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Wat Phra That Phanom, Nakhon Phanom ** Prosperity & Wealth

No.1379: LP Kan **charm, love, wealth, luck and protection

No.1052: KB Thep Phromyano **Good Luck - Love - Protection

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No.5: High Quality Thai Style Golden Casing

New Service : Made-To-Order 90% Real Gold casing

As to high demand of strong durable beautiful casing, we have an impressive service to provide beautiful 90% or 22K gold casing. Wearing amulets not only want carrying to anywhere but also want hanging all the times both daytime and nighttime. As a result, we take several months to select the best design of Traditional Thai Pattern.


We have more than 30 Unique Lai Thai styles in low price.  All casing are remarkable shapes present in various sizes. Customers who want to wear casing for your amulets, just let us know that code shown on the catalogue. We will inform price by 3 days.


If any customer has your own design of casing or want your name write onto casing, just email to discuss your request at


 Price Rate

1. We have 3 levels of price for this 90% gold casing.

1)      Lower than US $100.

2)      Between US $100 - $200.

3)      Between US $200 - $300.

Generally, Price of gold casing is up to size of amulet.


2. Purchase more than 5 pieces will get 15% discount off from full price.

 The advantage of wearing 90% real gold casing


       90% real gold casing is very strong and durable.

       90% real gold casings can customise to
match with any amulets as to many designs for
selection. These designs are recorded in History of
Thai Handcraft. 

       90% real gold casing has more golden than
% gold casing that often offer to sell via  other
amulet websites or shops. Shining of our Gold will not
change when time goes by.

 How to Order via Catalogue


Please specify gold casing code appear on Catalogue below and your type of amulet that want to wear and e-mail to us at:


Anyway, customers can inform budget to us and amulet want to wear casing. Then, we will recommend the appropriate casing to you.


To adjust appropiate size and inspect water resistance, time to make the casing is about 7-10 working days.




Here is pictures of customers who buy real gold casings.
Every customers can send pictures to post here.
Thank you so much !!!  Kob Khun Mak Mak Ka

Group 1 
See-Liam Shape (Square) 


Group 2 
Krueng WongGrom Shape (Semi-Circle) 

Group 3 
WongGrom WongRee Shape (Circle Oval ) 

Group 4 
Bai Poh Shape (Boh Tree) 

Group 5
Yod Nam Shape (Waterdrop) 

Group 6 
Capsule Shape

Group 7 
SamLiam Shape

Group 8 
TaoReed Shape (Iron)






Group 9 
KongMon Shape (Adjust amulet shape)

Group 10 
Thai Boran Shape (Ancient Thai such as GaNok, BaiSayMa, RaKang, heart, BaiTed)

   What casing - What amulet

Group 1
See-Liam Shape (Square)

A101 – A121
A128 – A135

Phra Somdej / Phra Khun Paen /               
Birthday,Birthyear amulet / Guman Thong /
Lord Ganesha / Phra Sivali

Group 2
Krueng WongGrom Shape

A122 – A127

Happy Buddha / Phra Pidta / Auspicious animal

Group 3
WongGrom WongRee Shape 
(Circle Oval) 

A136 – A163

JaTuKam / Phra Rahoo / Magical amulet / 
Happy Buddha  / Phra Pidta / Hindu God /
Lord Ganesha

Group 4
Bai Poh Shape 
(Boh Tree) 

A164 – A175

Phra Pidta / Happy Buddha / Lek Lai /
Buddha amulet

Group 5
Yod Nam Shape 

A278 - A285

Lek Lai / Buddha Amulet

Group 6
Capsule Shape 

A186 – A192

Guman Thong / Buddha Amulet / Takrut / Yant / 
Lersi & Choo Chok / Weapon & Phra Khan

Group 7
Sam Liam Shape 

A286 – A304

Mae / Palad Khik

Group 8
Tao Reed Shape 

  A177 – A185  
 A193 – A197 
 A208 – A216  
 A218 – A254 
 A255 – A277 
A305 – A324

Phra Pidta / Guru Monk / Chinese God / 
Phra Gring / Hoon Pa Yon /
Auspicious Animal / Bia Gae / Phra Prom

Group 9
Kong Mon Shape 
(Adjust amulet shape)

A325 – A350

Locket / Phra Pidta / Bottle Gourd /
Auspicious Animal

Group 10
Thai Boran Shape 
(Ancient Thai such GaNok,
BaiSayMa, Rakang,
heart, BaiTed)

A351 – A372

Buddha Amulet / Guru Monk

 Example Photo of 90% Real Gold Casing that customer ordered with us

Code A147  

Code A136   

                             Code A121   

                    Code A306   

             Code A109 

  ---- Gurantee low price ----  ------- to assure all customers ---

------ afford to wear good casing !!! ------ 

The Way to order casing

1.Please Take a photo of your amulet that you want casing.(Pic.1)

2.Please Draw the size of amulet in a paper and specific the size then take a photo. (Pic.2)

3. Please Send your pictures (Pic.1 and Pic.3) and inform size of amulet :
width (mm) x height (mm) x thickness (mm) to

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