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OFFER51 : Mini Offering Model Thai Fruits (Offering, Thai Amulet)
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Size 3.3 x 3.5 cm.
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Offering Mini Offering Model Thai Fruits

Beautiful Thai Workmanship
Please all worshipers!

Name: Mini Offering Model Thai Fruits

Origin: Thailand

Material: plastic and ceramic

Size: 3.3 x 3.5 cm.

Description: In various auspicious festivals Whether it is a Chinese message, Chinese New Year, or worshiping the gods To enhance the prosperity of the worshipers Waiver family Often the fruit is used to worship for auspiciousness. And rich and wealthy The selection of fruits to be worshiped has a sacred meaning in terms of money and fortune.
This model has Thai fruits such as:
1. Lam Yai
2. Banana
3. Orange
4. Mango
5. Star Fruit
Here is nice offering model that is easy and convenient for worshiper to offer Buddha, Gods, Monks or holy images.

Suitable for who has no time to prepare real offerings and limited area in home.

**Reduce Time and Money to Prepare
**Can use repeatedly
**Beautiful Realistic Design

For your information :

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Offering (Thai: Tha-wai) is normal in Thai culture. Thais have to bring or offer things to the Buddha or Gods, well to other spirits. And if they desire something very much, they promise the holy idol to provide votive offerings in return for a granted wish. These offerings could be anything from food items, garlands, or even cosmetics.

It could be explained that it's because they made votive offerings to the Holy Idols. So when their wishes come true, they have to come back at the place and bring something for Gods in return.

Flower garlands (Thai: Phuang Malai) are offered daily in Thailand to appease the spirits, to remember ancestors, to apologize for sins, or to hope for a better life.

The usual offering made consists of a candle, some flowers (often a lotus), a small square of gold leaf and three incense sticks. The three incense sticks represent the Buddha, his teachings and the monastic order.

Holy Idols can be categorized according to level of them.
- Highest level is Buddha
- Second is Arahants/ Monks
- Third is Gods/ Goddesses/ Deities/ Hermit (Thai: Lersi)
- Lower level is Prai or Spirits

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