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20 Recommended Amulets for Wealth

During this time, anyone are passionate about way to enhance finance, luck and wealth.

Today we would like to recommend "20 Famous Amulets for Wealth" that Thai people like to worship, confirming that they are successful, rich and sell well.

However, everyone who wants to be rich must be diligent, not lazy, and also always make merit to accumulate good deeds to encourage them to become more and more wealthy.

**20 Amulets for Wealth**

1. Ganesha

Link for Ganesha amulets>> CLICK

Ganesha (Thai: Phra Phikanet) is one of the most distinctive Hindu deities with his large elephant head and potbellied human body. He is a son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma. Ganesha plays a dual role of a supreme being of wits and powerful to remove obstacles and ensure success and wealth.

2. LP Nguen 

Link for LP Nguen amulets>>  CLICK

Luang Pho Nguen is one of great guru monks in Thai history. He was a former abbot of Wat BangKlan and Wat Tai Nam in Phichit province. His image is usually seen in many shops in Thailand because his name is auspicious. "Nguen" means "money", so LP Nguen amulets are famous for wealth. People who do business popularly have LP Nguen amulets. They believe LP Nguen amulets can bring them more money. Moreover, Nguen amulets ever saved people from fatal accidents and are believed to protect owner from sprits and bad things too.

3. Garuda

Link for Garuda amulets>> CLICK

Garuda (Thai: Phaya Krut), the mighty Avian God in Thai belief whose image evokes the feel of authority and respect. That is why Garuda is an emblem of Thailand. Garuda image is usually seen in Buddhist temples as a guardian. Garuda will support personal ascendancy and bring progression to careers especially that involve government and wealth.

4. Tao Wet Su Wan 

Link for Tao Wet Su Wan amulets>> CLICK

Tao Wet Su Wan, a God of Giants is one of the great protector of Buddha and the human world, residing in the Northern Quarter of Maha Jadturachiga Celestial Realm. His name means 'god of gold'. He is praised as Lord of Riches and Commands all Ghosts Demons and Monsters. Protection from Evil Beings and Black Magic, and bestow immense Wealth, Fortune and Ascendancy.

5. Bo Bo Gyi  or Thep Than Jai

Link for Bo Bo Gyi amulets>> CLICK

Bo Bo Gyi (Thai: Thep Than Jai) is the important god of Myanmar. The Burmese believe Bo Bo Gyi  guards their country. Moreover, Bo Bo Gyi is known as "the god of fulfillment" because most people who pray to him for something are usually fulfilled soon. Thai people call Bo Bo Gyi "Thep Than Jai" that means "instant fulfillment god". Now, Bo Bo Gyi is gaining popularity internationally. With effectiveness of praying, many Thais (especially businessmen) and even celebrities fly to Myanmar to pay respect to the real Bo Bo Gyi.

6. Phra PidTa

Link for Phra PidTa amulets>> CLICK

A chubby Buddha with his hands covering his eyes is well-known as "Phra PidTa", an icon of wealth in Thai belief. Phra PidTa is praised as god of wealth. Whoever worships Phra PidTa will be successful in wealth and business.

7. Nang Kwak

Link for Nang Kwak amulets>> CLICK

Nang Kwak is a goddess of wealth. Her image in beckoning posture can be seen in many shops in Thailand believed to attract customers and money coming continuously.  

8. Naga

Link for Naga amulets>>  CLICK

Naga (Thai: Phaya Nak), a serpent being in Buddhist mythology is a symbol of  "wealth" believed to worship will bring agricultural fertility (because it can access the land and the water) and plenty of fortune.

9. Salika

Link for Salika amulets>> CLICK

'Salika' (also 'Salika Lin Thong' = the golden-tongued magpie bird)-Charming Salika Bird can help owner for being attractive, loved and approved by anyone. Only wearing as a decorative pendant, it can magically appeals to a pile of money, good business, love, people kindness and successful communication.

10. Bia Chawa

Link for Bia Chawa amulets>>

Bia Chawa is a longtime amulet of Southern Thailand in form of a coin said to bring wealth to the holder amazingly. Moreover, this holy coin can help change from bad luck to good luck and protect from dangers and bad spirits and grant wishes upon your wishing.

