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No.1263: LP Ban **Wealth & Protection


1st Batch Phra PidTa Bandan Sarp
By LP Ban, Wat Pa Thep Nimit, Sisaket Province

100% Authentic from Temple

Objective: donations to build the Ubosot (Buddhist chapel) at Wat Wat Pa Thep Nimit

**Dear customers: This Pre-Order is closed on Thursday 15 February 2018 or earlier because temple may alter the closing date. Shipment is around Friday 30 March 2018 or as soon as Pre-Order items have arrived.

Note to buyer: To use the amulet effectiveness, must wear real & specific spell from who cast it. **Billionmore's customer will get Spell(Katha) of every pre-order that will automatically upload to your inbox after ceremony.**

History of Phra PidTa:
A chubby Buddha with his hands covering his eyes is well-known as "Phra PidTa", an icon of wealth in Thai belief. Idea of making Phra PidTa derives from Phra Kawampati or Phra Sangkajjai who was an enlightened disciple of Buddha. With image that looked very much like Buddha, Phra Kawampati transformed himself to a chubby monk so that people will not misunderstand him as Buddha and that became signature of Phra Kawampati or Phra Sangkajjai. Phra PidTa looks like Phra Sangkajjai, but is in a different posture; putting his hands on his eyes that implies an attempt to obtain calmness of mind by stopping seeing. Phra PidTa is praised as god of wealth. Whoever worships Phra PidTa will be successful in wealth and business.

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.
Note: The real item may be different from picture. It is in original condition from maker.
We provide Katha in text and MP3 and instructions for every sacred item at Your Katha.


Much Wealthy & Protective 1st Batch Phra PidTa Bandan Sarp *Mai Ngiw Dam Amulet

Description: Powerful Wealthy & Protective Phra PidTa Amulet from Mai Ngiw Dam* holy blessing (in late Feb. 2018) by LP Ban Analayo of Wat Pa Thep Nimit a reverend monk whom people in Sisaket Province highly respect.

It's special!! Because every amulet was carved by hand.

Powerful Material "Mai Ngiw Dam", the King of Wood:

"Mai Ngiw Dam" is the longtime wood in Thai belief praised as "King of Wood" with all black skin and believed to be taken care by dryad. It grows in the deep forest where is full of spirits and mysteries-hard for ordinary people to reach except magical ones. When it reaches the proper time, spirit in the tree will depart and leave the tree itself for someone who will take it beneficially for Buddhism. Gurus say the wood from this tree is powerful by itself and can increase power of amulet very much. So, people use it as material for amulets such as figurines or a handle and sheath of knifes or swords. Said to be prominent in protection (from black magic, spirits and dangers) and in wealth.     

Created only 499 pieces. / with authentication number


If customer has any questions, please contact at

If you would like to order casing, please click.

Last modified : 07 Jan 2018 - 03:29 PM (GMT+7:00)


Much Wealthy & Protective 1st Batch Phra PidTa Bandan Sarp *Mai Ngiw Dam Amulet

LP Ban, Wat Pa Thep Nimit, Sisaket Province

1.9 x 2.7 cm



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