)
with Katha: Buddha_GuanYin
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Size 18 cm x 25 cm
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Yant Guan Yin – All things auspicious

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Yant Jow Mae Guan Yin

From: Wat Nha Phra Men, Ayudhaya province

Color: Red

Material: Cloth

Ceremony: The temple has been created this Yant and blessed by many guru monks

Size: 18 cm x 25 cm

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: Making this amulet is joining donation at the temple.

Powerful: This Yant can bring good luck and good health for owner’s life.

History of Kuan Yin:
Kuan Yin is the bodhisattva of compassion as venerated by East Asian Buddhists, usually as a female. Kuan Yin originated as the Sanskrit Avalokitevara, which is her male form. Commonly known in the West as the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin is also revered by Chinese Taoists as an Immortal. The name Kuan Yin is short for Kuan-shih Yin which means "Observing the Sounds of the World".
In Japanese, Kuan Yin is pronounced Kannon or more formally Kanzeon the spelling Kwannon, based on a pre-modern pronunciation, is sometimes seen. In Korean, this incarnation of Buddha is called Gwan-eum or Gwanse-eum, and in Vietnamese, the name is Quan Âm or Quan the Âm Bo Tát.

History of Wat Nha Phra Men:
Wat Nha Phra Men has a formerly name that “Wat MayRuRaChiKaRam”. In the past, this temple was built for cremate of first part of Ayudhaya’s king. Moreover, in the legend record that Phra Aong Inn had built this temple in C.E.1503 (B.E.2046). Besides, this temple is only one in Ayudhaya period, which didn’t destroy by Mianmar. Also, this temple still is original architecture. It is the perfect temple in Ayudhaya province. Next, there was reconstruction in 3rd reign of Rattanakosin period and invite Green Buddha Image Stone in Tawarawadee reign from Wat MaHaThat at SanPetch Viharn(Viharn Noi). Moreover, this Buddha image is one of five images of which in Thailand. This Buddha image has valuable for temple.

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