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PACPRE47 : Artistic amulet mini hanger # 2: Trueng Jit (Impressed in Heart) (Accessories, Thai Amulet)
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*Amulet in the rope casing is just a sample.

Name: Trueng Jit (meaning= Impressed in Heart) mini hanger with rope casing

Design: heart-shaped rope casing with double layers top crown with clip and red tassel

Material: waxed rope, metal clip and tassel

**We can make rope casing for your amulet which is similar to this shape

**If your amulet size have length or height from 5 cm up, the price of this mini hanger with rope casing will be added 4$-8$.

Production Time: 3-5 days depending on the design.

1) This picture is a sample. The amulet is just for show.
2) This price is for the standard amulet size.
3) For order 5 pieces up will get 10% discount.


You can customize at special command when do transaction as follow:

1) Type of Casing: stainless steel casing / plastic waterproof casing.
2) Color of Rope : brown/yellow/black/red/white/gray/pink
3) Color of Tassel: gold/black/red/white
4) Color of Clip: gold/ silver
5) Only design “Prakai Manee” can choose color of bead: gold/black/red/white

Collection # 6: Art on Clip & Casing
“Artistic Amulet Mini Hanger”

Thai people have belief about carrying amulet for increasing confidence and ensuring fate for safe life and arrival good luck. People popularly put frame or casing to protect their amulets in various styles for example stainless steel casing and plastic waterproof casing.

Today Billionmore proudly presents “Artistic Amulet Mini Hanger” in a new collection: Art on Clip & Casing.
We design for adding the beauty to your amulet and for people who don’t want others know they are carrying an amulet.

This is 100% handmade work with design, combination with Asian arts with using a clip and tassel.

We choose the colored waxed rope which is strong, durable and the color that you can choose as your preference.

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