11. Khun Chang

Link for Khun Chang amulets>> 

Khun Chang is a character in Thai literature depicted as a rich man of Suphanburi province.
Khun Chang amulet is believed to bring immense wealth, financial fortune, good business and progression in career.

12. Phra Nang Phaya

Link for Phra Nang Phaya amulets>>  CLICK

Phra Nang Phaya is an ancient amulet. Phra Nang Phaya is rare and popular among Thai amulet collectors. Thai people believe to worship Phra Nang Phaya can:
- protect the owner from dangers, accidents and bad things
- 'Metta Maha Niyom' (to gain people kindness)
- make the owner lucky, progress, prosperous and successful
- change bad fortune to good fortune
- bring auspiciousness to life of the owner

13. Yee Go Hong

Link for Yee Go Hong amulets>>  CLICK

Yee Go Hong is the first Chinese man who began lottery in Thailand. Amulet with his picture is great for luck, windfall, gambling and business.

14. Pae Rong See

Link for Pae Rong See amulets>> CLICK

Grandpa Kimkoey or Pae Rong See is a reputed powerful spirit of wealth and good luck.

15. Guman Dood Rok

Link for Guman Dood Rok amulets>>

Guman Dood Rok has a pure soul. He must be consecrated by monks who have strong mindstream by using a child's spell to suck up the placenta in the mother's womb as if a child had a comfortable meal in his mother's womb. Guman Dood Rok is good at earning a living and luck. It is a great kindness to the people who see it. It also helps in safety, avoiding danger and problems as well. No negative effects to owner at all.

16. Phra Sivali

Link for Phra Sivali amulets>>

Phra Sivali (also Sivali Thera) is widely venerated among Theravada Buddhists, typically depicted standing upright and carrying a monk's stuff most familiarly with an umbrella and alms bowl.  Phra Sivali was an enlightened disciple of Buddha. Received praise from Buddha as the "miraculous monk for fortune". With lots of merit he did with pure faith during his lifetime especially offering honey to Buddha, people believe that worshipers of Phra Sivali will never get starving and encounter poverty.

17. Phra Sangkajjai (Happy Buddha)

Link for Phra Sangkajjai amulets>>  CLICK

Worshiping Phra Sangkajjai is believed to bring Wealth, Good Luck and Happiness. Furthermore, his good appearance and best wits become the belief that whoever worships Phra Sangkajjai will be admired among people and successful in study.  

18. Si Hoo Ha Ta (4 Ears 5 Eyes God)

Link for Si Hoo Ha Ta amulets>>

In Hindu belief, Indra Deity transformed himself into a monster with four ears and five eyes called 'Si Hoo Ha Ta' (also 'Thep In') in order to help people. In Thailand, Thep In is a name of a monster amulet which is known well in the north of Thailand. People believe that Thep In amulet can make them lucky, run business well, live in peacefulness, change bad fortune to good fortune and fulfill the owner's wishes.

19.  Chu Chok

Link for Chu Chok amulets>> 

There are many wealthy amulets in Thailand and Chu Chok is one of them. From Buddha story to the great amulet of wealth, Chu Chok has been said to excellently bring money and fruitful business to the owner.

20.  Look Krok Maew (Stillborn Offspring Cat) or Rok Maew (cat placenta)

Link for Look Krok Maew amulets>> CLICK

Link for Rok Maew amulets>> CLICK

Thai people believe Stillborn Offspring Cat or "Look Krok Maew" is powerful material that can bring good luck and wealth to owner. In fact, stillborn offspring cat is hard to find. Occultists say Look Krok Maew has no disadvantages to its owner.  

Rok Maew or Cat placenta is hard to get because mother cat usually eats it after giving birth to her baby. It is believed to help the owner lucky, do business well and easily gain people mercy and favor.

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20 Recommended Amulets for Wealth
During this time, anyone are passionate about way to enhance finance, luck and wealth. Today we would like to recommend "20 Famous Amulets for Wealth" that Thai people like to worship, confirming that they are successful, rich and sell well.

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