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The Amulets for Prosperity in Work & Business

An expression that says, "If you can't do it with magic, you have to take it with magic. If you can't do it with magic."

You have to take it with magic." You never know what will happen tomorrow. The worst thing may be that you are suddenly fired which you are a capable person effective productivity in work. It does not guarantee that you won't get fired either.

So, wouldn't it be great if you had a little talisman to secure your work luck, because it really wouldn't hurt to have one of these amulets on your desk? Let's take a look at what this symbol of good luck has to offer. At the very least, it might make you feel a little more confident about your career.

Today, Billionmore would like to recommend 10 personal talismans. That helps to enhance your luck and confidence in work and trade. Let's see!

1) Garuda   >> to see amulets

Garuda (Thai: Phaya Krut), the mighty Avian God in Thai belief whose image evokes the feel of authority and respect. That is why Garuda is an emblem of Thailand. Garuda image is usually seen in Buddhist temples as a guardian. Also in Hinduism, Garuda is a vehicle of Narayana. He received a blessing from Lord Narayana to be immortal.  Hindu people have strong faith in Garuda. They believe speaking "Garuda" 3 times can help them from distress. Mightiness of Garuda is believed to defeat all dangers, bad spirits and evil forces. Moreover, Garuda will support personal ascendancy and bring progression to careers especially that involve government and wealth.

2) Tao Wet Suwan  >>to see amulets

Tao Wet Suwan or may be written as Tao Wet Suwan is the controller of all spirits in human world and underworld to be in order. That is to say, he is also the protector and caretaker of the human world. Residing in the Heavenly Fourth Maharajika ruled by four great kings: Thao Dattarattha, Virunhaka, and Virupakkha and Tao Wet Suwan (Tao Kuware) in various directions. All four directions, especially Tao Wet Suwan (Tao Kuvere) is the great ruler of the family in the north. It is said that the territory where Tao Wet Suwan is responsible for has a more enormous, spacious territory than others'.

Another form of him is a deity who brings good fortune to all human beings, known as Phra Dhanabadee (the Chinese Tao Kuvera or Cai Ching Ye) all along with a lot of fortune as well.

Tao Wet Suwan is a god of treasure or god of wealth. In the book of Thephoom, it says that Tao Wet Suwan has practiced preserverence for thousands of years, receiving blessings from Shiva and Brahma to be a god of wealth and protector of Buddha including those who pracetice dharmas and meditation. Thai people put Tao Wet Suwan image in their houses or near their young children's beds to prevent bad spirits.

3) Ganesha >> to see amulets

Ganesha (Thai: Phra Phikanet) is one of the most distinctive Hindu deities with his large elephant head and potbellied human body. He is a son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma. Ganesha plays a dual role of a supreme being of wits and powerful to remove obstacles and ensure success and wealth.

4) Brahma >> to see amulets

Brahma (Thai: Phra Phrom or Thao Maha Phrom) is one of the 3 highest Hindu gods, also known as 'God of Creation'. People believe Brahma built the world and created humans and all creatures, having duty of protecting the world, human and animals, moreover controlling human beings' fate. Power of Brahma is well-known for bestowing the worshiper good luck, wealth, prosperity, success in career and business.   

5) Hermits >> to see amulets

Ruesi is a hermit.  Amulets created in Ruesi have magical powers that people use Ruesi images especially in Wai Khru Ceremony and also come to make a wish and fill the soul as well. In Thailand, people worship many Ruesi spirits. People believe Ruesi is very holy that can bring auspicious things and safety to their lives and fulfill their success in career, business, etc.

6) Hanuman >> to see amulets

Hanuman (Monkey God) is a character in the famous Hindu epic Ramayama who is a powerful, witty, ardent and loyal devotee of Rama. He an icon of invulnerability and immortality because his father is Wind God; whenever the wind blows he can be alive again.

Thai people believe Hanuman can make them invulnerable to dangers. Moreover, Hanuman can induce good luck, fortune and make worshipers successful in career and work as he is said never loses. Additionally, with his charismatic appearance, Hanuman amulet is good for charm and people kindness; easily getting favor, and compassion from people preferably whose positions are higher.

7) Phra Phirap  >> to see amulets

Phra Phirap (Bhairava) is regarded as one of the important teachers that all dance groups respect as a holy teacher. Powerful, high-class teacher the motto of worshiping Bhairava as a great teacher is based on the Indian and Nepalese traditions of worshiping Bhairava. Bhairava is a part of Shiva that shows off his body as a mighty giant.
According to the ancient legend that Bhairava has the power to suppress demons. In the old days, when an epidemic killed people. The people were helpless and therefore remembered Bhairava, the giver of life and death, one of Lord Shiva's supreme parts. When people came together to worship Bhairava, all the sicknesses had disappeared. There was peace and happiness again. Therefore, the worship of Bhairava has a motto that is respected that whoever worships it that person will be free from danger all the paranormal It also helps to achieve good health. Free from all ailments.

8) Pae Rong See  >> to see amulets

Pae Rong See or Grandpa Kimkoey was a Chinese old man who settled in Thailand long time ago. He was a rice mill owner, so people called him "Pae Rong See". When he was alive, usually went to the Chinese shrine at Wat San Chao in Pathum Thani Province.  He liked to help people and teach them to do good things. People often asked him for a favor about Feng Shui of their houses, establishments and their ancestors' graves and most of them were later prosperous in business. That made Grandpa Kimkoey gradually well-known.  Some people say a picture of Grandpa Kimkoey even without blessing can help people obsessed by a spirit. Some had experience that Grandpa Kimkoey Yant cloth stopped the fire hazard. People also believe Grandpa Kimkoey amulets can improve Feng Shui very well because Grandpa was good at it.

9) Frog  >> to see amulets

Northern Thai people have beliefs about Kob Kin Duean. They believe Kob Kin Duean is the symbol of ceaseless fortune.

This holy frog statue will:
- Enhance your luck
- Enhance your job
- Enhance your finance
- Enhance your business
- Prevent bad luck.

In other cultures, frogs are a symbol of good luck. Americans are familiar with the story of the Frog Prince. There is a handsome prince who turned into a frog to bring good luck to an enchanted girl with a fairytale kiss. For those unfamiliar with this story, frogs may be known in Japanese culture as a talisman for safe travels. Frogs are also a symbol of finance!

10) Si Hoo Ha Ta  >> to see amulets

Maeng Si-Hoo-Ha-Ta or the Four Ears and Five Eyes Critter, a bear-like local mythical creature with 4 ears and 5 eyes is a belief in the North of Thailand, told that after it ate some burning coal, it excreted the gold nuggets.

In Hindu belief, Indra Deity transformed himself into a monster with four ears and five eyes called 'Si Hoo Ha Ta' (also 'Thep In') in order to help people. In Thailand, Thep In is a name of a monster amulet which is known well in the north of Thailand. People believe that Thep In amulet can make them lucky, run business well, live in peacefulness, change bad fortune to good fortune and fulfill the owner's wishes.

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